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How to Safely Change a Tire | Beginner's Basic Tutorial

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In order to safely change a tire you'll need a tire iron and a jack. It is best to use a jack stand as well in case your jack fails. Many people get crushed every year by relying on their jack alone. If you absolutely must not use a jack stand than take all precautions to anticipate the vehicle coming down and the jack failing. This means keeping your body and all body parts out of the way between any part of the vehicle and the ground. The first step is to make sure the vehicle is on flat ground. To be super safe place two wheel chocks on both sides of any wheel that is not to be changed out. Loosen the lug nuts (with the lug wrench) on the wheel before jacking it up. Then jack up the vehicle with a jack using part of the vehicle's frame as closest to the wheel/tire you are changing out treating the situation as if the jack will fail, slide the jack stand under the frame so it's snug and will hold if the jack should fail. Finish loosening the lug nuts on the wheel and remove them and set the aside. Remove the wheel and plug the spare on. Hand tighten the lug nuts on the new wheel getting them as hand tight as possible in a star pattern. Carefully remove the jack stand and lower the jack. Now tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern. If you used wheel chocks remove those now. Drive slowly to the nearest tire service station to get your tire repaired as soon as possible. Don't drive on the spare for longer than necessary as it is only made to be used as a temporary crutch.

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