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Epson L3110 Printer Won't Print? Quick Solution. Get Your L3110 Get Working Again Fast [EPSON L3110]

Is your Paper Cycling through your printer but no ink showing up? Epson L13110 Printer Won't Print? Here is the Quick Solution. Get Your L3110 Working Again Fast.

1. Click the "Windows" icon

2. Click on "Settings"

3. Click "Devices"

4. Click on "Printers and Scanners"

5. Click on "Epson" Printer

6. Click "Open queue"

7. In printer queue click the "Printer" tab

8. Select "Printing Preferences" from dropdown

9. Select "Maintenance" in new Epson L3110 Printing Preferences

10. Select "Power Cleaning" and Click "Next".

This worked like a charm for me to get my printer back printing. I was one step away from taking it apart and somehow cleaning the ink receptacle by hand. I probably would have ruined it by doing so and been forced to toss the whole thing. Really glad this worked. The very first thing I tried was to make sure there was enough in the receptacles. It was obvious there was as it hasn't printed since I filled them myself. Just to go through the steps I did a visual check anyway and I could see through the front of the receptacle that there was enough ink (it was almost full). Then I pulled out the Epson L3110 user's guide/owner's manual and followed the recommended steps there which included holding the button with the triangular shaped design in it down for 5 seconds until the power button blinked. This had it run through a cycle of print head cleaning. Once into the printer preferences queue and maintenance (as mentioned above) I tried the nozzle cleaning function, then the head cleaning function and both of these didn't work. I'd never heard of doing a power cleaning before so I was losing hope and had visions of tossing this one into the recycle and having to purchase a new one. Luckily I tried the "Power Cleaning" cycle and it worked!!. It is hard to say if the fact that it worked was a combination of all of the cycles that I ran the printer through or if I could have just gone to the power cleaning cycle. Regardless, it doesn't matter because it works now. What I suspect was the problem was that the ink dried and hardened in the oriface in which it comes out thereby not letting any of the liquid ink pass by. Just a guess. It also could have been the fact that the printer was brand new and there was something from the manufacturing process that was blocking it.

I will post some question and answers below as well.

Open queue

In printing preferences click on the maintenance tab.

This is the screen you can come back to for doing the nozzle check as well as the head cleaning.

Video on Refilling Ink for Epson L3110:

Question: help sir. when i click the printers and scanners i saw the printer device and below said "driver is unavailable" and i try clicking the printing preferences it shows layout and paper/quality only. i also tried searching the power cleaning as you mentioned in the comment box but nothing. i hope you could help me with this sir. thank you in advance

Answer: DIYTechnician

Hi Ann, i’m just giving you best guess and the actions I would take to troubleshoot. I would say that you need to download the drivers for it. Do you still have your installation disc? If so, try to install the drivers from that. If not, see if you can download them from the epson website. Have you ever been able to print with this in the past?

Feedback Comment: problem solved sir. all i just have to do is download the driver and your video helps me too because you showed how to fix it step by step. again thanks for the help.

Question: when i clicked the printing preferences i dont have maintenance

Answer: would upload the latest version of the software


Help sir. After clicking printing preferences all i can see is layout and paper quality : (

Answer: There is no maintenance tab at the top? What is your printer doing? Not printing at all?

Im just guessing here but are you able to type “power cleaning” in a search box anywhere when you have the software program open? Feedback: @DIYTechnician oh its okay now sir i clicked the wrong printer😅 thank you so much sir it really worked😍🖒


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