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Welding Art Project: Scrap Metal Cowboy and Others

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Check out my Scrap Metal Welding Art Project: Wild West Cowboy. The boots were made from old shoe savers and the legs of course from a large horseshoe.

The body came from some old wrought iron fence pickets from a fence I helped a neighbor up the street tear down in exchange for the metal and a sweet gate (which I refurbished and sold). The spurs were made from car gears. The cowboy hat I made from an old shoe saver as well. The guns were little mini railroad spikes someone gave me. The rope and lasso I made from old chainsaw chain by welding each link together. Link to Lincoln Welder:

How to Weld an Ornamental Iron Folding Decorative Display Easel

I made this video "DIY Welding Project: How to Weld an Ornamental Iron Folding Easel for Painting or Picture Display" for fun for my daughter's painting display. You can really make some cool decorative easels using different pieces of decorative metal. These are fun to make. I've made and sold many of them in the past. This one was just a basic model and wanted to keep it simple. Easy welding project and they last forever. Easy to fold up and store when not in use as well.

Amazon link to heavy duty easel:

Amazon Aluminum Easel:

DIY Welding an Ornamental Iron Security Door

This DIY Welding a Metal House Security Door Frame | Fabrication From Scratch | Lincoln PROMIG 140 FCAW video takes you step by step through the process I went through getting the metal door frame measured/dimensioned up, materials purchased, and fabricated. I purchased the square tube and hinges at the metal supply store. The welder I used was a 110V Lincoln PROMIG 140 using just inner shield wire and no gas. Gas IS preferable to use but at the time I didn't have a bottle or set up to use gas so I just used 0.035" inner shield wire.

The rest of the project is shown in my other video here:

Link to Lincoln MIG 140 Welder:

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