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DIY Installing Wall Mounted Baseboard Heaters

Here is how I installed these wall mounted baseboard heaters. Disclaimer: I am not an electrician. This is just a demonstration and explanation on how I did it. You should hire a certified electrician to perform your wiring for you.

Here is the box that the 24" baseboard heaters came in from Lowe's.

Here is the existing wiring that should be placed/secured and grounded to an electrical box

I turned off the breaker at the panel

I verified my voltage tester was working properly Here's a link to my video on how to use one:

I then double checked the wires to make sure the power was secured. Here's a link to a voltage tester on amazon (paid link):

I then unscrewed the electoral panel on the baseboard to expose the wiring

Unscrewed the wire nuts from the existing wires. Again, if your wires are not in an electrical box, they should be.

This removable tab I used for mounting and left it in place. There is one directly below it for routing the wires through.

I popped the lower tab with a flathead screwdriver and needle nose pliers (see below) by prying it out then ran the existing house wires through it.

As explained above can use flathead and/or needle nose pliers to accomplish this.

These are the two wires I snipped and stripped.

I just used a pair of electrical wire strippers to snip and strip these.

Once I snipped and stripped then I wound them in my fingers in preparation for combining/connecting them in a twist style plastic wire nut.

Before permanently wiring this I felt it was necessary to get it mounted. I was able to locate a stud for one portion but had to use a dry wall screw for the other. I made sure the baseboard heater was level then I made marked on the wall the two locations for mounting through the removable tabs (which I left in place).

This is the style of drywall insert screw that I used. I made sure to get it exactly flush with the wall.

Here's a shot of the insert in need of a dry wall screw.

I went ahead and secured the baseboard heater with my cordless drill permanently mounting it firmly to the wall.

This is how it looked after screwing it in. It won't hurt if you want to add extra screws to give it even more strength. Kids will sometimes step on these and break them loose from the wall if they aren't secured properly.

Not to connect the wires. It looks like a mess but it's not that complicated.

The pictures of the wiring here is self explanatory. I used wire nuts to tighten everything. Be advised, I am not an electrician and you should hire a certified electrician to properly do all your work.

Here's a little bit better of a shot. The copper wires are ground wires and get connected to the green wire.

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