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What's Inside? Diving into Tech Marvels: Dissecting the Intricacies of Bose Speaker, Bose Ear Buds, Phillips Air Fryer, and Bushnell Binoculars

Updated: Jan 20

What’s Inside? Bose Sub-Woofer Home Stereo Speaker Take Apart

See the internals of this Bose brand Sub-woofer and I tear it all down piece by piece.

Order a Bose speaker from amazon:

What’s Inside? Hairclippers (Shears)-WAHL Brand Head Trimmers Full Disassembly

At the time of this disassembly I failed to realize that the reason these things buzzed so intolerably loud was because there were made to operate on a different electrical circuit. They were made for standard American household circuits and not Singpore's. They buzzed so loud and after no luck during any kind of adjustments, I just assumed they were broken but found out the reason why later on.

Phillips Brand Airfryer-Complete Tear Down Take Apart Disassembly

To satisfy curiosity I completed this total disassembly of a Phillips Brand Airfryer. This is actually pretty tough to get apart so I had to destructively rip much of it apart. I must say that we use our Phillips Airfryer regularly for almost all types of foods and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

The power function still worked on this thing but it was very well used and caked with years charred food remnant. It was time to see inside one of these.

The main parts of this things is the cooking (heating) element, the oven portion, and the fan. There are some supporting elements of this such as LED lights and a timer. It's a slick unit. No wonder they sell so many of these because they do work very well.

Here's nice one on amazon:

What’s Inside? Bushnell Binoculars

Bushnell brand binoculars taken apart piece by piece. Here's a link to a new pair:

What’s Inside? Phillips Brand CD Player AM/FM Radio-Take Apart

Found this old non-working Phillips Brand Compact Disc Player AM/FM Radio and decided to make a video showing what's inside it. They are relatively simple when you tear into them. I just used. small Phillips screwdriver for the most part. This CD player was electric but battery powered as well. This was mostly compiled of circuit boards on the inside held together by small Phillips head screws. The speakers were pulled out, the antenna screwed off, all the wiring could mostly be unplugged from the curcuit board. There wasn't a heck of a lot that could be salvaged from this but it was fun to take apart and see how hard the disassemble would be as well as seeing exactly what's inside.

Amazon has one for sale here:

What’s inside? Electric Hair Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1" Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron:

What's inside? Sears Brand Hand Held Angle Grinder Complete Disassembly

See What's inside? Sears Brand Hand Held Angle Grinder Completely ripped apart as this thing had it's day but no longer works.

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402):

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder:

What’s Inside? Electric Scooter Disassembled and Torn Apart

See what's inside this electric scooter. I tried to see what was wrong with it, b/c it quit working and wouldn't hold a charge. Failed to figure out the problem so continued to rip it apart. I did see that the wires were pinched coming out of the neck so this could very well have had something to do with the problem.

Here's a couple links to some electric scooters:

What’s Inside? Illuminating Vanity Mirror-Full Take Apart Disassembly

See the innards of this light stand circular illuminating make up vanity mirror.

Here is a nice new one:

Alpha Brand Fog Machine Model F80Z Disassembly Internal Component Removal

See what's Inside this Alpha Brand Fog Machine Fogmaker Model F80Z. Full Disassembly and Internal Component Removal process. This particular fog maker was in a non-working status which was what lead to it's disassembly. The hope was to open it up and find something obvious wrong with it that could be repair but it would not be. Upon disassembly it was unclear why it wasn't working so the full disassembly continued. It was quite interesting to see what is actually inside a fog maker. The parts that come out are interesting. I believe the aluminum piece inside is some sort of rapid chiller and vaporizer. All I needed to take this apart was mainly a cordless drill with a Phillips head bit. Fog Machine link:

Amazon's Frozen "Xice" Ice Gel Packs? Food Delivery Ice Packs

See what's inside of Amazon's food delivery gel ice packages. Packs are cut open in both the unfrozen state as well as frozen. According to the package the contents are not harmful to humans, however, they have to make the disclaimer that it's not suitable for consumption. Just for kicks I shined a light on it then turned out the lights just in case I'd get lucky and it'd be some kind of glow in the dark substance but unfortunately it is not. Also checked for flammability in the gelatinous state and the results were negative as expected.

