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DIY How to Easily Remove Door Panel on a Toyota Tacoma [Tacoma Door Panel Removal]

The window handle is probably the most difficult part to remove. There is a "C" shaped pin that needs to be removed before the handle will come off.

I usually take a flathead screwdriver and slightly pry away the door panel from the handle just enough to expose the "C" shaped pin just enough to be able to grab it with either hemostats or needle nose pliers.

Here you can see the pin in place locking the handle in. If you can grab it with a small tool that will work but I found it helpful to gently push it out with another screwdriver.

This is the pin that is removed. Now the window roller handle pulls right off since the pin is removed.

The door latch handle just has a Phillips head screw securing it to the door. Easy removal with Phillips head screwdriver.

The door handle itself has two holes for Phillips head screws that are easily loosened with a Phillips head.

This is what the door handle screws screw into.

The top portion of the panel unscrews and pulls off.

The panel just snaps off and on.

This is what it looks like removed. Easy!!

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