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DEWALT Impact Ready 90 Degree Attachment for Tight Spaces [Dewalt Impact Drill 90 Degree Adapter]

I purchased this ninety degree DEWALT attachment from the local hardware store. These are super handy to have around even thought you may not use them all the time but they can be a timesaver when you need it. I found it easiest to use the two-hand method when operating this and I also mention in the video that it's not best to use the standard cordless drill low profile bits as they can temporarily get stuck into the magnetic chuck on this piece. Not a big deal if you do accidentally put one in there (as I did) but fishing it out of there can be a little bit of a challenge if you don't have a pair of hemostats or needle nosed pliers laying around. I like how this angle attachment is magnetic so you're screws or sockets won't readily fall off the end of your rig set up.

I would not recommend using one of these smaller cordless drill bits as they are too short and get sucked down into the adapter. It's best to use one that is a little longer so it would provide enough room to protrude from the tool.

As you can see above this is a two-handed operation. In some cases you can just use one hand once you already have it attached and moving.

The magnetic feature is very nice as you can see. Especially given the fact that you will need both hands to drive or remove a screw, this allows for not having to hold the screw onto the bit itself during operation. It keeps it from falling off the bit as well. Very nice.

I took this for a test run on a cedar two by four secured in the bench vice. It worked like a charm on both driving it as well as removing the dry wall screw.

Works great with sockets too. I'd say this would most likely be the most common use of this tool.

I put this 90 degree adapter to the test to see if I could drive in a lag bolt and it handled it without issue. Same goes for removing it.

With the use of the impact driver it performed this task with ease. Below is the full review video. Thanks for checking this out.


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