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10 Common Household Appliance Installations-DIY Tutorials

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I purchased this Bosch Silence Plus Brand Dishwasher from Lowe's and trucked it back to the installation location. I used a dolly to cart it into the house. If you have two people you can move it without a dolly. I bought a new voltage sensor, some zip ties, teflon tape, wire nuts, electrical tape, wire strippers, a new hose and threaded brass elbow connector. Some models already come with this and you may possibly be ablate re-use the existing one.

Once I got it the house and unpackaged I made sure to turn off the power at the breaker. I verified that the power was off with my voltage indicator so as not to get shocked. I then removed the old dishwasher.

I then ran the new steel braided hose through the cupboard hole to the water connection and hooked it up. Then I hooked up the drain hose from the back of the dishwasher to the sink drain. I then adjusted the dishwasher legs to it fit level and flush. I pulled the existing wiring up to the and through the electrical connection box on the dishwasher. I then wired it up to the electrical box. Ended up not needing the wire nuts or electrical tape. I've installed these before where the existing house power cable was not long enough so I'd have to add a splice to make up the distance to the electrical box on the dishwasher. Once everything was tight I turned on the water to check for leaks. I made sure there was not even the tiniest drop of water came out. The connections have to be completely tight. After verifying electrical and water connections were satisfactory I slide the dishwasher into place and secured it to the surrounding cupboards with screws so it didn't move when opening and closing the door.

Step by step installation of this new Bosch Brand Silence Plus Dishwasher. Do it yourself. Equipment list as follows:

Buy the Southwire Voltage Detector here:

Dishwasher Hose:

Zip ties:

Wire nuts:

Electrical Tape:

Wire Strippers:

Teflon Tape:

Cordless Drill:

Channel Locks:

This SAMSUNG Brand Dryer with the Steam Option is a great dryer and was purchased at Lowe's. While at the store be sure to purchase the correct dryer cord and the installation kit. These don't come with the purchase and need to be bought separately. Buy some teflon tape as well. No need to pay someone to do this as it's super easy to do yourself. The first step is getting it unboxed, into your house and into place. You'll typically need two people or a dolly. If you are really fancy you can put in on a custom made wooden foundation to place it on. Once in place, open up the installation kit and pull out the hoses and components. Hook a stainless steel braided hose to the cold spigot after wrapping with teflon tape. I tightened down the connection using channel locks. From that hose I installed the 'Y' connector provided in the installation kit. From that 'Y' on the cold line, one side is going to go to your dryer and the other to your dryer. All connections made with teflon tape to keep from leaking. Now take the longer hose with the 90 degree elbow on it and hook it to your dryer. The elbow side is what connects to the dryer. From the "Y' connector on the cold line, hook a hose from the 'Y' to your washer for cold water to the washer. Now it's time to hook up the electrical portion. It's a good idea to take a picture or template of some sort with you of your dryer plug to the hardware store to make sure you buy the correct plug pattern unless you retained your old one and it's still serviceable. Things to buy or have on hand for installation: 1. Dryer Cord 2. Installation kit 3. Channel Lock Pliars 4. Teflon Tape 5. Dryer Vent 6. Hose Clamp for Dryer Vent So now that you have your water system all hooked up it's time for the electrical and vent which is really easy as well. Un-package your new dryer hose and hook up the three wires in the back of the dryer. You do this by unscrewing the sheet metal panel in the back. Hook the cord to the three terminals inside the panel and secure it. Be sure to install your safety clamp as a protective measure in case the dryer gets moved, it won't destructively pull the cord's electrical connections from the terminals resulting in a possible electrical fire. Now it's time for the vent. Fasten the dryer vent over the hard piped vent connection along with the hose clamp and fasten. Do the same with the connection as the dryer. Like and subscribe to DIYTechnician!

