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DIY Popular Clothing Washer and Dryer Installation Tutorials

Updated: Jan 5

Installing various models of washers and dryers can be somewhat of a challenge if you either have not done it before or have not installed either one of the in awhile. Often times new models will have modern features that can sometimes complicate things. No matter what, the set will generally be the same when it comes to the basics. In this article I will provide you with numerous demonstrations and explanations on various models of clothes washers and dryers in order increase the reader's knowledge of the subject matter.

Maytag Centennial Brand Clothing Dryer

If you remember, take a picture of the existing dryer plug on the wall so you know which type of plug to purchase if you plan on replacing it. Make sure before you leave the store that you have an electrical cord in which to connect this with as every dryer I have ever purchased does NOT come with the electrical cord with it. I'm guessing this is likely because there are quite a few different versions of plugs in each house for various types of dryers. You install the cord on this you will also need a Phillips screwdriver. I used my cordless drill when I performed this operation. In my "DIY Maytag Centennial Brand Clothing Dryer Installation Including Power Cord [Maytag Dryer Installation Tutorial" video I take you step by step through the process of making it happen. While you are setting up your new dryer it may be a good time to clean out the lint in the dryer's vent duct.

Cenipar Dryer Vent Hose-4 inch Ducting Vent Hose Flexible Aluminum Foil Non-Insulated (4 inch 8 feet) with 2 Clamps (paid amazon link):

DIY How to Remove & Clean Clothes Dryer Vent Ducting for Fire Prevention

In this DIY How to Remove and Clean Clothes Dryer Vent Ducting for Fire Prevention Video I take you step by step through this simple yet necessary process. Many fires are started every year from lack of cleaning of dryer vent ducts. Once this method and processed is used, your ducting will be just like new. The first thing to do is remove and replace the slinky looking aluminum vent that connects the dryer to the hard vent. This is usually accomplished by the loosening and removal of the large hose clamp, typically a flathead fastener.

Once I got this old dryer vent removed I used my shop vac and got the big stuff out. If you are not planning on disassembling the whole thing you need to be able to have enough shop vac hose to reach the full length of the whole vent run or at least enough so that you can reach the remaining distance from the outside or opposite side. In the case in the video I decided to remove the whole thing and actually replace the old vent with brand new stuff. The existing was at least 20 years old and was corroded, old and sagging. If you wanted to re-use the existing vent ducting and remove it for cleaning, bring it outside and blow it out with an air compressor. There is a good chance you'll still have some scum that won't readily blow out with an air compressor so you'll need to figure out how to manually remove it. Many times this can be done with a rag or some type of cleaning brush. If you don't remove the old scum and reinstall it, it will be a starting point for new dryer vent bi-products to accumulate reducing the time that you'll need to clean it out again. When reinstalling be sure that the seams are facing the direction of flow so it won't be a sticking point for debris to collect. Once you get your vent ducting run all cleaned out and re-assembled it will give you piece of mind that you've reduced the chances of a dryer vent duct fire.

Syurund Aluminum Air Ducting for HVAC Ventilation, Dryer Vent, 4 Inch x 6 Feet Flexible Air Duct for Heating and Cooling Ventilation and Exhaust (paid amazon link):

DIY Samsung Dryer Removal-How to Quickly Remove a Dryer

Here's how to quickly get rid of that old dryer. In my DIY Samsung Dryer Removal-How to Quickly Remove a Dryer [Samsung Dryer Removal Tutorial Basics] video I take you through the simple process on the basics of removing the old clothes tumbler.

SAMSUNG Brand Dryer with Steam Option-Install Tutorial Demonstration

This SAMSUNG Brand Dryer with the Steam Option is a great dryer and was purchased at Lowe's. While at the store be sure to purchase the correct dryer cord and the installation kit. These don't come with the purchase and need to be bought separately. Buy some teflon tape as well. No need to pay someone to do this as it's super easy to do yourself. The first step is getting it unboxed, into your house and into place. You'll typically need two people or a dolly. If you are really fancy you can put in on a custom made wooden foundation to place it on. Once in place, open up the installation kit and pull out the hoses and components. Hook a stainless steel braided hose to the cold spigot after wrapping with teflon tape. I tightened down the connection using channel locks. From that hose I installed the 'Y' connector provided in the installation kit. From that 'Y' on the cold line, one side is going to go to your dryer and the other to your dryer. All connections made with teflon tape to keep from leaking. Now take the longer hose with the 90 degree elbow on it and hook it to your dryer. The elbow side is what connects to the dryer. From the "Y' connector on the cold line, hook a hose from the 'Y' to your washer for cold water to the washer.

