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DIY HIP Kit: Put on Your Socks Without Bending Over

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Have you had hip or back surgery? Maybe you just can't bend over for whatever reason. This DIY Homemade Sock Installation Device is a cheap and easy way to put on your own socks without having to bend over. It's really simple and can be made with some PVC pipe and two pieces of rope. For tools I used a hacksaw, and handheld grinder, and a file. This is really nice if you have fused vertabra, lower back injury, disability, hip surgery, etc and cannot physically bend over to put your socks on and can be done from the sitting upright position with ease. I made this one in particular for a friend of mine who had hip surgery and he thanked me greatly saying it saved him from having someone else having to put his socks on for him. This is a great gift for someone in need of such a device and can be made for super cheap. Amazon link to hip kit: Blog:

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