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DIY How to Change a Circular Light Bulb | Ceiling Overhead Light | 22W Bulb [Circular Light Bulb]

The first step is to remove the glass portion of the light. In this case it was just a matter of turning the decorative holders to the left in order to release the glass. Be sure to keep one hand on the glass so it doesn't accidentally fall and break everywhere. Be mindful that there is probably some dust and maybe some bugs sitting in the bottom of the glass so don't get any in your eye. Gently set the glass aside. I thought this was a good time to clean the glass as well.

There is some clips that hold the light bulb in which secure it to the ceiling. They are flexible to the bulb must be gently removed from behind the clips.

Now the bulb is free and is only being held up by the electric power cord. Now it's time to unplug the bulb itself.

This is where the connection point is. It just pulls straight out.

This is what the male side looks like and it is on the circular light bulb itself.

This is the plug side of the connection after the bulb has been disconnected.

This shows the model and make of the 22 Watt light bulb. I took this to the store with me to ensure I was buying the correct make and model as well as correct diameter.

This shows the make connection again on the old light bulb.

Once back from the store with a new light bulb it is time to install it.

Once last check for a positive exact match.

The expert at the store told me that I didn't need this blue cartridge electrical component.

This blue cartridge just easily slides out. I ended up tossing it in the junk drawer just in case I needed it but it ended up working great without it.

Connecting the new light bulb by just pressing the female connector to the male connection on the light bulb.

Reinstalling the light bulb here by sliding it up and around the metal holder clips.

Holding the glass overhead firmly in place and securing it in place with the decorative holders.

Good as new, nice and bright!


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