Now it's time to hook up the electrical portion. It's a good idea to take a picture or template of some sort with you of your dryer plug to the hardware store to make sure you buy the correct plug pattern unless you retained your old one and it's still serviceable.

Things to buy or have on hand for installation:

1. Dryer Cord

2. Installation kit

3. Channel Lock Pliars

4. Teflon Tape

5. Dryer Vent

6. Hose Clamp for Dryer Vent

So now that you have your water system all hooked up it's time for the electrical and vent which is really easy as well. Un-package your new dryer hose and hook up the three wires in the back of the dryer. You do this by unscrewing the sheet metal panel in the back. Hook the cord to the three terminals inside the panel and secure it. Be sure to install your safety clamp as a protective measure in case the dryer gets moved, it won't destructively pull the cord's electrical connections from the terminals resulting in a possible electrical fire. Now it's time for the vent. Fasten the dryer vent over the hard piped vent connection along with the hose clamp and fasten. Do the same with the connection as the dryer.

How to Set up an Electric Clothes Dryer in Singapore

This do it yourself "how to set up an electric clothes dryer in Singapore" video discusses the wiring and what you'll need.

Here's a paid amazon link: DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2):

DIY How to Wire a 15 Amp Plug Tutorial Demonstration-Dryer Plug Outlet [15A Plug Wiring]

Extreme caution must be taken when performing this DIY How to Wire a 15 Amp Plug Tutorial Demonstration-Dryer Plug Outlet. I recommend hiring a professional electrician to do this work. Do not try this yourself. This demonstration shows the process on wiring one up.

DIY How to Scrap Out Hotpoint Brand Clothes Dryer [Scrap out old Junk Dryer]

In my "DIY How to Scrap Out Hotpoint Brand Clothes Dryer Demonstration [Scrap out old Junk Dryer]" I disassemble this worn out not working dryer and wound up using the barrel for a fire pit. I used a couple of sockets, some tin snips and some diagonal cutters for the wires. This is kind of a "What's Inside?" kind of video as well.

Backyard Fire Pit built from Re-purposed Dryer Barrel

DIY Backyard Fire Pit built from Re-purposed Dryer Barrel. This was a fun redneck fire barrel backyard project. Keeps the coals in one place and looks cool at night. Also you get some points for repurposing something that may have gone to the landfill if you make one.. It started as an experiment but wound up being a real hit once it got seasoned. The first step was to buy a piece of crap junk dryer for way too much money that doesn't last long. Next is to gut the dryer and yank out the barrel. If you are into metal art and cut outs you can use the sheet metal from the outside of the dryer to cut patterns out of. All you need is some simple tooling to make this. I always find it helpful if I use my cordless drill but it's not a 100% requirement to make this happen. For the legs there was a fixture inside the dryer that worked perfect for affixing to barrel to act as the base to this thing. Always nice to have a fire pit for outdoor backyard fires. I started this fire in this with some cedar kindling and tossed a couple pieces of scrap pallet wood on there to get it going quickly. Then I put on some more dense pieces of firewood for the longer lasting burn.

DIY Dryer Vent Fire Safety Prevention | Two Methods To Minimize Dryer Lint Catastrophe

Check out this comprehensive tutorial on preventing dryer vent fires and minimizing the risk of a lint catastrophe in your home! Did you know that dryer vent fires are more common than you might think? This tutorial will equip you with two effective DIY methods to ensure your dryer vents stay clean and your home remains safe. discuss the importance of regular maintenance, signs that indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning, and safety measures to keep in mind throughout the process. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard your home against potential fire hazards caused by neglected dryer vents. Join in this informative tutorial to ensure your dryer operates safely and efficiently while minimizing the risk of a lint catastrophe. Don't let a preventable issue turn into a disaster—take control of your dryer vent safety today! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful DIY home maintenance tips and safety guides. Your safety is priority!


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