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DIY Building Outdoor Chain Link Dog Kennel Roof [DOG KENNEL]

This is the final product. I show the below steps from start to finish on this nice new dog kennel.

This tarped over dog chain link fenced in dog kennel needed a nice roof put on it. The tarp and fence served their purpose but it's time for more of a permanent fix.

The first order of business is to pull off the old scabbed together cross members that offered some temporary support for the tarp. Once the old "roof" was off I took some measurements and headed out to Lowes. I bought some two by fours, one by threes, plastic roofing, some screws, brackets, moulding to match the roof and some small nails to hold the plastic roof moulding down to the frame.

I took the 2X4's and played them across the top of the dog kennel fencing.

I then took the outer perimeter roof 1X3's and screws them dow to the 2X4 cross members making sure the frame stayed square.

I then nailed the moulding for the roof down to the cross members. I used some smaller sized nails so as not to crack the thin moulding.

Now its' time to lay the sheets of the plastic roofing down into the moulding. It fit quite nicely.

This took a little bit of time but not much at all. I overlapped the plastic roofing as well.

The overlap prevents the water from getting down into there.

This is a shot of the roof before the plastic sheeting gets put on. It shows almost the full installation of the roof moulding.

Once the sheets are overlapped I screwed them into the moulding with screws containing rubber grommets. If I could do this job again I think I would screw to the top of the moulding rather than in the valley to allow the water to flow more freely and also so it wouldn't be a stopping point for catching tree debris.

Slapping it all up there and screwing it down. This was all a one man job as all of the materials are very light and easy to work with.

I used brackets to secure the roof to the side walls of the chain link kennel to keep it from sliding off.

Here it is with all of the plastic sheeting put up and screwed down.

I secure the roof more with the brackets. The brackets are galvanized so they won't rust. I used a cordless drill to screw these in.

This is the spot/side where the water will run off. It's very slightly angled (not on purpose) so it makes it nice.I think if it wasn't already angled a little bit I'd stick some shims or some sort of riser under one side in order for it to have some kind of slope.

The dogs loved it. This acts as just a temporary shelter for them due to it's size. They get to stay inside during the night and in times of harsh weather.

Here's one last shot of the finished product. Way more sturdy than the tarp that was on there before.

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