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DIY How to Sweep out Your Chimney Stove Pipe Tutorial

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Check out my video on How to Sweep out Your Chimney-DIY tutorial-Instructional "how to" style video with detailed step by step procedural instructions for maximum effective results in cleaning out your chimney. Performing this once a year (minimum) will prevent creosote build up.The first thing I did was grab a chimney sweeping brush. Each section can be assembled and disassembled easily which allows for you to sweep the entire length of your chimney. I recommend you use some kind of fall protection device (fall gear) before attempting to climb on your roof and sweep out your chimney. My roof has pitch that is friendly to where if I did slip and fall I wouldn't go over the edge. Next I popped the top cap off the stove pipe by slowly working it off. I took that and cleaned it out really well too. Then I inserted the first sections of the chimney sweeping brush down into the bore and worked it back and forth removing any creosote along the way. Started adding lengths of each section and repeated this process until I bottomed out. if you have a horoscope camera it would prove to be extremely helpful in doing the inspection of the inner bore of the stove pipe as you could identify any weak or wearing spots within the bore that you can't see from the top or bottom. Do as much of a visual inspection as you can while you are performing this. Pretty simple job but can be dangerous if you don't take the proper safety precautions. This is a great summertime job to do. This is the logical time to do it as the roof is less likely to be slippery and you are mostly done making fires for a couple months. Link to chimney brush kit:

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