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DIY Cub Cadet Trailer Flat Tire Change Out Simple Basic Tutorial [Cub Cadet Trailer Tire]

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

This cub cadet trailer had a blow out right around the valve stem and was beyond being able to patch it so it was time to remove the tire and put a new one on. I hadn't realized how easy this was to change out. I had a new tire on here with completely minimal tools and minimal effort.

I figured I'd turn the trailer on it's side (after emptying out the dirt) to allow for easy access and removal as well as putting it at more of a comfortable working height.

There is a cotter pin that holds the tire on that gets inserted through the hole in the axle.

It pulls out very easily without any tools. The washer will come off too.

Just pull up on the tire and it comes off. Set the pin and washer aside.

This is a shot of the axle without the tire attached to it.

This is the old tire that got removed.Since this one is not tubeless I should be able to replace the tube on it down the road so I'm hangin onto it since the tread is still good.

The new tire is just a little more narrow as they didn't have this exact one at tractor supply, however, they did have one that was very similar. It cost over $40 for the new tire, uggh!

The new tire slides on the same way that the old one came off. If the axle gets pushed down towards the other tire it's no big deal, just grab the axle and pull up on it. This will allow more thread protrusion from out of the tire hub.

I installed it with the valve stem towards the outside for easy access when it needs to be pumped up.

Install the washer and insert the pin and it's a done deal. Good to go!

Trailer is back in working order in a super short amount of time. If you just want to change the tube and not pay full price for a new tire, here is a paid amazon link to one:

2-Pack of Premium 15x6.00-6 Inner Tubes with TR-13 Valve Stem - For Riding Mowers/Lawn Mowers, Go-Karts/Go Karts, Golf Carts and More:

Here's what I did to fix my front tire on my XT2


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