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Japanese Household Appliances and How to Operate Them

Updated: May 3, 2023

How to Operate a Japanese Hitachi Brand Washer | Kanji Translation and Tutorial | Alleroff Model

I was so confused at first but once I used the translator app I was able to figure out the different functions of these so I thought I'd pass along the information just in case someone else had the same problem. Worked like a charm once I got it figured out and was very pleased.

Japanese Hitachi Air Conditioner and Heater Unit

This was important to get this unit running and operating correctly as it was very hot during this time.

Japanese Can Opener Operation | What one is and what it looks like

What a Japanese Can Opener Looks Like and How to Operate it. What is a Japanese Can Opener? What does a Japanese Can Opener Look like? Made in Japan Can Opener that is also a bottle opener as well as folding corkscrew for your corks.This cool multifunctional "made in Japan" can opener/bottle opener is awesome but not easily recognizable to the foreigner's eye.This cool multifunctional "made in Japan" can opener/bottle opener is awesome but not easily recognizable to the foreigner's eye. Awesome multitool to have in the kitchen. Cheap too.

One cool thing about buying something that is actually made in Japan is that more times than not it is of considerably quality especially when you compare it to a similar device or item that is made in China. If it's made in China it's guaranteed not to last and quite possibly could fail even before you use it for it's intended purpose or even worse. This comes not from any outside influenced opinions, just purely from experience. This wonderful made in Japan Can Opener has a bottle opener on one side and a can opener on the other as well as a foldable corkscrew. Great tool to have in the kitchen.

Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat Operation

This fine appliance will leave you walking away with a little pep to your step and a clean slate. The makers of this finely operating precision piece of bathroom equipment is new found household necessity. It is actually a money saver and environmentally friendly butt cleaner.

How to Operate a Japanese Aqua Brand Steam Dryer [Japanese Aqua Clothes Dryer]

Here I attempt to translate for you on how to operate a Japanese Aqua Brand Household Clothes Dryer. It may be a little intimidating at first but not to worry, you won't wreck the appliance unless you completely overload it. This video just aims to show you what the buttons do. How to Operate a Japanese Aqua Brand Steam Dryer is really easy.

How to Operate Koizumi Brand Japanese Toaster Oven

How to Operate Koizumi Brand Japanese Toaster Oven | Kanji Translation | Knob Settings Broil & Cook. Simple directions for use. The top knob is the settings knob for the elements. The 12:00 position is off. The 3:00 position is for the top element (broil). The 6:00 position is the bottom element (cook) and the 9:00 position is for both upper and lower elements to be on. The bottom knob is the timer and goes up to 15 minutes.

How to Operate a Japanese Dishwasher

I believe this is a Jet Brand dishwasher. The red framed button on the far right is the on/off button. Moving to the left, the white button is the start/pause button. Moving left from that, the square button is the settings button. You can choose small load, regular load, or large using this button. You can also set the timer where it will come on 4 hours later.

Japanese Bike Tube Valve & How to Pump Up Your Tire | aka. English Valve, Dunlap Valve or Woods

Before figuring this out I was very confused on how to fill up these bike tires with "different" tube valves on them than what I'm used to. Once figuring out that there was a need to pump up the tires, I quickly realized that I could pump these up with a standard bike pump. After some doing and looking/asking around I was able to figure it out. Just like most things, once I figured out how this "new" valve operated I was successfully able to get back out on the road again with some nice and pumped up tires! I figured I'd create this "Japanese Bike Tube Valve & How to Pump Up Your Tire | aka. English Valve, Dunlap Valve" video in order to possibly help others that came across this same situation.

How to Get To Narita Airport From Yokosuka Japan By Train | JR Line & Narita Express Easy Directions

How to take the train from Yokosuka station to Narita Airport. It's really simple. I took the JR line to Ofuna, then hopped on the Narita Express there. I believe the Narita Express actually stops at Yokosuka Station but I hopped on a slightly earlier train then picked up N'EX (Narita Express) in Ofuna. The ticket booth was closed when I left early in the morning so I was glad I got the ticket the day before. It was actually really simple. Once at Ofuna you get off and head up the stairs. Look for the signs that say Narita Express (N'EX) and follow those. Hop on the Narita express and find your assigned seat according to your ticket. Terminal 2 and 3 get off first once you hit Narita and Terminal 1 is your last stop. Make sure you know what Terminal you need to go to before you leave. You can also pick up the Narita Express in Yokohama and Tokyo among other places. The Narita Express Ticket cost 2390 Yen.

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