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I have a leak under my sink. What do I do?

It could either be the drain line coming from the sink drain or it could be a leaky water shut off valve. The two videos below show you how each one can be replaced and installed.

In my DIY Undersink Hot Water Shut Retro Valve Replacement with New 3-Way [Water Shut Off Valve Upgrade] I show you the steps I took to remove that old retro leaky valve that with a nice brand new one. The steps are really simple but if you aren't careful you can create a huge flood. Really it's all about making sure the water is turned off at the main shut off valve to the house and then when you finish the job making sure that there are for sure 100% no leaks. Not even a small drip as these can cause big moisture problems for you as well. I wanted to save the money on calling a Plummer and just decided to do it myself. If I can do it, you can too. One thing to do is to take a good picture of the existing one or even better (if you can) take the old valve with you to the store when you buy a new one to ensure the fittings will match up. I don't know how many times I've had to turn around and go back to the hardware store after buying the wrong size fitting.

Undersink Drain and P-Trap Configuration

Don't pay the plumber to come and do this for your. Do it your damn self and save a couple hundred bucks. Head to your local hardware store and pick up the easy to connect kit for a double sink drain. In this case I needed the drain plumbing that contained the dishwasher drain connection for my adjacent dishwasher as is the case for many houses. Hopefully watching this video you'll get an idea what you need. The parts are pretty cheap at Lowe's and Home Depot. There are many custom applications especially in old houses where you'll need couplings and reducers etc. This was the case in for this job. If you're striving to be a DIY-Technican, just take your time and make sure you make the correct cuts and connections based on your plumbing configuration. Good luck and happy plumbing. This also gives you an idea how the under-sink drain assembly goes together in case you have to take care of a leaky sink drain or P-trap.


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