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DIY Homemade Weapons

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Knife with knuckle guards welded from Automotive Parts and Scrap

DIY Welding Project-:Knife with knuckle guards welded from Automotive Parts and Scrap. I had some extra car parts laying around that my mechanic neighbor brought me so I decided it would be a good idea to weld up a lethal zombie killer.

Here's a cool sword:

Lethal Chopstick Pen Gun Weapon | Wicked Projectile Penetrating Power

After whittling down the chopstick a little for a nice tight, yet smooth fit in relation to the bore of a pen all you need is a chopstick, rubber band and the body of a pen. For any kids or unknowing adults, this is for target practice only. Much like an actual firearm, do not point this at or towards anyone and wear eye protection anytime you decide to operate any weapon like this. This is meant to be a fun target practice activity.

Amazon link. Disposable Chopsticks, pack of 40 pair:

Machete from Mower Blade

This was a fun little welding fabrication project. I found myself with a stack of old steel thick lawnmower blades. I thought what a better idea than to make a homemade machete with them. I used full penetration weld joints. "V" groove joint design both side. I gouged out the opposite side until I got down to clean sound metal, then welded it up. The trick here was to watch my distortion. So rather than weld one side all the way out I welded each side just below flush and then put the covers on it. Once I welded it out I ground the welds so that they were ground flush and indistinguishable from the base metal. I then marked out a radius for the blade and then a cut out portion for the handle. I then used my hand held electric angle grinder with a cutting wheel to complete the cuts. I honed the blade with a flapper wheel. I then used some wrapped twine for a handle. This was the first of it's kind that I made.

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402):

DIY Skillcraft Pen Gun

I have made these ever since I was a kid and thought I'd do a fun video on it. This is made with exclusively the part from the pen itself with no additions. Do be careful because this is one that COULD put out your eye or someone else's.

Step 1: Take the pen apart

Step 2: Remove the little white projectile from the pen depressor assembly

Step 3: Remove the spring from the ink pen

Step 4: Reinstall rear pen depressor

Step 5. Insert spring into future pen gun (rear pen assembly)

Step 6. Install projectile onto spring that's been inserted into rear pen assembly

Step 7: Take ink pen (ramrod) and push projectile into chamber

You are now locked and loaded. Wear eye protection. Don't aim this at anyone. Don't shoot it at anyone.

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