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How to Make DIY Homemade Metal Corner "L" Brackets from Scratch

Don't pay commercial prices for your corner brackets! You can make them yourself very easily with just a little bit of effort and some simple tooling. You can make them as thick or as thin as you'd like depending on what type of scrap metal you have laying around. That's the beauty of these is that you are also doing a little repurposing if you are using sections of scrap metal. Here are the steps to making this happen.

Save money and make these simple "L" brackets yourself. With the current price of metal and most products in general I've tried to find ways to cut costs on various items by making them myself if at all possible. In this case, these decorative "L" brackets were a prime example of that. I just cut out 5" strips of metal in rectangular form that were approx 3/4" wide, drilled holes in each end them bent them 90 degrees in my vice.

DIY Rectangular Raised Bed Garden Planter Box From Scrap and Pallet Wood [Garden Planter Design]

I reuse some scrap wood pulled from the local cedar fencing company. Perfect for making homemade garden planters. The beauty of using scrap wood is that if you goof it up, it's not money out of your pocket. I do try to get them right though as it does take time obtaining and sorting the wood. The "L" brackets above are perfect for DIY garden planter projects such as this.


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