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Fortify Your Home: DIY Metal Security Door Makeovers with Handle and Deadbolt Installations

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

In my video "Step by step installation instructional tutorial on installing this Gatehouse Brand exterior home security metal door" I take you step by step how to install a metal security door for your house. The door handle and dead bolt do not come with the kit. I purchased this one from Lowe's Hardware store but they are available at other hardware stores and online. I'll post the link for one below.

You'll want to take the measurements of your door frame before you head to the store to purchase your security door. This size fits most (but not all) standard house door sizes.

Head to the store in your truck (you likely won't fit this in your car). Pick out the color you want and the size that matches your door frame. If you don't have a drill or cordless drill, you will need one for the lag bolts that you'll need to sink in. The lag bolts come with this style and brand of door. They are make to only be driven in and cannot be backed out. If you want to know how to remove a security door, I have a video on it that I'll post the link below. You will also need a door handle and deadbolt kit. I usually buy them as a set. I've got a couple videos on installing Kwikset door handles and door knobs as well. I'll post those links below as well. Once you get your metal security door home and unboxed, it's a good idea to locate a small spacer in which to set the bottom of the door on. Preferable a small strip of plywood. This is so it doesn't skid along the ground on the bottom and allows for a little ground clearance. If you can find a spacer that will give you about 1/4" of ground clearance along the bottom you should be good to go. Once you have your door set on your spacer you can roughly fit in the other pieces. NOTE: Be sure to check that the door handle from the house door will not interfere with the door handle on your new door. You don't want to get this thing perfectly installed only to figure out that you failed to account for the fact the the door will have a door handle and won't shut because it butts up against the house door's handle. Ask me know I know. Once you are confident it will all fit and you are happy with your spacing you can start screwing in the lag bolts. It's important to get your spacing right the first time because you can't back your lag bolts back out. If you have magnets or an extra set of hands to help hold every thing in place it's a help. I was able to do it without either no problem. I've installed many of this same style of doors by myself and they are really easy. You'll happy with the results.

Kwikset Door Handle and Deadbolt: Gatehouse Security Door:

Security Door on Amazon:

Kwikset Door Handle and Deadbolt Installation

In the above step by step tutorial is a Kwikset Brand keyed entry door knob and deadbolt installation into a newly installed home security door. This door knob and deadbolt set was purchased at Lowe's Home Hardware Store. I have been pleased with the ease of installation of Kwikset brand door knobs and deadbolts. I've used them quite a lot over the years for various door installations.

The question many people have is "Can this kwikset door knob be used on metal security doors?" or "Can a kwikset doorknob that I purchased from Lowe's that would normally be used on a wood door be used on a Gatehouse Brand metal security door?". First of all the answer is most definitely as I have installed numerous metal security doors during work as a handyman. The gatehouse brand door is nice because it's cheap, easy to install, and effective. Kwikset door handle and deadbolt combination kits are great and can be purchased at an affordable price. In this video I cut open the packaging with some scissors and pulled out the door knob and deadbolt set I need. I was doing a couple different doors this day so the combination pack was perfect. The next thing I did was insert the latch into the door intel for a loose test fit. The nice thing about it is that the threads and holes for the assembling screws are pre-drilled and tapped to standard sizes making for an easy installation. The next part is to install the inside and outside handle portion. To do this the handles need to be in the unlocked position. The flat on the door handle matches the flat on the latch insert so it can only be installed one way but if it's locked it will cause you some grief in trying to get the thing together. Once it's loosely together it's time to install the set screws. Trying to get these to line up can be a little bit of a pain sometimes. If you have an extra set of hands it's nice if the other person can hold pressure on the other side while you try to find the hole with your set screws. Once you've found the holes snug them up a bit but don't tighten all the way just yet. Once everything turns and opens and closes with no binding and functions as it should, secure the latch mechanism with the provided screws and tighten all the way. Now tighten the door knob set screws all the way. Now it's good to go as long as there is no binding or sticking. If it binds or sticks I have had to back the set screws off a 1/4 turn or so. Repeat the steps for the deadbolt assembly. Don't forget to make sure it is the right side up=). It really won't affect the function of the deadbolt if you have it 180 degrees upside down but the writing will be upside down and the key will go in upside down. I have made this mistake more than once being in a hurry installing these.

