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DIY How to Install a Chain Link Fence

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Step by step process on installing a chainlink fence from start to finish. I decided to put chainlink up after I got tired of propping up the existing old cedar fence. I re-did this video so it hopefully has a little bit better presentation and format. I posted the link to it in the description of the older one.

Here was the steps I took to install this Chain Link Fence.

1. Took measurement on how far to fence was going to run

2. Based on length, calculated how many poles to purchase and length of chain link

3. I purchased these supplies at Lowe's. I'll give material list below.

4. Ran a string line from end to end so as to keep in straight line

5. Dug holes by hand with post hole digger (recommend renting auger)

6. Place poles in ground at same depth approx 6' apart on center

7. Mixed one bag of cement for each pole and cemented in. Ensured level all directions.

8. Let poles dry in cement for a day.

9. Secured chain link mesh to far end pole and unraveled for full length of fence.

10. Pulled mesh using truck bumper, come-along, and breaker bar until tight.

11. Secured in place with flat bar and bolts (same as beginning end)

12. Tied mesh off in 4 places for each pole.

13. Place decorative caps on each pole.

14. Ran horizontal poles though decorative caps.


Post hole digger

Breaker Bar {Optional} (for holes and stretching fence)

Come along




Recommend a Fence Stretcher:

Material list:

Galvanized ground poles

Cement (1 bag per pole)

Horizontal poles

Flat bar

Tension Bands with bolts:

Decorative Caps (top of each pole):

Roll/s of chain link fencing:

A couple bags of Aluminum Ties (for securing chain link to poles):

Rail end caps:

Chain Link Fence to Cedar Plank Fence Interface

I have a chainlink fence up one side and a cedar fence perpendicular to it. I had to tie the two in together at the corner. The the use of some modified galvanized chain link fence brackets was was able to bolt the bracket (galvanized steel end band) onto the chain link fence while securing to the fence with some washers and screws.The galvanized steel end bands came from Lowe's but you can typically get them at any store that sells chain link fences.

Galvanized Steel End Bands:

DIY Fence Post Replacement Tutorial

My driveway gate slammed shut in a wind storm and snapped this 4 X 4 like a toothpick. In case you find yourself having to pull out old fenceposts like myself, here is how I did it. I don't necessarily recommend this removal method as it could result it great physical injury to yourself or others but I found it to be very effective for me.

I dug out around the old fencepost with my breaker bar and shovel. This created and area that I could wrap a thick chain around. I was able to wrap the chain around the base of what was left of the post and then hook the other end to my truck bumper. I then pulled the chain tight, nice and slow with my truck and then eased the cement portion of the post out of the hole.

For installation of these treated 4 X 4's, just make sure they are at sufficient depth and pour a either an 80 or 60 lb of cement for each one.


Amazon cedar fence link:

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