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I Spent Two Years in Singapore. Here's my Adventure.

COVID definitely put a damper on things but it didn't stop everyone from having a wonderfully adventurous time while experiencing many different cultures from around the world all located in one area. I learned so many things during my time there. It was very hot and humid, beautifully crazy rains at times, rare wild animals up close, great parks and trails, wonderful food variations, tours, hikes, biking, and fishing, all of which you get used to yet appreciate all at the same time. Many people have verbalized a fear of getting in trouble or getting caned while in Singapore. I tell them just don't be a jerk (don't fight, don't assault anyone, don't steal anything, don't drive drunk, etc.) and you will be just fine. Singapore is a very very safe country and in most of the city areas you will be on camera.

Botanic Gardens

These amazing creatures look like they live a life full of fun and games. I was lucky enough to come upon them while walking in Singapore's Botanic Garden. They start out by playing with a turtle who was giving them a run for their money. They weren't trying to eat the turtle as they could have if they really wanted to. You could see the turtle snapping back at them. Then they decide that it's time for some tag and playing hide and seek. I could watch these Otters all day. I was sure not to get too close to these cute and cuddly looking creatures as they are designed to rip flesh from bone so I made sure to give them their space. They appear to love the way the short cut grass feels on their pelts. There are many free things to do in Singapore if you just use your imagination a little bit. One of them is watching wildlife. During our time here we saw so many different types of animals we would have never been able to see had we not just gotten out and walked about in the countryside as well as the parks.

Singapore Nature Clips | Crocodile | Deadly Snakes | Tarantula | Lizards | Boar | Calugo | Monkey

Singapore Nature Clips features Crocodile from Sungei Bulow | Deadly Snakes | Tarantula from Upper Piece Reservoir road | Lizards from all over Singapore | Boar from Upper Thomson and Upper Seletar | Calugo from the Tree Top Walk and Monkeys from all over Singapore. There is so many cool and unusual wild animals to be seen here. Just don't get too close. There was even some giant fruit bats that come in one night and all hung up in a tree at the Upper Seletar Reservoir. Very neat to see and were quite vocal when it was time for them to get up. Kind of creepy looking though. Singapore has a very interesting history with some of the various animals being introduced here but also some of them being native to Singapore.

Here's some more info on Singapore (paid link):

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story - 1965-2000:

Tree Top Walk

This is one of our favorite hikes in Singapore. On this day we saw a lot of wildlife including a cool water monitor lizard right off the bat. I have also seen many different types of snakes on this route. I almost always see Monkey's up close as well. You can take the bus or MRT to a location close to any entry point on the tree top walk. The shortest walk to the tree top walk bridge is from the Venus car park area. You can get there from MacRitchie reservoir but the walk is a little longer, which is nice many times. There is no cos t for crossing the tree top walk bridge. There are dirt walkways but also many very nice raised walkways made of both wood and composite materials. The sounds and sights are beautiful.

Did Singapore Have to Fall?(paid amazon link)

Thomson Nature Park

Singapore always does a great job on their parks. Thompson nature park is a wonderful excursion into the real sounds and sights that the Rain Forest Cafe's reproduce in the states. It's very peaceful walking and running back in the Thompson Nature Park Jungle. I thought it was very neat how each section is labeled with a sign and blurb on the history of what was and is still there. It is in this park over the course of numerous trips (this was approx a mile from home), this is where I saw a king cobra, a python, and other snakes that I don't know the names of. You will see boars here as well as the largest bees nests you have ever seen. There are lots of monkeys and other critters you will cross paths with if you go here enough.

Automobile Card Reader ("IU") Not Working-Here's the FIX!

Also called an "IU" in Singapore. NEX Cashcard reader doesn't work? Mine didn't either. I figured out how to fix it after getting trapped. Twice!! People lining up behind me honking etc. What a mess. So I though at first maybe it was a problem with the card so I took my car home, hopped on my bike, rode down to the 7-11 store and topped up my cashcard at the OCBC ATM machine. I was baffled b/c it showed that I still had a decent balance on the card. I knew it had to be something with the reader. If your reading is working correctly, when you insert your card the green light will come on and it will display your remaining balance. If it's malfunctioning, like mine was, it will do nothing when you insert the card. So I traced out the wire to the fuse box inside the car. It was either apparently plugged into the wrong slot in the fuse box or the connection at that slot became corroded and no longer works. As soon as I plugged it into the next fuse insertion point over from it, it worked just fine and as it's supposed to. It can be a royal pain if this thing starts to not work and huge inconvenience. It may be a good idea to routinely check this before setting out anywhere in your car just avoid this from happening.

NOTE: I had to get this card reader replaced yesterday. The fix in this video did work for a few months but eventually it quit working. It still had power and showed "ON" on the LED digital display but wouldn't work when it came to being able to be read at Shopping Centers or Freeway tolls. I knew the card itself was good because I pulled the card out and inserted it manually into reader at car parks.

I took it to VICOM station and they had it fixed in under 20 minutes. They told me the reader spoiled. I got it fully replaced for free because the IU card reader was still under warranty.