Ice Packs for injuries available on amazon here:

What’s Inside? Digital Battery Powered "HOSEKI" Clock by Quartz

"Melody" is also listed on the front and "Sweep Quartz" as well. Someone was tossing this so figured I'd take it apart and see what's inside. Link to a new clock:

Himalayan Salt Lamp Premium Natural Hand Carved Glow Crystal Rock Light

Take a look inside this glowing rock to see how what is going on and how this is put together to create this nice cool display piece. I was fairly surprised at how simple the set up was once I popped the bottom part off. Looks like they just took a core sample from the middle and stuck a little light bulb fixture inside. Lights up nicely.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Premium Natural Hand Carved Glow Crystal Rock Salt Light (7-9 lbs'):

What's inside? GMC Dashboard Gauge Panel Disassembly and Resassembly

Bug Zapper-Novita Brand-Full Disassembly Part by Part Until Trashed

Get a new bug zapper here. TBI Pro Bug Zapper for Outdoor & Attractant - Effective 4000V Electric Mosquito Zappers/Killer - Insect Fly Trap, Waterproof Indoor - Electronic Light Bulb Lamp for Backyard, Patio - 1 Acre, Large:

What's Inside? Wifi Router and Extender Tear Down | Singtel Brand Router & AirTies Brand Extende

Here I see what's inside the a router and wifi extenders.

Bose Ear Buds Take Apart [Bose Brand Ear Buds Tear Down]

I'm always curious about what is inside variuous things and that includes small ear buds like these. Since they quit working I figured it would be a good idea to see the internals of this Bose brand ear buds set and I tear one all down piece by piece. Title: Unveiling the Inner Workings of Bose Earbuds | In-Depth Tear Down and Exploration

Greetings, fellow curious minds! Today, our journey of discovery takes us into the intricate world concealed within Bose earbuds. If you've ever pondered what lies beneath the surface of these tiny devices, you're in for a treat. Join me as we embark on a meticulous tear-down of a set of Bose earbuds that have ceased to play their melodious tunes.

Embarking on a Curious Expedition:

Curiosity is a powerful force, and it has led us to this moment of exploration. What secrets do these seemingly unassuming earbuds hold within? Why did they cease to function, and what can their internals reveal? These are the questions that drive us as we carefully dissect these Bose earbuds, piece by intricate piece.

Tools of Unveiling:

Armed with precision tools, my objective is clear - to unveil the inner workings of these earbuds. Screwdrivers, tweezers, and a discerning eye will guide us through the layers, exposing the craftsmanship and technology that make these earbuds a marvel of engineering.

Step-by-Step Deconstruction:

Removing the Veil:*

The first step involves delicately removing the outer casing, revealing the initial layers that have been carefully designed by Bose. The aesthetic considerations become apparent as we expose the external facade.

Circuitry Unmasked:*

As we delve deeper into the tear-down process, the circuitry comes into view. A small yet powerful circuit board, housing microprocessors, resistors, and other components, is the heart of these earbuds. We dissect and analyze each element, unraveling the symphony of technology.

Soul of Sound:*

Continuing our exploration, we unveil the speaker units within the earbuds. These small but mighty components are responsible for transforming electrical signals into the auditory delight that we experience. The engineering behind these speakers is nothing short of fascinating.

Power Unleashed:*

Portable devices demand efficient power management. We investigate the battery and power systems, understanding how these earbuds optimize energy to provide hours of uninterrupted usage. The quest for efficiency becomes evident as we inspect the power-related components.

Connectivity Chronicles:*

In the era of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth modules and antennas play a pivotal role. We inspect how Bose ensures seamless connectivity and explore any additional features that enhance the user experience. The technological dance of these components comes to light.

Insights and Reflections:

As we progress through this tear-down journey, insights into the craftsmanship and technology embedded in these Bose earbuds emerge. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, aspiring engineer, or simply someone captivated by the marvels of miniature technology, this video offers a unique perspective into the heart of these earbuds.

The Unending Quest for Knowledge:

Our exploration may conclude as we reassemble the earbuds or preserve them as dissected artifacts, but the thirst for knowledge remains insatiable. Join me in this perpetual quest to demystify technology, appreciate the brilliance encapsulated within everyday devices, and nurture the flame of curiosity that burns within us all.


Thank you for accompanying me on this in-depth tear-down of Bose earbuds. If you found this exploration captivating, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe. Stay tuned for more journeys into the intricate realms of your favorite gadgets. Until our paths of curiosity intersect again, keep exploring and embrace the wonders that await beneath the surface.

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