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DIY Delta Showerhead Replacement | H20 Kinetic Power Drench from Lowe's [Delta Showerhead Upgrade]

Hop in your truck or car. Head to Lowe's. Pick out the one you want. Grab some teflon tape too. Wait in line. Drive back home and get after it like a true DIY Technician.

Turn off the main water supply in case any piping gets disturbed and causes a leak. Unthread the old shower head.

Unthread pipe elbow coming out of the wall. I painted this one black to match the color coordination desired. Be careful when doing this. Many times the old pipe elbow on older houses are rusted and take some doing to break them free. I recommend not unthreading the old elbow if at all possible as leaving the old one in place will reduce your risk of a leak. I've had some in the past almost cemented in place and cranking on them can cause a leak in the wall on the existing connecting piping.

If you did decide to remove the old piping elbow, be sure to use pipe thread tape (aka Teflon tape) on both of the threaded connections when re-installing.

Don't forget to install the metallic black collar that interfaces with the wall before installing the showered. It should just slide right over the pipe elbow and sit flush with the wall. I later seal it up around the edges with silicone to keep any water out.

Thread on the new showered by rotating it clockwise (righty tight). No need to crank it on super tight with a wrench as you could crack the threaded portion of the shower head. Firmly tightened is all that is needed but go easy on it.

Turn the water on and test it out. This model boasts two different modes of spray which are adjustable by depressing the button at the bottom of the shower head.

Upgraded shower head in the bathroom removal and installation demonstration in my DIY Delta Showerhead Replacement | H20 Kinetic PowerDrench Spray Aerosol Power Drench from Lowe's. I recommend you first turn off the water before starting any plumbing project such as this.

Delta H2Okinetic Technology shapes Delta's patented PowerDrench and UltraSoak Sprays, sculpting water into a unique pattern that feels like more water and more pressure than a standard shower head. Allowing for maximum personalization of your shower experience, Delta states that their PowerDrench Spray creates an invigorating, powerful shower while the UltraSoak Spray creates a soothing, saturating shower. Whether waking up or winding down, Delta H2Okinetic Technology claims to have you covered, with 3X the coverage of a standard shower head. More Warmth. More Coverage. More Intensity.An intense, invigorating shower. Self-cleaning spray holes help to prevent lime and mineral build-up over time. Saturating coverage. They say this this is said to mimic the sensation of dense natural rainfall. The Spray Holes make mineral build-up easy to remove.

Inside the shower head, water is channeled through a series of strategically placed, highly engineered chambers that create velocity and sculpt the water into a unique wave pattern that blankets the body with luxurious warmth. All this happens without any internal moving parts that could break or degrade over time. It’s the feeling of more water without using more. The Delta showered website description says it’s revolutionizing the way people think about showers. H2Okinetic Technology is Delta Faucet's proprietary method of utilizing the science of fluidics to deliver water in motion (wow now they are getting fancy). It works by controlling the movement and droplet size of water, which creates the feeling of a high pressure shower experience. In my opinion is quite a high pressure water experience but it's not bad all all. Delta's website says that H2Okinetic shower heads use specially designed channels to control the water's movement without utilizing moving parts which I would disagree because there are a few moving parts on this things.

A standard shower head delivers water through spray holes in the faceplate as a stream. An H2Okinetic shower head uses the science of fluidics to control and design the feeling of the water. Water comes in the shower head, and H2OkineticTechnology directs the water out as an oscillating stream to create a fan of water with larger droplets. H2Okinetic Technology controls the speed, movement and droplet size of the water from the shower head, which creates the feeling of more water than a standard shower flowing at the same rate. H2Okinetic shower heads offer the feeling of more water than a standard shower head flowing at the same rate, without sacrificing the shower experience. The website asks the question WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN H2OKINETIC POWERDRENCH AND H2OKINETIC ULTRASOAK SPRAYS? It provides the answer that both sprays utilize H2Okinetic Technology. H2Okinetic PowerDrench Spray offers an invigorating, powerful spray with larger fluidics chips. H2Okinetic UltraSoak Spray offers a soothing, saturating spray with smaller fluidics chips.


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