Order new washer dryer here:

Purchased this air conditioning unit from Wal-Mart a number of years ago and used this same insertion and removal method every year as this was a seasonal window unit only installed for a couple months out of the year. Once I had this system down I could have it put installed in less than 5 minutes. First step is to take the window out and place in a safe spot for a couple months. The window removal here demonstrates the slider type where all you need to do is slide it to the left a little, push it up into the groove, and pull it up and out over the lip. Lift the air conditioner up and set it into the groove. Be absolutely sure you don't drop out the window and be sure nobody is below you before you start this. You also want to make sure you have a way to secure this once I the window. Safety brackets should be installed to keep it from dropping. Before you go buy one at the store be sure you take the height and width of your window to make sure the unit will fit. They are great to have in the summer time when it's roasting. You'll be glad you put one in. They are fairly affordable now. I'll post a link to one below and you can just order it. Video ends around 2:28. Was having video editor issues.

AC Unit on amazon:

Once you have removed your old dishwasher you can follow my installation video titled: DIY Bosch Dishwasher Installation: How to Install a Dishwasher in your Kitchen. After unboxing your dishwasher and removing the associated parts be sure to ensure that the power is still off at both the breaker as well as verifying with your voltage checker that it is for sure off. In this installation I first removed all the parts from the inside of the dishwasher. I then played the dishwasher gently on it's side and installed teflon tape around the connection on the dishwasher that would be the mating surface between the brass elbow for the incoming water and the dishwasher itself. After placing teflon tape on there I installed the brass elbow. I then ran the drain hose from the dishwasher to the drain line under the sink and then made sure it was secured to the dishwasher via the provided hose clamp. I then pulled the electrical wiring out and got it ready to hook up. I then hooked up the incoming water supply line to the brass elbow. I then tested it for leaks. Now it was time to do the wiring which was very simple. I made sure I followed the manufacturers recommendations but even without that, the green screw always indicates the ground and then of course you have a 50/50 shot after that for white and black. In this case they show black on the left and white on the right so this is what I did. After hooking up the wiring and making sure it was wired in tight I placed the front cover back on the wiring panel. After that I installed the plastic kick plate along the bottom. I then leveled it and adjusted the heigh to to match the surrounding cupboards as well as ensure it was level. Then I secured to the surround cupboards using the metal tabs so it would fall forward when the door was opened. Then I turned on the breaker and did some dishes.

Broan Brand Stainless Steel 30" Oven Range Hood Installation-Part # CBD130SS

Broan Brad Stainless Steel Oven Range Hood Installation-Part # CBC130SS-Non ducted application.This hood is a 30" Stainless Steel Range Hood and very easy to install. Please remember to shut the power off at the breaker before starting and confirm you have the correct breaker off by testing with some kind of a meter. I use my battery powered voltage meter for electrical work. I took my old white one out as it was old and we were going for the stainless steel appliance look for the kitchen After unpacking, the first step is to unscrew the panel the side panels for both electrical connection as well as wiring. There's a sheet metal piece in there that is used for ducting only and can be removed if not using ducting. This video does not demonstrate a oven range hood with ducting. This one is without ducting. I removed the electrical wire knock out with a Phillips head screwdriver. This is where the wiring will run through. This wiring is similarly color coded. Black to black, white to white, and ground to ground. Once you get the wires run through it's a good idea to get it mounted in the overhead before you start trying to wire it in. Once I got it wired and secured to the overhead with the mounting screws I screwed the sheet metal side panels back in. I then put the screen in below the fan. It just snapped in. I then put the lights in and now it's ready to go.

Amazon link to this item:

Deco Gear "Chef" Rapid Electric Portable Stainless Party Ice Maker- Unboxing, Assembly and Usage

This great little portable Electric "Chef" Deco Gear Brand Party Ice Maker has been amazingly easy to unbox and set up. The video shows how easy it is to unbox this unit and quickly make some ice. To get right down to it, it has been one of the easiest appliances to "assemble" and use that I've ever purchased. It does everything it said it would and actually efficiently and quickly makes ice. It always makes us, as consumers, happy when the contraption you buy does exactly what it says without fail or disappointment.

