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SODASTREAM: How to Change Out a Soda Stream CO2 Bottle-Demonstration and Explanation [Soda Stream]

In the below pictures with explanations I show you the basic step by step method (tutorial) on how to change out your gas bottle inside the bubbly water dispenser. The steps are as follows:

1. Remove plastic wrapping around the neck of new bottle and plastic cap

2. Open sodastream dispenser from the back by pulling back and up on removable back panel

3. Unthread old bottle by turning to the left

4. Lift up on soda stream dispenser (and remove) leaving bottle flat on counter

5. Place new bottle in it's place flat on counter

6. Set soda stream dispenser back down on new bottle

7. Thread new bottle into dispenser

8. Replace rear removable panel (bottom in first, then snap upper part into/onto dispenser)

Pop your soda stream plastic bottle (filled to the line with fresh cold filtered water) into the dispenser and push button on top three times for about 1 second each push or just hold for 3 to 4 seconds.

Pull carbonated bottle out by bringing the bottom part of the bottle out utilizing the soda stream dispenser's lever system. Now it's ready to fill the next bottle. Enjoy.

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Here is the CO2 Sodastream dispenser. You know your old CO2 cartridge is low once the pressure becomes highly diminished and eventually stops giving you that crisp bubbly beverage.

Once you get your new Sodastream CO2 bottle, peel back the plastic from the top and remove it.

Then remove the plastic cap on top so it shows the brass threaded fitting.

Remove the back panel on the Sodastream dispenser.

Unthread the old bottle by turning it to the left.

It will unthread from the dispenser by hand, no tools needed.

Once you have it unthreaded the bottle stays in place and the Sodastream dispenser lifts off of the counter.

Pull the lightweight plastic dispenser up and over the CO2 cartridge.

The old bottle stays in place on the countertop and you now place the dispenser down onto the new bottle.

The new bottle will thread in place by hand. Be sure you get it nice and tight. If you find your CO2 doesn't work after assembly re-attempt this step ensuring you have good thread engagement and it's tightened all the way.

Place the back panel back onto the dispenser. The bottom clips in first then snaps over the top.

Get your cold Sodastream water ready in the your bottle by filling it up to the line and thread it onto the filling nozzle.

Press down three or four times on the priming button on top to make your carbonated water.

Unthread it and now it's ready to roll. Ahhhh!

Here's the full video below.


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