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Closet Doors 101: A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right Door for your Closet

DIY RELIABILT Brand Mirrored Closet Doors Installation Directions

Hi everybody in my "DIY RELIABILT Brand Mirrored Closet Doors Installation Directions [Lowe's Reliabilt Brand Doors]" video I unbox and install everything. With purchase of this "kit" I found that it comes with all of the parts necessary for install. You will need some basic tools to install this though. It should come with both the top track and the bottom rail track off to the side of the box. If you find this has been tampered with or opened be sure to check that both upper and lower rails/track are in the box before you leave the store. You'll likely need a drill and and hacksaw or handheld angle grinder install the upper and lower rails. Once you have them measured and cut, it's super easy to pop in the doors and then do the fine tuning adjustments. While you can do this job alone, it helps to have two people to get this done, especially for the holding and marking/measurement part.

RELIABILT Bethany Mirror Sliding Closet Doors Part#201655 Installation Tutorial

These Reliabilt brand mirrored sliding closet doors (part # 201655) come with the top rail and bottle rail (roller guide) as well along with fasteners. Aside from the tools needed to saw the top guide rail and the roller guide, it comes with all the hardware that you need for this simple installation. You may want to remember to bring along some rope if you are hauling it via truck so that you can tie it down and keep it from sliding around. These doors were super simple to install and can be installed very quickly. They look sharp as well.

Tools I used: Cordless drill, drill bit, phillips screw head bit and hack saw. I also used an electric hand held angle grinder with a cutting wheel on it.

Step 1: Before going to hardware store or ordering, measure your dimensions (height and width in inches)

Step 2: Take dimensions with you to the store when picking out doors. Make sure your door dimensions are less than or slightly smaller than the dimensions of the doors you will be purchasing. Too large typically won’t work unless you can make modifications to the framing around the closet which isn’t preferable.

Step 3: Once you’ve purchased your doors and have hauled it home. Carefully unbox the doors and set out all your parts. You should have two sliding closet doors, one top track to facilitate the sliding of both doors, the bottom roller track, fastening screws and the rubber bumper stick ons.

Step 4: Measure, mark and cut your top track with a hack saw. To keep the metal top track from distorting you can use a 2X4 to stick in the track to keep it from folding on itself. I started the cut with a hacksaw but ended up just using an angle grinder with a cutting wheel on it. Be sure to use safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection if you are going to be using this method.

Step 5: Install top track with the provided 1.5” fastening screws. There should be 8 (eight) of them.

Step 6: Measure and cut bottom track. Drill holes and screw it down with fastening screws.

Step 7: Using a cordless drill or manual phillips screwdriver, drive out the wheels as much as necessary by tightening the phillips head screw at the top of each wheel.

Step 8: Install the doors. I installed the back one first by stiding the top into the track and then setting the wheels in the roller guide track. Do the same with the other door.

Step 9: (Final Step): Install the rubber stick ons for use as bumpers onto the ends of the doors so that if they are slammed they are less likely to break. The kit only comes with four which is only enough for one side of each door. I wanted to install them on both sides and I had some laying around from a prior project so I put them on both ends of the doors. This way they may be opened up either way with no increased risk of fracturing the large mirrored doors.

They make these all-inclusive kits so that they can be easily installed quickly. The parts are lightweight and can easily be done by just one person. The mirrored doors are nice as they can make a smaller size bedroom appear larger. If you are looking for an upgrade this is a nice way to go as well as being relatively cheap to many other closet door options. This same installation method can be used for non-mirrored sliding closet doors. My width for this closet door was 59.5” and the door kit said 60”. This was just fine as the doors overlap a little, which is what I wanted to that worked out perfect. The height was approx. 81” so this worked as well due to the wheels having adjustable height screws in which to lower or lift the sliding closet doors into the groove of the upper guide for a nice secure fit.

Bifold Closet Doors: The Ultimate Solution for Small Spaces Tutorial [Bifold Closet Door Install]

In my "Bifold Closet Doors: The Ultimate Solution for Small Spaces Tutorial [Bifold Closet Door Install]" video I take you step by step through the instructional tutorial on installing a bifold closet door for your small closet. The closet initially had no door to it and was just open. It was in major need of a door so this fit the billet perfectly and was really easy to install.

DIY Closet Maid Fixed Wall Mounted Shelving System Installation Tutorial

If you have the space, these are a nice addition to your closet for convenient storage.

DIY How to Install Sliding Closet Doors Quickly and Easily [Sliding Closet Doors]

This video shows you step by step instructions on how to install sliding closet doors.

1. Take your horizontal and vertical measurements

2. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy your doors

3. Get rid of existing door remnants such as the old slider guides etc.

4. Install the bottom track. This will involve cutting it with a hacksaw to exact length.

5. Drill then screw it into the floor with a cordless drill. Phillips head driver.

6. Do the exact same thing with the overhead door tracks.

7. Install the wheels onto the door if not already done.

8. Lift doors up into place. The top portion of the door gets inserted first. Then the bottom of the doors are placed into the tracks.

9. Install circular door handle inserts.They usually come stock with the white inserts but you can upgrade to the brass or silver plated ones.


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