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Delicious Hazy Mosaic Centennial Home Brew IPA

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

For this delicious home brew I used liquid malt extract made by Morgan's (Frontier IPA) and dry spray malt hopped light. This sucker turned out wonderful. I used Centennial and Mosaic hops. No boiling was involved or needed at all in this brewing session. The hopping technique was dry hopping. I just simply mixed the ingredients in the fermenter along with some hot filtered water (and cold) and dry hopped the two different hops mixed into one bag. Then used the brewers yeast that came with the Morgans liquid malt extract. I made sure to add the yeast when the wort was at correct temperature. I placed the top on and waited for two weeks. Two weeks later I bottled it. Was ready to drink two weeks after that. This was a no brainer tasty beer project. Great fun and rewarding hobby. I just use my Cooper's DIY beer kit I got off amazon. Here's the link to it below. This is a great super easy way to get started.

Cooper's DIY Beer Kit:

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