Cheap Local Char Siew, Fresh Waffles and Kopi-Tough to Beat Hawker Stand Delicious Food

It's hard to complete with this wonder meal experience. Great food with a great date=). This is one experience you should have if you can ever visit Singapore. I'm telling you, the Char Siew here is wonderful and happens to be cheap. The whole ordeal is even better when shared with good company. This video is the Chicken Char Siew served with ramen style noodles in somewhat of a shallow broth. Other places here is Singapore that serve Char Siew are pretty good as well and each differ slightly in their own way but the fact that this gourmet meal is such a good is amazing. Now the waffles are themselves amazing too. These tantalizing treats are even better when paired with the local coffee at the Kopitiam. Makes for a great finisher after a good meal. These places are located at the Wysteria Mall in Yishun.

Singapore Hawker Classics Unveiled: Decoding 25 Favourite Dishes (paid amazon link):

Southern Ridges | Hiking Sightseeing-Henderson Waves & Mt. Faber

The highlight of this trip for me was...well Ok there were a few highlights. I got to see a green tree snake that had the most beautiful green color that I've ever laid eyes upon. I'm not a big fan of snakes but was just taken aback by the colors on this things. Henderson waves was also pretty cool. It's oddness in itself is something to see and the experience of crossing it is pretty cool as it spans across a large valley below. There is a nice breeze and nice sights to be enjoyed there.

Coast to Coast Trail via Bicycle and Coney Island

Take a look at what Singapore's Coast to Coast Trail looks like. I set out on a weekend day on my bike and pedaled the coast to coast trail. It was very interesting with many changing beautiful sights along the way. Although you can get lost if you aren't paying attention it is well labeled. Just follow the signs and the bike path. It's neat because you ride through many different towns. There are plenty of places to stop and either eat, drink, bathroom, or whatever along the way. Great ride to do. The bike paths are very clean and well kept up but you may want to take a spare tube and pump with you. There are a lot of cool structures and bridges to see. You may get lucky and see a water monitor or two or even some otters like I did as shown in the video. I rode all the way out to Coney Island which was really cool to see. I also want to recommend you bring a lot of water with you as it's usually very hot. Coney Island is very peaceful but it's bumpy and the possibility of a flat increases here. There were a lot of cool butterflies and birds on Coney Island. No hot dogs on this Coney Island. I stopped at a nice little place on the way home to have some fresh fruit and a beverage.

Fort Canning Park

Looking for an activity in Singapore? Don't miss this one. Lots of cool stuff to see here. You can also go to the Singapore National Museum right next to the park. Great sights and very nice walk. There is an MRT stop called "Fort Canning" which puts you right there.

Gardens by the Bay

This is a great activity if you are visiting Singapore. It provides a panoramic view of beautiful Singapore. Price of admission was $8 (SGD) for adults and $6 for kids. It gets a little scary for some when you are way up high and the wind starts to blow.

Bintan Island Indonesia By Ferry From Singapore

It's "Tanah Merah" not "Tanah Marsh" as misspellchecked in the video. The first step is to book your travel online. Recommend booking your hotel first then figuring out how you are going to get there. A great place to depart from Singapore is the Tanah Merah ferry terminal where you can purchase your ticket and await a ferry boat across the water to your island destination. This is a great spot to vacation to from Singapore. The prices aren't exactly as cheap as you might expect as they are geared towards tourism yet still a fun spot to go for a few days. Expect to pay a lot for the rooms and the food at the resorts here. One of the tricks to saving a little money on drinks and snacks is to call a cab from the resort and have them drive you to one of the nearby towns to pick up whatever it is that you would like to drink (maybe a case of beer) and some local snacks as well. There is another island nearby called Batan which often gets consfused with Bintan which is another option to visit. During this trip I was first exposed to how much a person can fit on one motorcycle including people. If you ever were to visit you will see what I mean. While this is commonplace to see for locals it seems quite outrageous and dangerous when first witnessed by westerners. There are various tours and activities to sign up for during the visit. I recommend steering clear of the beach quad rentals as it is very lackluster if you are a motorcycle rider. We did rent some street scooters while here that was mildly adventurous.

Upper Pierce Reservoir

This is a great little park with pretty reservoir views located along the Old Upper Thomson Rd. I've seen a ton of monkeys, tarantulas, snakes, boars, and water monitors. This is a great place to ride your bike, hike, or jog. You can drive your car through here too but don't stay too long after dusk as they will shut the gate on you and you'll be trapped inside, which I've seen numerous times as this was a place we often frequented. There are restrooms and drinking fountains available here as well as many benches to sit, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet. You will feel like you are far away from the big city when you visit here.

MacRitchie Reservoir

The beautiful MacRitchie Reservoir of Singapore should be on your "places to visit" list. Great place to log some fit bit steps and see some beautiful sights. Great place to hike. You can go partially around the reservoir or make the whole trip. You can go either direction around the reservoir as well. There is a fishing area but it's not very wide and I never saw anyone fishing there. Lot's of wild boars, monkeys and snakes to be seen here as well as huge monitor lizards. No bike riding on the track that goes around the lake however, you can ride your bike there and lock it up or ride it around the park area. Bathrooms, water fountains, and places to sit and picnic are all available here.

