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DIY How to Install a Front Bike Basket-Schwinn Brand Tutorial Demonstration [Schwinn Front Basket]

This front basket was an awesome purchase. It's lightweight, durable and it was super easy to install. One of it's unique features is that is has a quick release on it which is very nice in case you want to just to out riding with no basket and also use your basket as a grocery basket in the store or market.

The label says it's weather resistant which is true, however, once the paint starts chipping it does develop some rust areas pretty quickly resulting in areas of broken mesh. A good way to combat this is to take the basket off frequently and spray it with some paint. I recommend something like rustoleum brand spray paint. The basket locks into the fixture so it won't fall off when going over bumps or off road. I've had my basket loaded up to the hilt with very heavy items. While I don't recommend this, I've really put this to the test and it held up.

The basket seems like it would fit almost every configuration of handle bars. I ended up buying two more of the same baskets for other bikes.

This is the two part fixture. You will need a standard Phillips head screwdriver for this installation. I used my cordless drill with a Phillips bit in the end. If you do use a cordless drill be careful to adjust the setting so as not to over crank the screws and either stripping them or cracking the assembly.

This is the piece that clamps around the bicycle handle bars.

The four screws get removed for the two piece fixture to come apart.

This shows the female ends of the locking portion of the basket assembly.

I had to pry the clamp apart with some force to get it to go around the handle bars. I was afraid it was going to snap but went for it anyway and it was just fine.

The kit comes with rubber shim pieces to install under the clamp (between the clamp and the handle bars). I chose not to use them due to the large circumference of the handle bars. I've installed this same kit without the shims on three different occasions and they functioned perfectly without them.

I demonstrate the position of the rubber shims if you want to use them. You can kind of work them in there but it was difficult on this set of handle bars.

The front locking piece snaps over the clamp. I just slides right on.

This is the top angle of the front piece sliding onto the handle bar clamp.

Not to worry if you can't slide it on all the way. The four installation screws will help take up the slack once they are engaged with the threaded holes.

You can adjust the angle of the basket to your desired angle before tightening.

During installation you will want to screw in all of the screws a little bit at a time. What I mean is that you don't want to completely tighten one screw all the way without screwing in the others.

Once the screws are tightened down firmly the basket slides on and locks nicely into place. The green button will release the basket whenever you want.

This is the picture of the basket once it's installed. The handle not the front is nice for carrying purposes.


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