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Home Outdoor Security Camera Options

Below are a few different options of cameras that I've done unboxing reviews and demonstrations on as well as tested out all of the different features of each. While I think that it's a great idea to set up home security cameras, it's best to see which one will work best for the set up that you have. Here's a look at some of them that I've set up.

DIY Ring Doorbell 3 Plus Indoor Cam Unboxing and Installation [Ring Cam Doorbell 3 Plus Tutorial]

Picked up this DIY Ring Doorbell 3 Plus Indoor Cam at Costco and do an Unboxing and Installation Tutorial along the way. Here's the steps after removing packaging:

1. Remove batteries from Doorbell Ring Cam and charge until complete

2. Once charged, re-install battery into the doorbell ring cam

3. At house, turn off power to doorbell and remove old doorbell button

4. Install Ring app to your phone

5. If needed, install the provided black extension wires to existing old doorbell wires

6. Hook up wires to new doorbell ring cam (color coding doesn't matter)

7. Mount new doorbell ring cam by installing plastic wedge plate then the camera to the wedge

8. Turn power back on

9. Push green button under the battery cover to link up camera to phone & Ring app

10. Plug in indoor camera and sync up using ring app

For step by step easy installation instructions visit my website:

SEHMUA Battery Powered Outdoor Wireless Battery Powered Spotlight Security Camera Unboxing & Review

Outdoor Camera Wireless, SEHMUA 2K Spotlight Camera -Color Night Vision, Custom PIR Detection Area, Siren Alert, Rechargeable Battery, Wired-free, 3MP Video, Two-Way Talk- Indoor Outdoor Home Security.

About this item:

2K Impressive View &Rechargeable with the advanced 2K Resolution, SEHMUA Wireless Security Camera captures clearer details, supports clearer video to let you see more details and zoom in on moving objects with clarity. Built-in rechargeable battery on this battery powered camera, you don’t need to pull wires like cctv or wired camera. It's also got a color night vision with spotlight where you can ward off unwelcome guests with this wireless outdoor camera using the built-in spotlight and siren alerts. When they get close to your house, the spotlight on this wifi outdoor camera will light on, see features like faces or license plates in full color even at night. It also contains custom detection area & siren alerts fully equipped with PIR Motion detection and custom motion detection area, you can receive notifications from your wireless outside camera so you can take quick action such as using the siren aler, or call a friend or dial emergency services. It's equipped with real-time talk and long standby. Installing the outside camera wireless in your front door, you can hear or speak to visitors at your door clearly through real-time two way talk. Meanwhile, this wireless surveillance & security camera supports 2- 6 months standby time (6000 awake times) after a full charge.Super simple install & friendly operation. No matter if it's indoor usage or outdoor usage, SEHMUA wireless outdoor camera supports wired-free set up through 2.4Ghz WiFi (don't use your 5G network) which delivers increased installation flexibility, and get the perfect view of your home security from your outdoor camera.

SEHMUA Brand Rechargeable Battery Powered Security Camera Unboxing and Review [SEHMUA Security Cam]

Main features: 2K HD Video Resolution, Color Night Vision Good day everybody i've got this mamuel battery powered security camera we're going to do an unboxing and see how this thing works okay this thing has hd it's rechargeable it's got audio night vision to give you some directions right off the bat says don't charge it environment below zero degrees celsius recommended that you uh stay have the camera indoor for a half an hour before charging to charge it with the adapter so here's the charger just a usb and then that's going to go right down here not this to the wall and then the camera will screw on and off of that right there it's gonna thread right into there so here's the front of the camera i'm gonna leave that protective cover on for right now and then this just pops right off of there and you plug the usb right in thereNext step is to install the app this one for apple this one for android okay let's go ahead and turn the camera on now just hold the power button down just hold it downNow it's on to turn it off you just take the power and hold it down that light will go outNow on our app we're going to go ahead and click on add to push add device i'm going to go ahead and mount this thing there's three screws that are going to go in those three holes i can just i want this to face down because i can go straight up like that or down you can lock it in.

Home Security Outdoor Surveillance Cam w/Spotlight & Pan-Tilt 360° View WaterProof Camera Review

Unboxing and Review of this cool new Home Security Outdoor Surveillance Cam w/Spotlight & Pan-Tilt 360° View WaterProof Camera that contains Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk,Motion Detection, Siren Alarm, 24/7 Recording that can all be remotely operated from your phone.

Its main features:

Custom Activity Zones

You will only receive notifications triggered in the activity zone. Providing higher accuracy and less false alerts triggered by others.

2K full color night vision

2K full high definition day & night vision. Night vision up to 32ft and has 3 types mode night vision (Infrared/Full-Color/Siren and Spotlight) can capture more things in the dark in full high definition.

DIY Install & Unbox Dummy Home Security Camera -Wali Electric Brand [Fake Security Cam Review]

Wali electric brand dummy security cameras ordered off of amazon. This step by step tutorial takes you through unboxing and simple installation. These dummy security cameras look real and can assist you in your home security plan acting as a deterrent for potential thieves. These professional looking dummy security cameras can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Its a good idea to install them in a manner that is high enough so they are out of reach. The AA batteries that they require to make the red blinking LED keep blinking are not included with each assembly and must be purchased by you separately. You will need an electric or cordless drill to secure it to the wall as well as three screws. I used some 1.5” drywall screws. Overall these dummy cameras alone won’t necessarily deter all potential thieves however when used in conjunction with bright motion detector lights, secure windows and security doors they can be an integral part of maybe making the thieves think about picking an easier location.


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