We use quite a bit of ice around our house for our drinks and our smoothies.

As far as simplicity and ease of use, I would recommend this electric ice maker to anyone who is in the market for one. I will update this description and post down the road to follow up how it stands the test of time. If it breaks tomorrow I'll update this at the beginning of the description. So if you are reading this and there is nothing saying differently at the very beginning of this description, than it has been running full time and still going.

One of the nice functions of this thing is that as the ice slightly melts after being made it slowly drips back down into the reservoir which makes it so all of your ice doesn't stick together. You always have the small or larger piece of ice that this machine makes.

In the video I demonstrate what the assembly guide recommends, and that's making sure that the reservoir plug on the bottom is plugged in. I really didn't need to tighten it up anymore as it was already tight. I guess there's a chance that is came loose during shipping, however, you'll know it right away it it's loose because you may get a little water out the bottom

Here's the amazon link to it:

DIY How to Install and Automatic Ice Maker in the Freezer of your Refrigerator

How to Install and Automatic Ice Maker. This installation was for a Frigidaire brand. IMEZC000 model. Automatic Ice Maker Installation kit. After unboxing the ice maker, you'll notice that there is an electrical connector that needs to be hooked up. Keep that in mind. The ice maker will need an on demand water supply so you'll need to run a water line to the fridge. Almost all models nowadays have a standard hook up in the back of the fridge for this. When I did this, I removed the thread protectors from the fridge connection and used teflon tape around the threads. Then I hooked up the hose, turned on the water and checked for leaks. In this video you'll notice my incoming water valve demonstrates some leaking while operating the valve. Once it's either in the fully open or fully closed position, the leak stops. I did end up replacing this valve just for the purposes of upgrading it and made another video on it as well. After the water connection at the fridge was satisfactorily checked for water leaks, I pushed the fridge back into it's spot. Now it's time to mount the ice maker. The electrical connections are uncovered inside the the freezer. There are some plastic screw hole protectors in the side of the freezer that need to be removed to allow for the mounting screws to be inserted. Then I inserted the mounting screws that come with the ice making kit. Don't screw them in all the way. Pull out your ice maker and plug the electrical connection into the receptacle in the freezer. Also there is a plastic ice slide that needs to be installed as shown in the video. After plugging in the electrical connection I hung the ice maker onto the mounting screws and then drove them in all the way to secure it to the side wall of the freezer. I then plugged the fridge back in had ice in no time flat. This ice maker installation was so easy.

Link to similar ice maker on amazon;

How to Install Wal-Mart Haier Brand Window A/C

Portfolio Brand Outdoor Motion Activated Wall Lantern Light Installation | Model #0314224

In my "DIY Portfolio Brand Outdoor Motion Activated Wall Lantern Light Installation | Model #0314224" video I take you step by step through the process of removing an old outdoor light and replacing it with a nice new motion activated one. Be sure to turn off the power at the breaker before tearing into this thing. I always light to move the OFF/ON switch to the off position just as a precaution and I'll even take the added precaution of using a voltage detector to make sure no current is present.

DIY Kitchen Sink Faucett Installation-Delta Brand Trask Model #19933-SSSD-DST

In my "DIY Kitchen Sink Faucett Installation-Delta Brand Trask Model #19933-SSSD-DST" video, I take you step by step through the process of installing this thing.

Step 1: Remove all the parts from the box and lay them out

Step 2: Make sure gasket in on topside off sink

Step 3: Run faucet hoses down through sink hole

Step 4: (Underside) thread on washer and nut to faucet

Step 5: (Underside)Secure with Phillips head screws

Step 6: Place weight around braided hose and connect braided hose

Step 7: Place the plastic holder around the connected hoses

Step 8: Teflon tape water connections

Step 9: Thread hose onto water connections

Step 10: Screw the head onto the faucet

Step 11: Turn water on at valves under sink, make sure no leaks

Step 12: Install soap dispenser

Link to Trask Model Sink:

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