Orchard Road to Clark Quay and River Boat Tour

Paid for $12 tour. Very happy with tour. Got to see everything and got let off at the lion fish exhibit. Great tour for a good price. So many things to do and see in Singapore especially since it's perpetual summer!! Clark Quay is pronounced "Clark Key". This was a really cool tour for a fairly decent price. You get to take a trip up the Singapore River and see many of the Singapore's famous attractions. It's a nice and relaxing tour narrated by English speaking tour guide over loudspeaker. We had so much fun we did it twice. This is one to definitely sign up for and go do. You go past Singapore's famous Merlion water fountain and many other things. The boarding site contains a lot of places to eat and drink as well as walk and hike during all times of the day.

St. John's and Lazarus Islands

First you need to go to Marina South Pier in order to catch a boat to St. John's Island which is just of the coast of Singapore and actually belongs to Singapore. The day we went it rained like a son of a gun. Once we got to Marina South Pier there food selection somewhat scarce so we settle for some fried food after purchasing our tickets. If you are taking this day trip to St. Johns be sure to pack yourself a bunch of extra water and some food as there are no food options once you get out to the island except for coconut or anything else you can forage for. If you didn't pack anything from home you can purchase some items at the local little convenience store there before you leave. If you have time you can walk around the area and along the waterfront to check out the area. The ships leave every couple hours so you may have some time to kill before you leave. This was a very pleasant trip out there. Lazarus island is also known as cat island as you will see a bunch of stray cats around there. I bet they don't have a rodent problem here. Really cool tour and day trip to take. I saw some fisherman catching some nice grouper from the shore.

How To Get To Singapore's St.John’s and Lazarus Islands

First you need to go to Marina South Pier in order to catch a boat to St. John's Island which is just of the coast of Singapore and actually belongs to Singapore. The day we went it rained like a son of a gun. Once we got to Marina South Pier there food selection somewhat scarce so we settle for some fried food after purchasing our tickets. If you are taking this day trip to St. Johns be sure to pack yourself a bunch of extra water and some food as there are no food options once you get out to the island except for coconut or anything else you can forage for. If you didn't pack anything from home you can purchase some items at the local little convenience store there before you leave. If you have time you can walk around the area and along the waterfront to check out the area. The ships leave every couple hours so you may have some time to kill before you leave. This was a very pleasant trip out there.

Coconutting Adventure on Lazarus Island

Talk about a great wild adventure. We hiked, swam in nearly clear water, white sands, hot sunny weather, palm trees, and amazing tasting freshly harvested coconuts. We had an amazing day out here drinking the warm sweet milk obtained out of our hard to get coconuts. We climbed trees and shucked some delicious coconuts. I tell you what, if you get the chance you should go out and take a trip to this island. If you are prone to sun burn you will need sun screen for sure. It gets roasting hot out here. The water was absolutely gorgeous for swimming and snorkeling. All kinds of different fish species to see as well. Bring a sharp and robust knife if you plan on picking and shucking coconuts. It's hard work getting at the meat and milk of these things but well worth the effort. Be sure to keep an eye on the time as you could find yourself spending the night here (not a bad option though) if you miss the last ferry out of there back to Singapore.

Hawker Stand Coffee and Bike Ride thru Residential

This Hawker stand Kopey (or Kopi) Shop has the BEST coffee you'll ever have. Kopey y susu!! Hawker center coffee shops are the best. Cannot beat the price either. Each one has its own local characteristics and unique character but all have outstanding coffee. I prefer the his over Starbucks by far. You can get just black coffee or coffee with just sugar or add some condensed milf for the best taste (probably not the best for you) but it sure is delicious and gives you good caffeine charge. You can also order it on ice which is what many people do b/c it hot here most of the time. It's fun too to just take a ride through the neighborhood to check stuff out and see (san talk to) the neighbors.

World's First Salmon ATM is in Singapore-Great Value and Tasty Norwegian Salmon

Three Simple Steps:

1. Type in double digit number on pinned

2. When prompted, run credit card (this is credit card only, no cash)

3. Listen for the "thump" and remove salmon from lower door

Singapore has a salmon atm machine for a decent price. Had to to try it. Cooked it up the next day after letting it thaw in the fridge. Was very fresh tasting and top notch. No bones either. Will be purchasing more. This one was the first one (located at Wisteria Mall) but I'm told there at around 10 more at various locations around Singapore but have not layed eyes on them myself as of yet. Highly recommend you give this a shot.

Right next to this cool salmon dispensing machine is a fresh orange juice squeezer. This will give you the best and freshest cup of orange juice you've ever had, aside from squeezing it from oranges yourself.

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Out of all the places in Singapore this place is probably the closest to us. We resided at Dala Vale in the Springleaf nieghborhood (Yishun) and go up here quite a bit. Many many memories to be gained up here from getting caught in crazy down pouring rains to seeing so much different wildlife such as monkeys, boars, snakes, giant fruit bats, and flying lemurs (calicos). Great place to go. You can hike up there and climb the tower for some great views. People bring their dogs up here, parrots to show off and fly around, wedding pictures and remote control vehicles. There is a small golf course down the hill from the water reservoir that has a nice driving range that we checked out a few times.

