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Yamaha TW-200 Carburetor Disassembly and Adjustment

This Yamaha TW-200 needed some carburetor work as it would have a hard time starting and idling once started. It also leaked fuel on the ground if I forgot to shut the petcock off, which, of course is always a good idea no matter what. Before fixing the carb issue, once I was able to get it running, it would have no problem staying running but getting it to start back up again was a bear especially if out on the trail. I had to bump start it quite a few times. Once I went through all the troubleshooting steps shown in the video it now runs like a champ (like it should). So very happy about this and it wasn't as hard or complicated as you might think. I just need to make sure to allow myself time to do a thorough job cleaning it out and making sure it all went back together properly. I was initially a little intimidated by the throttle cables and adjusting them but I was dead wrong because it was really easy.

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How to Adjust Fuel Air Mixture on a Yamaha TW-200 Motorcycle Carburetor

This adjustment set screw for the fuel air mixture is located on the very bottom of the carburetor on this Yamaha TW-200. The manual says to screw it in all the way then back it out 2 to 2.25 (two and a quarter) turns for proper fuel air mixture adjustment. I used a cordless drill flathead bit to do this and made a mark on it once it was bottomed out. This allowed me to track how many turns exactly I was backing out the set screw.

How to Remove a Yamaha TW-200 Motorcycle Carburetor Float and Float Pin

Is your Yamaha TW-200 leaking fuel? Does it have trouble starting? This one was leaking fuel if the petcock was left on and it would also have issues idling even though it would start with the choke on. After I took the carburetor apart and cleaned out the float, bowl and the jets with carb cleaner and put it back together, it ran just like off the showroom floor. When removing the float it's important to take great care in not bending the tabs on the float and also to be sure to remove the pin towards the arrow on one of the arms that holds the pin in place. It takes some work to get this out. They do make a tool that assists in removal of these but I didn't have one and carefully used a finishing nail and small hammer to tap it out.

Kawasaki KX-60 Mikuni Carburator Disassembly and Reassembly

See how to take apart and put back together a KX-60 Mikuni Carburator. It was first thought that the throttle Cable needed to be replaced. Not the case after looking inside the carb and seeing that it was fine.


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