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DIY Unclog Kitchen Sink Drain in Singapore

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The Singapore under sink plumbing set up is different than what I've seen in the states for the most part. This set up is pretty nice in many ways but also seems to clog up more frequently than most of the standard US p-traps I'm used to dealing with. This is really nice in the sense that when it does clog up you just put your water catch basin under the sink and unscrew the receptacle, dump it out, and screw it back on. Really a great set up if you ask me. The problem I saw was that it leaked no matter how tight I tightened it by hand once it was full of food waste debris. Here's some good plumbing/unclogging tools to have: Amazon link to sink snake: Amazon High Pressure Nozzle with Shut off: Amazon Plunger: Amazon Unclogger/Grabber: Amazon Hemostats:

In this video I got through the steps on unclogging a bathroom sink. Many times the problem can be a super easy fix that will require you to get your hands dirty. This will save you a couple hundred bucks though. In the case presented in this video I was able to unclog this bathroom sink just using a pair of cheap hemostats. I'll post the link to some below but I must say, they are well worth what you may pay for them as they have many uses and I've used them to unclog numerous sinks over the years along with many other uses on various jobs.

Link to hemostats on amazon:

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