My First Time Driving a Truck In Singapore

In Singapore a truck is called a Lori (Lorey, Lorry, Lory, etc.) and I've seen it spelled a bunch of different ways during my time over there. For a westerner expat driving for the first time on the opposite side of the road can be a little intimidating but once you get out and practice a little bit, it's quite easy. The drivers here are just like anywhere else with some people being very patient and others not so patient. I did end up getting a ticket for $300 about a year after this was filmed for accidentally running a red light. The yellow lights in Singapore don't stay yellow for as long as the one's in the US do so be careful because you will get a ticket in the mail if you are caught trying to run a red light either on purpose or on accident. They make it really hard to contest a ticket but equally as easy to pay your fines if you owe some.

Buying a Whole Chicken at Grocery Store

When you buy a whole chicken from the grocery store in Singapore, you get what you pay for. You get the WHOLE chicken. Well, almost the whole chicken. The whole chicken minus the guts....but you get everything else! Ahhhh. you will be surprised if you are used to getting whole chickens that are beheaded with the feet chopped off. They are tucked in nice and tight so it's not readily apparent with the protein source that you are getting the head, beak, and feet. You may have to pluck a small feather or two (it actually looks like some small hairs). The chicken cooks up very nicely. Many folks here would scold you for removing the head and feet as it can be considered wasteful. Not that it's expensive, but you get the whole chicken. These whole chickens that are sold here are a nice addition to your menu especially if you are living a ketogenic (Keto diet) lifestyle. It can be tough to live a low carb lifestyle in the asian countries as noodles and rice are a food staple but these whole chickens can be a savior. I like to bake these in the oven after coating with butter and seasoning them. They turn out juicy and flavorful. Chicken is nice b/c you can just season them with salt and pepper and then if you desire you can dip in your favorite sauce or none at all. Many times I'll use Frank's Red hot or equivalent as a source of extra flavor for dipping sauce especially if I'm following a low carb program. Compared to the states these whole chickens are not too much more expensive. I will say they are not as plump or as big. Can't tell you exactly why this is but they taste just as good if not better.

What does Singapore Money Look Like?

Ever wonder what Singapore's currency looks like. I'll show you. The sing dollar or Singapore Dollar (SGD) today is 1.36 SGD per each U.S. dollar. Many places in Singapore will accept American dollars but many will not. You can use visa in many places but overall it's best to use SGD's for transportation, meals, etc.

How much is a dollar worth in Singapore

A dollar in Singapore won't get you very far in Singapore as the cost of living is quite expensive as it's a beautiful place. The currency conversion rate fluctuates much like other countries such as Japan and the Yen. Some common questions regarding Singapore dollar currency are as follows:

How much is a dollar worth in Singapore?

What is the conversion rate?

How do I convert USD to SGD? Visit the airport or mall in Singapore.

Where can I cash my USD to make SGD? (Malls and Airports in Singapore)

SGD conversion?

What is the foreign currency conversion rate?

How easy is it to convert my home country money?

What do Singapore dollars look like?

Can I convert currency and Changi Airport? (Yes you can).

How much is $100 (one hundred dollars) in Singapore? Depends on the day.

Is Singapore dollar a strong currency? Yes

What is the currency in Singapore? (Singapore Dollar also called SGD)

Why is the Singapore Dollar so strong? (They have a strong market)

What is the official currency in Singapore? (SGD)

Indian Food Breakfasts In Singapore

I had Indian food only once in America before going to Singapore. I couldn't stand it possibly because I was young and picky while raised on the standard American diet. I now absolutely love Indian food. For me when I first got there, a friend of mine invited us out to an Indian resturaunt. That was a game changer. Indian food is probably overall the best food I've ever eaten and I can't believe what I've been missing out on this whole time. It's truly amazingly tasty. There is a whole selection (menu) on which to choose from and it varies from which part of India the people cooking the food are from. Me and my whole family just loved going out for Indian food while we were in Singapore. If you've ever been to San Diego you know that all Mexican food is not created equal. This is the same principal for Indian food in Singapore. The chicken bryani from one place varies greatly from one place to another. We never had bad Indian food the whole time we were there.

Malayan Flying Lemur

It was amazing to be able to see such an odd looking creature up close. Having never heard of one or even seen one before we initially thought this cool thing was a huge bat. They are so camouflaged that it's easy to walk right past while you may just chalk it up to being part of the tree. Word has it that these are very rare to see in Singapore. I believe it b/c after spending many many hours in the outdoors, this is the first we'd ever had the fortune of seeing one.

Salted Egg Sotong

If you haven't had salted egg anything, you MUST try it! My favorite is called Salted Egg Sotong. Sotong is fried squid. It's like the same shape and texture of onion rings but BETTER! Combine it with some green chili's and some red sauce and you're in heaven. Great splurge food especially when paired with an ice cold Asahi. This cool joint is great because you sit outside and can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and partake while taking in the breeze and smells of the various foods being cooked and served. Great local place for a decent price. In Singapore, Salted Egg is becoming a common flavor for different things such as chips, fish skins, etc. It sounds a little odd at first but give it a shot and you can go ahead and thank me later. This little corner joint, Wong Chiew's, serves many different dishes and I haven't had a bad meal there. Great service at a decent price with a definite local feel. It's open almost 24-7 and people are seen eating breakfast there as well, which I haven't personally experienced yet. I have to say they serve the best sweet and sour chicken and dim sum I have ever had. Served fresh and steaming. Absolutely delicious.