DIY How to Install a Steel Security Door | Quick and Easy Installation Tutorial | Gatehouse Brand

These doors are light weight and easy to install. Make sure to inspect the corners of your newly purchased door before you pay for it. Many of them get bent or damaged on the corners so it's worth it to check before leaving the store or purchasing. 🔒 Enhance Your Home Security Today! 🔒 Investing in a steel security door doesn't have to be complicated. In this detailed tutorial, you can confidently install your Gatehouse Brand steel security door and enjoy the peace of mind it brings. Remember, a secure home is a happy home! This installation was done using a 36" wide door. The door can be flipped around to be used in either direction.

Gatehouse Brand 32" Wide X 80" High Security Door Installation Tutorial-#386034

Home security door installation "How to" demonstration. Part # 386034. Checked Home Depot first and they did not have this style of door. Lowe's carries this brand.

These doors are so nice once you get them installed. You won't be disappointed.

DIY Install & Unbox Dummy Home Security Camera -Wali Electric Brand

Wali electric brand dummy security cameras ordered off of amazon. This step by step tutorial takes you through unboxing and simple installation. These dummy security cameras look real and can assist you in your home security plan acting as a deterrent for potential thieves.

These professional looking dummy security cameras can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

Its a good idea to install them in a manner that is high enough so they are out of reach.

The AA batteries that they require to make the red blinking LED keep blinking are not included with each assembly and must be purchased by you separately.

You will need an electric or cordless drill to secure it to the wall as well as three screws. I used some 1.5” drywall screws.

Overall these dummy cameras alone won’t necessarily deter all potential thieves however when used in conjunction with bright motion detector lights, secure windows and security doors they can be an integral part of maybe making the thieves think about picking an easier location.

Link on amazon:

Weld a Custom Fabricated "Wrought Iron" Ornamental Exterior Security Door from Scratch

I show you step by step how to weld a decorative exterior security door from scratch using just a PROMIG 140 model Lincoln welder using inner shield spool wire. Video editor at the time was a little goofed up so the video is a little shaky.

The first step is to take door measurements. Then head to the metal supply store and pick up the appropriate lengths of square tube. Be sure to account for the outer door frame which gets bolted to the house. Then account for the swinging portion of the door. I used the same size square tube for both. I ordered the sheet metal door handle and deadlock fixture from kings architectural online. It arrived quickly and was around $30. Also account for the flatbar design of the tree as well as the 1/2" square tube for the jail cell looking lower pieces. The most expensive part was the expanded metal. This door is a security door but since the expanded metal was added it is used as a screen door as well. The expanded metal purchased for this door was 1/16" diameter holes. I tried to get the smallest they had. This wouldn't keep the small gnats out but kept out the bees and larger bugs/flies/insects. You'll need to pick up as many lag bolts as you want to secure the door to the house with as well. Also you'll need a new door handle and deadbolt. The nice thing about the prefabricated sheet metal door handle fixture is that it comes pre-threaded and specifically made to install any standard door handle and deadbolt. When welding this together extra care was taken not to warp the frame. This meant jumping around welding wise and trying to keep it cool as possible. If you fully weld out each corner joint fully at one time then the door frame will distort and be crooked. While welding I frequently checked squareness as well as the distance from top to bottom and side to side to make sure there was no bowing due to welding heat distortion. Once the welding was complete I sprayed it with two coats of rust oleum primer followed by a couple of coats of semi gloss rust oleum. This custom door turned out very stout and sturdy.

