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DIY Basic Bicycle Repairs and Assembly

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Men's mongoose bike on amazon: The mongoose bicycle brand was started by the owner of BMX Products out of California in 1974. The company has been sold numerous times since it's inception and is huge now. Mongoose offers all kinds of bikes and has always been a reputable brand. Nowdays it's a balance of quality and cost. What do you want and how much are you willing to pay. Mongoose has some great bikes which are reasonable in price. They do offer some higher end bikes as well but along with those comes some extra cost. The same thing applies if you were going to go purchase a custom made bike that fits you perfectly from a custom bike shop, you are going to pay a lot more. Bikes like the one shown in the video feature a smooth and comfortable ride on almost any terrain, due to the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bike system. Overall, the price of a Mongoose mountain bike is affordable and makes it a worth your investment. Mongoose bikes are primarily fabricated and produced in Asia. Mostly in China as this keeps the overhead cost of making these bikes low. There are some manufacturing locations in the U.S. as well. If you purchased on of these from Wall-Mart, make sure you put it together yourself or at lease be sure to check every single tightness check on the bike as the store people putting these together are simply not doing it the correct way. Numerous times, both myself and others, have purchased a Way-Mart bike off the shelf only to have it dangerously come apart during the first ride or not stop correctly. Again, check and double check all connections BEFORE riding or letting your child ride one of these bikes. Before you buy, be sure to: Get the right size bike, choose a good wheel size, choose either a hard tail or double (full suspension) bike, don't worry too much about the weight, get quality suspension, and don't spend your whole bike budget on this. You may be asking "Which brand do I choose?". To tell you the truth almost all of the major brands are now made in China. Huffy, Schwinn, Redline, Mongoose, etc are all now made in China so most of these have the same underlying level of quality (or lack of in some off brand models) you can expect from a bike manufactured in China.

Pick up a new mongoose here:

Change a Tire on a Mountain Bike or Road Bike

Quick rear tire/tube change out tutorial demonstration. Fat tire Mongoose Bike here:

Mongoose BMX Bike Handle Grip Installation Tutorial-Locking Handle Grips

Link to locking handle grips:

DIY How to Install a Front Bike Basket-Schwinn Brand Tutorial Demonstration

Do it yourself-Demonstration on How to Install a Front Bike Basket-Schwinn Brand Tutorial.

Link to my other video on REPAIR of this:

Link to buy this quick release front basket:

How To Use a Bike Chain Link Removal Tool

Here's a link to one:

Park Tool CT-5 Mini Bicycle Chain Tool:

Shop quality tool in a compact size

Compatible with all 5-to-12-speed chains including SRAM AXS

Strong driving pin is replaceable (part #CTP)

Perfect take-along chain tool at only 2.7 oz. (77g)

Haro BMX Bike Seat to Post Re-Rivet Replacement Fix

Removing the busted rivets and installing new rivets into the seat to post connections to keep the seat form rotating and detaching from seat post.

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike Orange Splatter:

Box One Saddle Large 27.2 Carbon Post Black:

DIY Lockdown Fix-it Project | How to Fix Schwinn Brand Bike Basket | Belzona 1212 Two Part Epoxy

My Schwinn Brand Bicycle front mounted basket has gotten a ton of use and has had the weight limit put to the test many times. It's been a good basket, hauled many things, survived and accident, been left in the rain and left in the glaring sun. It got abused so much so that it rusted a little and broke.

I couldn't see tossing it out over some normal aging, so it seemed like a good idea just to repair it. I used some Belzona, which is a two part epoxy to patch it up. I gave it overnight to dry and then painted it the next day.

Link to buy this quick release front basket:

Link to my video on installing a new one of these:

DIY Schwinn Bicycle Bell Installation For Dummies

Are you without a bell on your bike? Is your old bell dead? Well go pick up or order from amazon one of these Schwinn Bike Bells and follow my "DIY Schwinn Bicycle Bell Installation For Dummies" video for installing it. Here is the link:

Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell, Black, One Size:

This is a classic style bicycle bell that alerts others on the road or trail for added safety. It fits most bicycle handlebars with super easy installation & removal. There are no tools required either. This versatile classic bell is specially designed to fit either side of the handlebars.

DIY BELL Brand Bicycle Headlight and Taillight-Assembly, Installation, and Use

Planet Bike Grateful Red Bike Tail Light:

Vintage Japanese Bicycle Tire Operated Headlight | Repair and Use | Panasonic Model SKL102 6V-2.4W

Japanese Bike Tube Valve & How to Pump Up Your Tire | aka. English Valve, Dunlap Valve or Woods

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