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How to Mount Your Television | Here's Some Options

Do you need to mount your newly purchased or acquired television? Below are some examples of moveable wall mounted fixtures as well as stationary mounts. There are a lot of options to choose from depending on your space restrictions and needs.

This SAMSUNG TV wall mount was really easy to do. I used threaded dry wall anchors as I like these the absolute best. I used a level and a marking stick to get the mounting foundation level so the TV will sit nice and straight on the wall.Once you get the frame mounted into the wall and it's nice and secure, it's time to hand the TV. These things are actually really user friendly to put up. If you have a stud finder that would sure help out. I'll post a link to one down below as well as a link to these anchors that I firmly believe in compared to other types. The top of the tv snaps onto the first and then the bottom latches in. The mounting fixture comes with two quick release cords for removing the TV. This makes it nice because the TV is nice and locked into the frame so it won't readily fall out. Once the bottom is snapped in then it's time to hook up all your cables and now you are good to go.

This TV has been good so far. Had it for quite some time since making this post. I ended up wall mounting it later on down the road but this one came with some plastic leg pieces out of the box. This was really easy to set up and operate. Sorry for not talking on this, was trying to be quiet for someone taking a nap. If you are thinking about getting one of these, I would recommend it.

You may be asking yourself "How do I mount my TV to the wall" or "How do I install my television to the wall". Watch my instructional "DIY How to Mount a Television to the Wall for Fixed Position Wall Mount | Step by Step Tutorial" to see how I did it. It's always good if you can sink these into the wall studs or at least land on one of the studs if possible. I'd also recommend threaded drywall screws for mounting into drywall as they seem to hold quite a bit better than the ones that are just pushed in. If you can, seek some assistance for an extra set of hands as it makes go a little easier. I did this install all by myself but another person can help holding things while they get templated if necessary. The wall mounts are very nice to have and are great space savers.

Hi everyone! My "DIY HANG ONN BRAND TELEVISION WALL MOUNT TUTORIAL DEMONSTRATION [HANGONN TV WALL MOUNT]" video is on how to install this tilting tv wall mount from hangonn brand. You need a screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, drill, stud finder, socket set, and a level. Here's what comes in the box's quick start guide direction template. It's got a hanging template for marking on the wall properly. Great idea.

In this "DIY Television Wall Mount Installation Basic Tutorial [DIY TV Wall Mount Installation Kit Demo]" video I demonstrate how to take a TV from it's OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brackets that came with the TV to a nice out-of-the-way wall mount.


Custom fabricated from scrap metal turned into a sturdy heavy duty "DIY Custom Welding Project | All Welded TV Stand | Start to Finish Fabrication [Welded TV Stand]"

This is the best TV stand ever. Heavy duty and very easy to assemble. Highly recommend it.

Here's the link to it:

Here's a nice IKEA brand HEMNES television unit assembly and instructional video.


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