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DIY Wood Floor Repair Project | Cheap Quick Fix [Wood Filler Putty and Furniture Touch Up Marker]

The wood just inside this sliding glass window has taken a beating from sunlight and moisture. It really needs to be replaced. So much so that it is starting to show signs of rot and is giving way at some of the edges. Rather than try to refinish it or replace it right now, this wood putty fix was just what was needed for a cheap and quick repair job. If I was the owner I would not have it get as far damaged as it did and would have refinished it. It's possible it's still salvageable but definitely needs to be resealed to prevent further damage. For this band-aid type of quick fix I just used some wood filler putty, both light and dark and tried to come close on a color match but was unsuccessful so I used a furniture touch up marker to bend it in so the repair didn't stick out as much.

The landlord where this dwelling existed was not too hot on making repairs or upgrades and this floor slowly deteriorated over time due to the sunlight and moisture somewhat rotting the wood in certain areas.

This is the offending window sliding glass door.

The first thing I did was mask off the area in order to isolate only the repair areas.

I picked up two different shades of wood putty with the hopes of color matching.

I mixed the two up on this cooking stone.

I then pressed the mixture into the areas in need of repair and let them dry overnight.

I peeled off the masking the next day.

The wood filler repair dried a lot lighter than anticipated so it was time for the secret ingredient.

This furniture touch up maker is the secret ingredient and is actually quite versatile when applied correctly and rubbed into affected or damaged areas.

It ended up working like a charm.

Here's the full video on the repair from start to finish.


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