Sungei Buloh

This place was really neat to visit. A place like this would never fly in the United States I believe because I guarantee there would be someone trying to get too close to one of these wild crocodiles and get eaten. These things are seriously no joke and you CAN actually get dangerously close to wild crocodiles. During our day trip here we saw numerous crocs basking in the sun but also some in the water as well as being camouflaged by laying still and blending in with the underbrush. There were a couple of people we talked to that frequented this place on a regular basis who were carrying sticks. This is in case one of them charged you could keep them at a distance using a walking stick at least long enough to get away. We never felt endangered at all though while visiting here and were actually quite fascinated. Glad we did this one, it's worth the trip.

Monitor Lizard

I've never been this close to a Singapore water monitor lizard before!! So cool. This guy was rooting around in the mud for some tasty treats to eat and allowed me to capture him in action. I could have watched him all day as they are very fascinating and resemble dinosaurs. These things can actually run super fast. This up close video showed me how big the claws are on them. They are great swimmers as well.

IKEA in Alexandra

Take a little tour through the IKEA in Alexandra Singapore. The pricing in IKEA is about the same as it is in the US and the selection is about the same. The food here is really good too if you want to take a food break during your shopping. We ended up purchasing quite a few things from here for furnishing our house. The best time to visit is during the weekdays as the weekends are very busy.

Unique Water Tractor of Singapore’s Seletar Reservoir

The weeds grow so fast here in the reservoir that a bunch of these cool water tractors operate all day on cleaning the weeds out. Unique and neat looking machines. I've never seen machines that do this task before in my life. It's pretty darn neat to see these things in action. Singapore appears to be operating these things almost every day of the week to keep up with the weed growth.

Thirsty Beautiful Wild Reticulated Python Sighting

While out for a walk along the canal that is a tributary to the lower Seletar Reservoir near the Springleaf area of Yishun, Singapore, this thirsty python stopped for a drink before slithering off into the jungle. If you stay in Singapore long enough you will eventually see quite a few various species of snakes. Most of the sightings that I've had have been in the various parks but some of them have also been right in residential neighborhoods. Singapore is a great place to see up close and personal wildlife that many expats have not been exposed to.

How to go from Singapore to Malaysia using Public Transportation

We decided to visit Malaysia from Singapore through one of two possible crossings. There is the Tuas crossing and Woodlands. In order to most easily walk (bus) across for us was to take the Woodlands crossing. It was quite involved on getting across. You need your passport and other ID as well as some Malaysian money. They do accept USD and SGD but it's nice to have the local currency upon arrival. We had a pretty good time exploring the area but form our area in Springleaf it was an all day event. People with vehicles have it a quite a bit easier although if you go during busy crossing times you may have to wait hours to get across.

The steps are simple. Don't forget your passport before you leave your house.

1. Take a the MRT to the Woodlands stop

2. Go to the Bus Interchange

3. Take Bus 950

4. Get off 950 to leave Singapore through customs

5. Get on Bus 170 across the Bridge.

6. Get off Bus 170 to go through Malaysia customs

7. Follow the signs to JB Central

Universal Studios

Singapore's Universal Studios is not too bad. Having been to Universal Studios in California a few different times I feel like I'm qualified to make the comparison between the two. Overall the one in California is better. That being said the one here in Singapore was a quite a bit of fun and if you'd never been to one outside of Singapore than you'd never know the difference. There are plenty of rides and of course as expected great shows along with expensive food as is the case with all theme parks no matter where you go. I will also say that we sent our kids here unaccompanied by adults on numerous occasions. This is one of the nicest things about Singapore is that your kids are 99% safe here. Most people in Singapore will actually look out for kids and you don't have a worry about something bad happening to them when compared to larger western cities. We got them a year round pass and they were just able to take a grab there and spend the day having a blast. If you want to spend some extra money and avoid the lines, you can purchase a fast pass and just keep riding ride after ride. Lots of cool things to see.

Singapore’s Incredibly Amazing Delicious Indian Food

When visiting Singapore you'll find you have many many wonderful choices of food to pick from. I highly recommend you try the Indian food here. It's absolutely delicious and has quite the variety. I can rant and rave all day long how darn good this is. Once I tried it I felt like I'd been missing out all these years. The various Naan breads, prata (various spellings of this), curries, rogan josh, chicken biryani, butter chicken, various vegetables, yellow rice, and many other delicious dishes that I didn't mention here. They are vary in taste and style depending on which Indian food restaurant you visit. Banana Leaf and Rubinah's is always a favorite and is delicious but we never had a bad Indian food meal when trying many various different restaurants.

Palau Ubin Island Adventure

You will definitely want to put this on your places to visit list. We've gone here at least 5 or 6 times. There is a lot to do out here on this mysterious island called Palau Ubin. It's got a really neat history which I will not attempt to capture here. During our visits here we've rented mountain bikes ( I recommend bringing your own if you can), hiked, and did sightseeing. You can actually camp overnight on the beach if you are feeling brave. There is a very cool area containing a pond that houses hundreds of friendly turtles that like to swim right up to you to be possibly fed some turtle snacks. Almost every time we went we saw some wild boars. There have been numerous cobra sightings there as well. We would typically park at Changi Villiage or take a grab there and then hop on one of the cool little ferry boats across the water to the island.

