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Fluorescent Bulb Light to LED 5500 Lumen Hypertough Brand Conversion

I take this old and rusty bulb light and covert the area into a very well lit up LED light area. This light weight HyperTough brand Walmart lights uses less power and creates a brighter lighting area. You'll be happy if you decide to make the conversion. The first step was to cut off the power and then verify that it is off with my voltage tester. I like to use voltage testers that have an audible indicator as well as a red light indicator when current is detected. They are fairly inexpensive and can save you from getting shocked. Once power was verified off, I start disassembling the light fixture by popping the old plastic metal framed cover off.

I'm not an electrician and I suggest you hire and/or consult a certified professional electrician to do this work.

These lightweight overhead shop LED lights were on sale at Wal-Mart so I grabbed a couple of them as I was in need of some more lighting. They are very easy to install and are able to be linked up together. Nice and bright. I did a video on one before which was the 5000 Lumen light and was some time last year. The same company had these 5500 lumen lights for sale so I unboxed, installed, and compared the two. I like the 5500 lumen lights better due to them being linkable, a little brighter, and have a little bit cooler of a design to them. These are well worth the little bit of money spent and make for a nice and bright room.

Changing out the old overhead kitchen bulb lights for new energy efficient LED panel from Good Earth. This one is a 2ft X 2ft panel that is 4000 Lumens and adjustable to your liking. In this video I show you how to install this nice new bright lighting fixture as well as sync it to your phone for lighting adjustment. These lights cost some money up front but the savings is in the longer term on your power bill. It's a significant reduction in power usage. Enough so that it makes a noticeable difference when you get that power bill in the mail (or online nowadays for some). This one was purchased at Lowe's but they are available even cheaper online. They are lightweight and really easy to install. The very most important thing when you are installing these is to make sure the power is off before you begin work and also make 100% sure you have the wiring correct and tight, otherwise the results could potentially be catastrophic. I always try to make sure I shut off the power as well as the switch going to whatever fixture I'm working on.


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