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DIY How to Install Sliding Closet Doors Quickly and Easily [Sliding Closet Doors]

The first thing I did was take a measurement of the height and width of the closet before heading to the hardware store. I would up up purchasing these from Lowe's.

So many choices. I wanted something easy to install that was also cheap.

Found these lightweight and hollow sliding doors that had a nice look to them and will serve their purpose.

Now it's time to uninstall the old closet door rails.

I took my cordless drill and unscrewed them from the overhead.

Got the newly purchased closet doors home with the rails for installation.

Unboxed the new closet doors.

I roughly set them up and in the space just to make sure they will fit and also how they will look.

The (blurred) image on the left is the top rail system and will get screwed to the overhead. The one on the right goes to on the ground and is the track for the wheels.

I used a hacksaw to cut the bottom rail to length.

I put it into place to make sure of a nice fit up.

I then took my cordless drill and small drill bit to drill pilot holes in the middle of the track in order to facilitate the securing screws.

This shows the bottom rail screwed to the floor through the carpet.

Here is the bottom track installed.

I used a hacksaw to cut the top track for the doors.

I screwed in the top door tracks.

Now it's time for installation. I slid the doors up into the top track first. Here's a side view.

The top goes in first and then the bottom goes in.

This shows the wheels in the bottom track/rail. This is done by gently lifting up on the door and placing the rollers into the track.

This is the white rollers engaged in the track. They worked nice and smooth.

This is testing to make sure everything is in alignment.

Here's a shot of the fully installed doors minus the round handle/grab inserts.

The doors come stock with these white ones which don't look too bad.

The white one's just snap in.

I chose to get an upgrade to these and went with the brass or gold colored inserts.

This is a picture of the gold inserts in the packaging.

These handles were made for solid wood doors as you can see the two small drilled holes. Those holes are made to facilitate the brass/gold colored nails that came with the kit. I didn't nail these in as the doors are hollow.

I ended up using Gorilla Glue to glue these in. It worked like a charm.

This was a super simple sliding closet door installation for cheap.

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