Monkeying around in Singapore

High voltage monkey. Thought this was a cool shot with the monkey sitting on the high voltage sign. These awesome care free primates have found a way of life among the humans here in Singapore. Always fun to see them. We would see quite a few of them on a regular basis on Old Upper Thomson Road, the tree top walk, McRitchie Reservoir, Pierce Reservoir area and many others. The first few times seeing them or even during the first year in Singapore they are just fascinating to sit and watch. They are really smart and employ tactics to steal food. Was very fortunate to have such close encounters with these cool animals.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Singapore

This scenic place was one of the closest to our dwelling near the Springleaf area and we visited this most beautiful area on a regular basic. There is an extensive paved area for walking, running, biking, fitness, kids fun, sprinklers/fountains for kids, and bathrooms. Great place to come and enjoy. During our time here a crocodile was spotted and the wonderful Singapore administration cordoned off the area until they caught the deadly monster. It was really cool when this was happening b/c all of the sudden we visited the area and could'n't get near the shore but soon found out why in the news. Once they baited and caught the croc they opened it all back up again. We caught a lot of big peacock bass here. What a riot that was too catching those beautiful bass. Lot's of good comrades on the dock sharing their secret to catching them. Bring sunscreen if you are in the least bit fair skinned. We loved this place so if you are able to to...give it a visit and if you do you'll likely be back. Lots of good places to sit and even meditate if that is your thing too.

30 Fun Things to do while in Singapore

Great list of 30 great activities you can do while in Singapore. Singapore offers a ton of great activities and the weather is almost always nice. Even when it rains it's nice and warm.

1. Ride your scooter

2. Bike Riding

3. Visit the zoo

4. Visit the night safari

5. Try out different coffee shops

6. Try Sotong (and other different foods)

7. River boat tour of Singapore River

8. Go swimming/floating

9. Visit Marina Bay Sands Hotel

10. Visit Little India

11. Go to the wet market

12. Try eating at different Hawker centers

13. Go get an ice cream cone or peanut butter waffle

14. Go prawning

15. Go fishing

16. Go see a movie

17. Walk on the beach

18. Go to the mall

19. Get a foot massage or whole body massage

20. Go to the formala one races

21. Visit Tiger beer brewery

22. Get a pedicure

23. Go for a run

24. Monkey watching

25. Visit the Singapore museum

26. Ride the MRT across the island

27. Visit Pulau Ubin

28. Visit Lazarus and St. John's islands

29. Visit Bukah Time

30. Visit Malaysia

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Does It Rain a Lot in Singapore?

Want to know if it rains a lot in Singapore? Contrary to the video it's actually quite nice and pleasant the majority of the time. The stormy rain is a welcome change and occurs almost daily for many months. The lighting and thunder is incredible here, like nothing anywhere else. I got caught in the rain quite a few times and the nice thing is that the rain isn't freezing rather it's quite warm.

Showcasing some of Singapore's Delicious Food

From the hawker stands to the fancy restaurants. From baby octopus and cereal prawns to chicken rice. Here's a little bit of everything as far as Singapore's food goes. I will say that the chicken rice is very tasty at almost every hawker center you can get it at in Singapore and the sauce varies from place to place. The Indian food has become my favorite food with so many different options to choose from I could eat it every day. Cereal prawns are also to die for if you get a chance to try those. We also grew to love the char siew (spelling varies depending on location). While housing and transportation (personal vehicle) costs are outrageous they have been able to keep the food prices down at the hawker centers and other place. Don't get me wrong, if it's chili crab you want, you are gonna have to dig deep into that wallet or purse. Be sure to try the Laksa too. It's a local dish and is quite delicious.

Little India

This is a really fun activity to go sample some good Indian food as well as do some shopping for various rarities. You can take the MRT from nearly anywhere you are at in Singapore and arrive right in the heart of Little India. You can make a day out of this if you are ever looking for an activity.

Singapore National Museum

The cost of the museum tickets was around $15 each. You can take the MRT and arrive very close to this cool museum. This is a great place to visit and provides some great history on Singapore. This is a relaxing learning activity great for the whole family. It gives some insight on the names behind various towns, roads, and buildings named after famous discoverers and contributors to Singapore's progression.

Night Safari

This is a great bonus to the night time Singapore Zoo Night Safari. Highly recommend going on the Night Safari. I will say, it's best if you purchase this as an add-on in addition to your afternoon zoo visit. This way you can visit the zoo all afternoon, then attend the night safari afterwards which lasts under an hour and is done via wheeled tram. Very cool nocturnal animal exhibits!

How to Ride Singapore's MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

This is one of the first things to learn when you get here. It's very easy and Singapore has a wonderful public transportation infrastructure. Here's how to you do it! You will first need to obtain a hard card which looks like a credit card, also known as an MRT card. You keep this card in your purse or wallet after you put money on it from your bank account. There are machines at each of the MRT stations in which to do this. Once you do it one time you'll see how easy it is and now you're an expert. Just like riding the subway or rail car in the United States, you swipe your card when you enter the turnstile and swipe out when exiting after arriving at your destination.

