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DIY IKEA Brand "OMAR" Model Wire Storage Racks-Basic Assembly Directions [IKEA "OMAR" RACK]

The above video shows the full assembly while the below pictures provide step by step descriptions of the assembly.

The OMAR model rack can be built on top of each other for one taller rack (this is what I did) or it can be used as two side by side lower level racks if you want to keep them lower.

I pulled all of the parts out of the box for the first rack. This includes the feet for the bottom, the poles and the racks.

Take the plastic "boots" and place them over the bottom of each leg. This will be the part that comes into contact with the floor.

Install 4 shelf holders. One on each leg at the same level. Each individual shelf holder comes in two halves and clamps (snaps) around each leg.

This shows the two halves of each plastic shelf holder as well one that's installed.

You can adjust the shelf holders to a higher position if you don't want your first (bottom) shelf to be this low.

The rack is built from bottom to top. The clips are designed to keep the shelves from falling down so this means that the larger portion (the "bell" end) faces toward the floor with the smaller end towards the ceiling.

Slide the circular portion of the shelves over the four legs and push it down firmly onto the plastic shelf holders in place on the legs.

Here's a (paid) link to one similar on amazon:

Amazon Basics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit on 4'' Wheel Casters , Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Chrome Silver (30L x 14W x 64.75H):

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