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Coleman, Craftsman, and Champion Brand Portable Generator Operation and Repair

I bring back to life this Coleman Brand Powermate PRO GEN 5000 Watt generator that was given to me for free due to it's non-working condition. I changed the fuel twice on it, added some seafoam,

Craftsman 3000i Generator 2300 Watts | Usage and Review

This Craftsman Generator purchased from Lowe's will power a refrigerator, pellet stove and coffee maker at the same time with no problem. This generator is super efficient on gas. The gas tank on this is actually larger than I expected and on top of that it doesn't use as much as an old school camping generator. While it's not as quiet or as light as a Honda generator it definitely gives it a run for it's money. This generator is NOT big enough to power a house during a power outage but will operate different appliances. It's not equipped to handle the whole load of a house but it's nice and quiet. You can't operate your washer, dryer, dishwasher or hot water heater. Make sure to place your generator in a well ventilated area while it's running...most people leave them outside. If you are worried about theft maybe throw a chain and lock around it. It powers your USB for phone charging, powers lights, fridge, pellet stove, space heater, etc.

It's possible you may ask:

How do I operate a craftsman generator?

How does a generator work?

How to start a generator?

Is a Craftsman generator any good?

Can I power my house with a craftsman 2300W generator...Answer..NO..only individual appliances

Where do I buy a generator

Is it worth the money

What kind of gas does a craftsman generator take? Regular non mixed gas..just like a car

How do I start a craftsman generator

What can I operate off a craftsman generartor

Honda vs. craftsman

How to add oil to a craftsman generator

What does the economy button on a craftsman generator do

How much is a Craftsman generator

How quiet is a craftsman generator

What will a craftsman generator power up

Can I run a dryer off a 2300W craftsman generator? NO!!!

Can I get hot water from 2300W craftsman generator? NO.

Can I do wash with a craftsman generator? No.

Can I run a dryer with a craftsman generator. No

Can I run a refrigerator off a craftsman generator. Yes.

Can I run a space heater off a craftsman generator. Yes.

Can I run a pellet stove off a 2300W craftsman generator. Yes.

What does a generator do?

Does a generator take regular gas?

Will this charge my phone? Yes..Very well

Is it easy pull start for a woman? yes it's very easy

How long will a full tank of gas will last? at least 6 hours at full load

How loud is a 2300W Craftsman generator? Very quiet

How noisy is a 2300 W craftsman generator? Very quiet but not as quiet as a Honda

Can a small woman lift a 2300W generator? It's little hefty when full however not too bad

Is this a good camping generator? Absolutely

Paid link to a Craftsman C0010020 2200i 50St/CSA Inverter Generators, Red, Black:

Coleman Powermate PRO GEN 5000 Portable Generator Refurbishment Back To Life

I bring back to life this Coleman Brand Powermate PRO GEN 5000 Watt generator that was given to me for free due to it's non-working condition. I changed the fuel twice on it, added some seafoam to the gas, replaced the fuel lines and fuel filter, removed carburetor float bowl, cleaned carb with carburetor cleaner, removed air filter and used starting fluid to get it going.

Here's paid link to a new power mate generator:

Powermate P0081400 Gas Generator 7500 Watt CO Sensor 50 ST, Powered by Generac:

How to Replace a Broken Pull Starter Rope & Handle Demo Tutorial [On a Generator]

This pull starter rope and handle replacement tutorial is performed on a Coleman Powermate PROGEN 5000 Watt Generator with a Briggs and Stratton engine. The pull start mechanism has a Vanguard brand logo and label on it. Pull starter on small engines are almost all spring loaded and require removal and rope replacement followed by a rewind while holding it's spring loaded wheel in place. It's pretty easy once you have removed the cover plate of the pull starter.


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