Singapore Zoo Chimpanzee Exhibit

This was so neat to see. These smart and amazing chimps were letting their personalities show during afternoon feeding time. What a great show they put on. The zoo keepers did a great of job of getting them to signal for more food and we laughed so hard at all of their antics. They look like they are being well taken care of and having fun. If you visit Singapore's zoo be sure to stop by this exhibit around feeding time at all possible.

Are there Gecko Lizards in Singapore?

There sure are! These little guys run all over the place. Our first encounter with a few of them was while dining outdoors at a local eatery and one fell from the roof onto the table and caused quite a commotion followed by much laughter. The really cool lizards are pre-historic looking are their older sibling, the monitor lizard.

Wild Frog Caught in Singapore

One of the neat things about arriving and starting to explore Singapore is to keep track of how many different animals you get to see in the wild. One of them was this cool frog that crossed our path while out walking.

What does Singapore Money Look Like?

Ever wonder what Singapore's currency looks like. I'll show you. The sing dollar or Singapore Dollar (SGD) today is 1.36 SGD per each U.S. dollar. Many places in Singapore will accept American dollars but many will not. You can use visa in many places but overall it's best to use SGD's for transportation, meals, etc.

How much is a dollar worth in Singapore (in US dollars)?

A dollar in Singapore won't get you very far in Singapore as the cost of living is quite expensive as it's a beautiful place. The currency conversion rate fluctuates much like other countries such as Japan and the Yen. Some common questions regarding Singapore dollar currency are as follows:

How much is a dollar worth in Singapore?

What is the conversion rate?

How do I convert USD to SGD? Visit the airport or mall in Singapore.

Where can I cash my USD to make SGD? (Malls and Airports in Singapore)

SGD conversion?

What is the foreign currency conversion rate?

How easy is it to convert my home country money?

What do Singapore dollars look like?

Can I convert currency and Changi Airport? (Yes you can).

How much is $100 (one hundred dollars) in Singapore? Depends on the day.

Is Singapore dollar a strong currency? Yes

What is the currency in Singapore? (Singapore Dollar also called SGD)

Why is the Singapore Dollar so strong? (They have a strong market)

What is the official currency in Singapore? (SGD)

What do the Snails look like in Singapore?

Just like all the wildlife and vegetation, most of it's more robust than the western part of the world. We saw a lot of these huge snails crossing the sidewalk during our hikes and rides in Singapore. My son used to move them out of the way by hand to make sure none of the passersby crushed them. This short video clip shows a beautiful looking Singapore snail found near some outdoor steps.

What does the Singapore Flag Look Like?

The Singapore flag is Red and White colored with the Cresnet Moon on it and 5 stars. What does the crescent moon and 5 stars represent? The crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascent. The five stars represent Singapore's 5 ideals of democracy, peace, equality, justice and progress.

Prawn Fishing (Prawning)

Go prawn fishing (pawning) in Singapore. Get your catch of the day and take home some fresh seafood prawns. There are at least two prawn fishing locations in Singapore. Somewhat cheap and fun to do. You can buy beverages there as well while you fish such as beer, soda pop, juice, etc. You can also bring your grill or charcoal along and grill them up right on location! Pretty cool and a unique experience. Orto in Yishun is a great place to do this but also there is a place in Sembawang (that's where this video was shot).

How much is Beer in Singapore?

Beer in Singapore can vary in price quite a bit depending on where you go. At the local Hawker centers they range anywhere from 7 to 8 Singapore dollars. Usually they give you a nice frosty mug which doesn't last too long due to the hot climate but it does keep your beer nice and cold for a new minutes longer. The price increases as the fancier of restaurant or venue you go to. Tiger is pretty good. You can always find Carlsborg and Asahi and many of the places. If you want microbrews, there are a few places around that serve those. One of my favorites is little island brewery in Changi. They have all kinds of different beers you can sample but most of the time at all of your local food hawker centers you'll find the common microbrew beers.

Singapore 7-11 Stores

Could this possibly be the world's smallest 7-11? Although there were a few differences from 7-11's in other places, they did have one flavor of slurpy here, which was green apple. Looks like they normally have two flavors but the other one was out of commission. When I shot this video I'd never seen a smaller 7/11 store, however, after travels in Singapore there are even smaller ones. You will find a somewhat different (from western 7/11's) selection in products and flavors here which is really neat.

Is Tap Water in Singapore Safe?

Many people unfamiliar with Singapore have this same question. The tap water in Singapore not only tastes better than most other places in the world, it meets all drinking water requirements. Like many other things in Singapore, the water here is completely safe. We did end up getting a water purifier just for good measure but were not really prompted to do so for any other reason. We drank the water for a couple years and it was just fine.

Is there a Skateboard Park in Singapore?

There are some skateparks in Singapore. This one is very cool and is location in the town of Somerset close to the MRT station. Somerset is a very cool part of Singapore. There's extensive shopping here and has at the feel of an inner-city except that it's safe and family friendly. There is a really nice skatepark by Changi Village too which is not shown in this video.

Are There Beaches In Singapore?

There are some nice beaches in Singapore. The one shown here in the video is Sentosa beach. I recommend this one. It's very hot nearly year round and swimmable.

Are there Wild Monkeys in Singapore?

