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DIY Northern Brewer Bavarian Hefeweizen Home Brew Tutorial

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Ordered my Northern Brewer Bavarian Hefeweizen home brew kit from amazon. I'll post the link below This turned out really nice and was super easy to make. The kit comes with a nice set of directions. I used my Cooper's DIY Beer fermenter once the boiling and cooling processes were done. The steps are super simple simple: 1. In your brewpot, bring 2.5 gallons filtered water to a boil 2. Add half of the wheat malt syrup (approx. half of 6lb. container) 3. Remove from heat and stir it in 4. You now have wort. Bring it to a boil again 5. Add the 1oz of German Tettnang hops and boil for 60 minutes 6. Add the remainder of the 3lbs of wheat malt syrup and add the 1lb of dry malt extract 7. Cool the wort. 8. Once cool, (siphon) add wort to fermenter leaving sludge at bottom 9. Fill remainder of fermenter (to 5 gallon mark) with water 10. Pitch yeast and add to wort once temp is 78F or lower (not warm to touch) 11. Let sit in fermenter for 2 weeks then bottle using priming sugar or carbonation drops 12. Let sit in bottle for 3-4 weeks. 13. Refrigerate for 1 day and then enjoy. Link to Hefeweizen: Blog:

Here's a couple more Home Brewing Videos!!!! | This is such a fun hobby. Easy to make.

DIY Beer | Brewer's Best Robust Porter | Basic Step by Step "For Dummies" Home Brew Making Tutorial. This porter turned out really good. Nice smokey flavor but not as robust as a stout. It was best after being in the bottle for a month.

Order on amazon:

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