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How to Charge Your Streetbike Motorcycle Battery Tutorial Demonstration [Motorcycle Battery Charge]

Have you ever left your key in the on position? If so, join the club. These are the simple steps to getting your battery up and running again. It's a simple task after you've been through it once but if you've never done it, you may not know exactly how to go about it. So below are the simple step by step instructions on accessing and charging your battery. The battery case is the chrome box just below the seat and it requires your ignition key to open it. It will also take a 10mm socket or wrench for the single screw at the bottom and the thing will pop right off.

To the upper right of the battery box is a key lock that needs to be turned. The clip I'm pointing to will slide down or become unlatched when you unlock it.

Turn the key to the left and the latch will become loose.

This is the 10mm hex but that needs to be removed in order for the cover to nicely pull off.

It may be good to keep a 10mm or crescent wrench in your saddle bags just in case. I was lucky enough that this happened at home so I could use my cordless to unscrew the nut.

You have to use a slight bit of force to pull this off but not too much and definitely no prying.

Here's the insertion points of the cover which are part of the line up for re-installing the cover.

There's a 3-point installation. The two socket joints and then the threaded piece that comes out of the bottom that's the 10mm screw on nut.

I happened to have this battery charger which I had originally used for a boat battery but it came in really handy for my dead motorcycle battery.

The terminal screws are also 10mm which is nice.

It's best to unscrew both terminal screws and attach the associated battery charger terminals. Black to negative and red to positive.

Since there are no clamps on this you must unscrew the terminal nuts and re-install them with the battery charger wires.

This is a shot of one of the terminal screws.

This shows them both installed. I left the charger unplugged until both terminals were hooked up. Then I plugged it in.

I left this on the charger all night and it fired right up the next morning. Good to go, just like new!


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