Link to Lincoln MIG 140 Welder:

DIY How to Install a GateHouse Gibralter Model Metal Security Exterior Door | 36" X 80" # 386847

The installation performed during my "DIY How to Install a GateHouse Gibralter Model Metal Security Exterior Door | 36" X 80" # 386847" video was performed on the front exterior door of a house. I've installed many of these over the years and all of them have stood the test of time. This was a worry of mine after putting installing the first one in fear that they wouldn't hold up to years of slamming as well as keeping bugs out. If installed correctly they will last decades. Most regular door knobs and deadbolts can be installed on these. Be sure to take into consideration any interferences that the door knobs you are choosing to use don't interfere with the existing door knobs. One nice option, if you need to use it, is that these doors can be installed in either direction. Just flip it over so it opens the other way. These can be purchased at Lowe's for around $150. I used a cordless drill to sink in the lag bolts that come with the door. You can use a regular electric drill to drive the lag bolts however, you may run the risk of snapping them off if you over tighten. I like to set my cordless drill so it will "give" so as not to over tighten and snap off the head. Along with lag bolts, it also comes with a special bit to drive them in.

After taking measurements and determining what door to purchase:

Step 1: Unbox and pull out lag bolts and insertion drill bit

Step 2: Shim under door to raise to desired height and level

Step 3. Install hinge side of door

Step 4. Install opposite side of hinged door square stock and the top

Step 5. Install door knob and deadbolt

If you want to go with another brand, here is a more expensive heavier duty metal security door from amazon:

Prime-Line Products 3853BK3068-WF Flagstaff Steel Security Door, 36" x 80", Black:

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2):

Schlage Matte Black Latitude Lever For Tutorial Demonstration

Your home's entrance is more than just a functional component; it's the gateway to your personal space and the first impression your guests have of your home. To make a lasting impression and ensure your home's security, choosing the right door hardware is essential. In this blog post, we'll explore the Schlage Matte Black Latitude Lever, an elegant and secure door handle option, and demonstrate how to install it through a detailed tutorial.

The Schlage Latitude Lever:

The Schlage Latitude Lever is a door handle that seamlessly combines style, durability, and security. Here are some key features that make it a popular choice for homeowners:

1. **Modern Design:** The Latitude Lever boasts a sleek and contemporary design with clean lines, making it a perfect fit for modern and transitional interiors. Its matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your doors.

2. **Durable Construction:** Schlage is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship. The Latitude Lever is no exception, constructed from sturdy materials designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

3. **Ease of Use:** The lever design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It's easier to grip and operate, making it an excellent choice for individuals of all ages.

4. **Versatile Application:** Whether you're upgrading your front door, interior doors, or even doors leading to your backyard, the Latitude Lever is a versatile choice that can enhance the look of any door.

5. **Enhanced Security:** Schlage door handles are known for their robust security features. The Latitude Lever comes with built-in security enhancements, including anti-pick and anti-bump mechanisms, to help protect your home.

Tutorial Demonstration:

Now, let's dive into the step-by-step tutorial on how to install the Schlage Matte Black Latitude Lever:

**Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials**

- Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials, including a tape measure, screwdriver, drill, chisel, and the Schlage Latitude Lever package.

**Step 2: Measure and Mark**

- Use your tape measure to determine the correct placement for the lever on your door. Mark the locations for the lever and latch with a pencil.

**Step 3: Prepare the Door**

- Drill holes for the latch and lever based on your markings. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the Schlage Latitude Lever package.

**Step 4: Assemble the Lever**

- Assemble the Latitude Lever according to the instructions, ensuring a snug fit.

**Step 5: Install the Lever**

- Secure the lever to the door using the provided screws.

**Step 6: Install the Latch**

- Insert the latch into the prepared hole and secure it in place.

**Step 7: Test and Adjust**

- Test the lever to ensure it operates smoothly. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper alignment.

**Step 8: Final Checks**

- Confirm that the door handle functions correctly and that the door latches securely.


The Schlage Matte Black Latitude Lever is not just a door handle; it's a statement piece that enhances the aesthetics and security of your home. With its modern design, durable construction, and easy installation, it's a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to make a stylish and secure upgrade. So, if you're ready to elevate your home's look and security, consider installing the Schlage Latitude Lever and experience the difference it can make in your daily life.

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