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DIY How to Assemble a Hammock with a Metal Frame For Dummies [Hammock Assembly]

This hammock goes together very easily and is a one person job. It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes with it's snap together method of assembly. You will need a wrench in order to install the hooks for the net. These are so nice to lay back and relax on. They make great presents for people too if you don't already have one.

This is what the box looks like when it shows up at your door.

I pulled all of the parts out of the box and laid them out so I could see what I was working with.

This center cross member is going to lay like this but it will snap into it's respective bottom foundation pieces.

Line up the holes and it snaps right in. If you want to disassemble it you just push on the silver button and pull the pipe back off. This makes it nice if you want to put it in storage or put it up for the winter.

Each side will look like this once you have snapped in the bottom pole to each of the foundation bottom pieces.

It will look just like this once you have the center pole snapped onto both sides. Now you are ready to snap in each of the side poles. This is what the net will connect to.

Just the same as the bottom center pole, these side poles just snap right in each of the foundation pieces.

Once connected and snapped in the connections will look just like this.

This shows the bottom pole and the side poles fully assembled. Not install your hooks for the net.

Once you have your hooks installed just as shown you can hang your net on the hooks now.

Adjust your net as necessary. I recommend you install it a little higher than you thing because it does sag a little once you get on it and you don't want to hit the ground.

Here it is, fully installed. Now it's time to relax and enjoy.

Here is the full assembly video showing step by step how to put this together.

This Hammock came from amazon and was used. The people who returned it had one of the poles assembled the wrong way so it took some tweaking to get it to fit right. The hook for the net was installed on the wrong side of the pole. Once fixed and returned to proper position this thing was really nice.

Here is a paid amazon link to one with description below:

PNAEUT Double Hammock with Stand 2 Person Heavy Duty Traditional 2 People Rope Hammocks and Stand with Pillow for Outdoor Porch Patio Garden Backyard Outside Max 450lb Capacity (Burlywood):

Traditional Rope Hammock which is hand-woven with classic net-like cotton rope. Wooden sticks not only plays a role in balancing the hammock, but also forms a simple and powerful design with white cotton rope to hit you directly.

Ultra-Comfortable Structure: The tight mesh cotton rope weave promotes air flow and helps relieve physical fatigue. We also prepare a small pillow for you to increase comfort. The strong metal hook can adjust the height of the hammock. We recommend adjusting Higher can provide a more balanced sense of support.

Heavy Duty 2-person Stand: It has the stronger and durable steel stand, a hook with a metal buckle. Max 450-pound weight capacity easily accommodates up to two people at once.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Simple design concept, without any tools, young woman can install it in 10 minutes. Just do it NOW !

Wide application scenarios: This hammock is very suitable for reading, relaxing, and resting in the garden, terrace, backyard, poolside or balcony. You can feel this weightless comfort with friends or family. If you go camping, traveling, or You can easily bring the hammock to use, let us feel it soaked in the sun.


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