Wild Monkeys in Singapore???? There sure are. The main places I've seen them are in a lot of the parks and reservoir areas such as McRichie and Pierce Reservoirs. You are almost guaranteed to see them on the tree top walk as well as Old Upper Thompson Road. Just don't feed them as it's not good for them and the fine is huge!!

Beaulieu House Restaurant in Sembawang

Super tasty Beaulieu House Restaurant in the town of Sembawang Singapore. Excellent food and great service!!! They have delicious cereal prawns and just about every kind of delicious Singaporean food you'd ever want. Stop by here and check out this great spot to eat with a water view and cool victorian style atmosphere. There are a lot of great places to dine in Singapore but this one deserves an honorable mention.

Legrove Serviced Apartments

My month long stay here at Legrove Serviced Apartments In Singapore-32 Orange Grove Ave was a good one. Housekeeping came almost everyday except for holidays and weekends. Breakfast was served Monday through Thursday. The espresso is wonderful (two machines available). They were very flexible on extending my stay on a week to week basis. I recommend a stay here. They charged $150 Singapore dollars a night for a single studio serviced apartment which is a really good price for expensive Singapore. It's a 10 minute walk from Orchard but even better it's only a 10 minute walk from the much less crowded Tanglin Mall which wound up being my favorite due to the great variety there and less crowds. Also only a 10 minute walk to the Botanical Gardens and about a 12 minute walk to the MRT station. Great place to stay and would recommend anyone stay there. They also have 2 and 3 bedroom serviced apartments as well.

LiteFuze Brand Step Up and Step Down Transformer

This is very important you pick at least a couple of these up prior to your arrival (or ask to make sure they have them where you are staying) unless you want to pay more than you normally would for one if you can even find one. The power outlets are very different in Singapore than in the U.S. so you're appliances, lamps, TV's etc. will NOT work unless you plug it into one of these. We were blindsided by this upon initial arrival and so much so that we were not able to charge our phones right away and you definitely need a phone in Singapore. You will need one of these in Singapore if you plan on running your 110V lamps, drills, toasters, coffee makers, hair dryers, etc. One place to buy them is from amazon.

BBQ Gas Grill Regulator Replacement- USA to Singapore Simple Conversion

This step by step demonstration shows you how to convert your US gas grill for use in Singapore as well as just showing you how the whole set up goes down and works. The propane bottles have different connections in Singapore, therefore, take a totally different low pressure regular.

Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain in Singapore | No P-trap Under Sink

The Singapore under sink plumbing set up is different than what I've seen in the states for the most part. This set up is pretty nice in many ways but also seems to clog up more frequently than most of the standard US p-traps I'm used to dealing with. This is really nice in the sense that when it does clog up you just put your water catch basin under the sink and unscrew the receptacle, dump it out, and screw it back on. Really a great set up if you ask me. The problem I saw was that it leaked no matter how tight I tightened it by hand once it was full of food waste debris.

Cambodia Motorbike Adventure in Siem Reap

One of the great things about Singapore is that it's in a great location to home base out of in order to tour the various asian countries.We were able to easily visit Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Japan. This was a great day out in Cambodia's countryside getting a peek at the local lifestyle with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide named Slim. We did a full day trip and it was worth every penny. We covered a ton of area. If you like to ride motorbikes, this is the trip for you. The company does offer a dirt bike trip but this is a little more mellow as you cruise around on semi automatic Honda 150 motorbikes. We got to see how rice was grown and harvested, local farms, painters, blacksmithing, lakes, streams, orchards, red dirt quarries, eat local food, local drinks, and much more. When we were done we were left with smiles. If I ever come back, there is no question I'll be calling these guys for either a dirbike tour or multi-day mountain tour. One of the coolest things is also getting to see the hidden temples in the jungle. No crowds, no fees, yet still getting to experience setting foot on and exploring ancient ruins. We got to also visit a real life distillery on a farm where they also make rice whisky. It was also neat to see all of the water buffalo along the way. Riding motorbikes is fun in the states but this is really a topper being able to do so much exploring and sightseeing on them. (Oh also, don't forget to tip your tour guide at the end of the day.) We stopped for lunch at a nice and clean local resturaunt. Slim recommended I get the loke lock. I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong but it was delicious. I want to say that we didn't decide to do this until the last minute and Mr Po Hay made last minute arrangements to pick us up and get us outfitted with helmets and bikes. Once we were done he gave us free beers then drove us back to our hotel. Wow. Top notch. Mr. Po Hay is incredibly warm and friendly. 100% recommend you and your family call him. You will thank me later=). Here's his info. Mr. Po Hay-Cambodiamotorbikeadventures in Siem Reap.

Krabi Thailand Private Longboat Rental- Island Adventure Tour

Check out the magical Krabi Thailand Private Longboat Rental- Island Adventure Tour; Chicken Island + Tub and Poda Island.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia. The city of Serangan's Turtle Conservaton and Education Center. So glad we stopped in here for a visit. What a great organization for sea turtle conservation and education. If you visit Bali, make sure to stop by here. You'll likely only spend about 30 to 45 minutes here and it's free! You can visit this on your way up to Ubud.

Takeishi Park along Japanese Coast

Takeishi Park along Japanese Coast was beautifully scenic and peaceful. Rode my bike all the way here from Yokosuka. Great trip.

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