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DIY Allen and Roth Blackout Window Shade Installation Demonstration [Allen and Roth Blackout Shade]

This Allen and Roth window shade was super easy to install and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. I used a cordless drill for securing it's only two brackets to the interior of the window frame. Purchased at Lowe's. They are light weight and keep the sun from blasting through the window as well as provide maximum privacy. I take you step by step through the process in my "DIY Allen and Roth Blackout Window Shade Installation Demonstration [Allen and Roth Blackout Shade]" video. Hey guys get some blinds i'm gonna put up here these allen and roth blinds but this is the before picture 47 inches across here's the blinds that we're going to be using Okay again this was 47 inches across and these are 46 so you can see there's a little bit of a gap in there which is what you want which is the window seal will kind of make up that gap as well but if we did it on the full 47 i'm not sure that this would fit here's the brackets for these things okay we have a choice of either doing an inside mount like this or an outside mounting outside the frame here okay see those two dots there those are the marks i made with the pencil and i just made that because i'm going to pre-drill my holes right there Now we're going to screw these into the two holes we just made to secure the bracket to the overhead all right we got our brackets up i'm just gonna pop the thing in there just snaps right in there gonna angle it down this piece is the handle to pull the shade down and it just grabs that lower edge you just snap it right on there i'll show you okay this is the upper portion so this just grabs that lip right there here we go That was too easy Thank you.


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