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How to set up your HP Envy Pro 6458 Printer | How to Print Scan and Copy Tutorial Step by Step

How to set up your HP Envy Pro 6458 Printer | How to Print Scan and Copy Tutorial. This Hewlett Packard Printer was available at Cosco in the United States or here on Amazon:

HP Envy Pro 6458 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copy, Scan, Mobile fax, Instant Ink Ready, 5SE48A (Renewed):

The set up on this was very easy as there is no installation disc to mess around with. The software gets downloaded from HP's website which is

Set up Instructions:

Step 1: Unbox and plug in printer power cord and power up printer

Step 2: Install Black Ink Cartridge

Step 3: Install Color Ink Cartridge

Step 4: Download printer software from and follow installation instructions

Step 5: Ready to go (Now Subscribe to my Youtube Channel please)

Printing Instructions:

Step 1: Fill paper in bottom-most paper tray (Not the top feeder; this is for copying)

Step 2: Click on "File" then "Print"

Copying Instructions:

Step 1: Insert the paper/s you want to copy in top feeder tray (face up)

Step 2: On the Envy Pro Printer, press the paper icon

Step 3: Wait to copy/copies to dispense from printer

Scanning Instructions:

Step 1: Lift up top portion of printer to expose scanning surface

Step 2: Place document you wish to scan face down on glass

Step 3: Close top lid down on document

Step 4: Press the paper icon on Envy Pro Printer (same icon as you press for copying"


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