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Troy Bilt Weed Wackers: Assembly, Usage, Operation, and more

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Days of old

For years the old lawn edgers "weed wackers" would run really good when you first purchased them and then once you let them sit for various periods of time between lawn mowing sessions, it would be hell getting them started. I've seen more weed wackers tossed across lawns in my time than homelite chainsaws. The older ones had 2 cycle motors and if you didn't have exactly the correct oil/gas mixture the weed wacker would either not start, smoke the whole place up, or the motor would bog down. I have experienced all of this first hand being starting at a young age watching my father fight these evil little machines and then also myself as I grew up mowing lawns for extra money and then of course my own. There were numerous occasions where all I had left to do was some touch up around the edges after pushing a heavy mower across meters and meters of lawn and I would spend more time and expend more sweat trying to get the damn thing started again. Even before I'd go out on jobs, I'd make sure the damn thing started before I left my house. It would still find a way to let me down once it was needed.

Like a Sailor

The frustration caused by the old weed wackers could make a preacher swear. Ok maybe not out loud but inside. I've called these things every name in the book and have probably set the distance record for yards thrown.

Not only were the old motors an issue on the older weed wackers but the line feed mechanism on the working end of the contraption often wreaked havoc on the operator's emotions. I would venture to say that no matter what kind of weed wacker you owned back in the day, you probably had both the line feeder mechanism and/or the motor taken apart on it (except maybe a Stihl) before the first year of ownership was up. The older models made it pretty tough to change out the line or even replace it if it got stuck up inside the feeder mechanism causing much frustration and chewing up your clock. There was no youtube or internet readily available at your fingertips, you either had to figure it out or toss it.

Sore Starting Muscles

I can't count how many times that I would wake up the next day with very sore and stiff upper back muscles and then at first wonder what I did to it the day before. Then it dawns on me. Oh that's right, I tried starting that damn weed wacker by pulling on the pull starter 2000 times over the course of the day yesterday. Then the soreness lingers for the next couple days just for good measure. If you weed wack long enough there's going to be a lot of things sore even after you get the thing started. Your grip will be temporarily weakened and sore as well as your back. One thing you can do to help your back is to use the weed wacker strap that attaches to the wacker and then goes around your neck. This helps with posture and takes the load off your shoulders and allows you to loosen your grip a little bit. It will help your walking longevity. Adjust the strap so it's comfortable for you as well as keeping the optimum angle for the cut that your desire.

Very Exciting Unboxing, Assembly, and Use

So you've decided to pull the trigger on a new four stroke easy starting Troy-Bilt Cadillac. Congratulations. I know that when I bought one I was so excited that I could hardly wait to get home, get it out of the box, get it put together, and get it fired up. This tutorial is taking you through the process of Unboxing and using this great Troy Bilt Weed Wacker.

The first thing to do is get the packaging open, pull out your parts and get them all played out on the ground. Then take the handle and pull out the keeper insert that is in place and snap the two handle pieces together. The springloaded pin on the silver side should snap through the hole in the red side locking it into place. The next step is to install the black plastic guard in for the rotating cutting head using the wing nuts. Now for the black plastic handle installation. Unscrew the one bolt that goes through it, snap the handle on in a comfortable location on the stem of and then place the bolt back through the hole and snug it up. Once you have the handle in the perfect position for your body type that is comfortable for you, then tighten it down all the way.

Add the provided oil in the oil receptacle with the yellow cap on it. Now put in regular unleaded gasoline in the gas canister. Prime the weed weed wacker a few times, put on your safety gear and fire it up.

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