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DIY How to Remove Those Old Baseboard Heaters

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Step by step tutorial instructions on how to remove baseboard heaters. Remove those old dangerous baseboard heaters that are notorious for causing housefires. One thing to think about when you are removing these baseboard heaters is how in the heck you are going to repair the drywall hole, properly secure the wiring, and ask yourself if you are going to upgrade them. I have a few videos on upgrades to new and safer baseboard heaters, however, I went for a couple years just using wood heat (which I thoroughly enjoyed) but eventually had to place new and upgraded baseboard heaters in their place. I made the upgrades safer by placing an additional thermostat control on the baseboard heaters themselves as an additional precaution. This leaves is a second switch or barrier that allows power to connect to the baseboard heater. I initially ended up removing the old ones as they very well nearly burned down the house as one of them seemed to come on automatically during one summer month. I questioned whether or not there was a ghost in this old house.

Adding the baseboard board heater mounted thermostats allows an additional layer of safety and control when it comes to baseboard heaters. The baseboard heater system used in this example was controlled only by a wall thermostat. You can step up or down the heat on each individual baseboard heater by using these. To install you need to make sure your power is off at the breaker. This video assumes you already have your baseboard heater installed. If you need to know how to do this, check out my video on it here: Now open up the panel on the side of the baseboard heater that is not being used for incoming house power. Snip the ends off both black wires as you will be connecting each of them separately to your thermostat. Strip the ends of the wires and connect them to your thermostat wires using wire nuts. Connect GREEN to GREEN, RED to BLACK, and BLACK TO BLACK. Once your wires are tightened together with your wire nuts and secure, place the cover back onto the thermostat. Now you are done.

Step by step directions on this DIY handyman work.

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