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DIY Custom Home Made Coat Hangers

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

This shotgun shell coat hanger was made from old boat house wood from the early 1900's that was torn down. The spent shells are from a 12 gauge. Looked really cool once done and the rigidity of the shells help up nicely for hanging coats and hats from.

To do this job you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver, drill, glass and tile drill bit, pencil, and a small flat head screwdriver.

Step 1. Open up the package and trace on tile your desired location around the base

Step 2. Mark your holes for drilling

Step 3. Using a 1/8" tile cutting drill bit, drill your two pilot holes

Step 4. No one more size up on your drill bit to allow for mounting screw inserts to fit snug. In some cases there is wood or even metal stripping directly behind tile so you may just be able to use the screw only without the insert.

Step 5. Screw in the mounting piece securely

Step 6. Place hook over mounting bracket

Step 7. Tighten small set screws that lies in the 6:00 position. You may have to back it out a little before mounting it and then tightening it.

Link to Robe Hook:

AquaSource Part #04444901. Step by step tutorial demonstration from start to finish.

To do this job you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver, drill, glass and tile drill bit, pencil, and a small flat head screwdriver.

If you can't weld yourself there are many of these available online and add a nice touch to any dwelling.

This is a demonstration on a DIY Pallet Key Chain Holder From Repurposed Reclaimed Pine Pallet Slats Torch Burned for Effect. Got the pallets out of a pile that had a "free" sign on them. I do like to always ask the business owners before I make off with any pallets as some of them do have to pay for them. This pallet project was a simple yet fun one as well as practical. I needed a key rack for the wall so we could get a system down of putting the keys in the same place every time we come in the house rather than having to look for them all over before we leave. In building this I used by table saw to make my cuts, and my cordless drill for the holes and the fastener installation. I purchased some hooks from Lowe's just for this. I also used my brad nailer to secure much of it as well. I used pop can tabs for the backside for hangers. My daughter was teasing my while I was filming the final result here. This could double as either a hat rack or coat rack as well.

I had to do this nice buck some justice by mounting his horns in this Instructional "how to" style video with detailed step by step procedural instructions for mounting buck horns out of pallet wood and a metal bedrail frame. The pallet I found happened to be a nice oak one. This project posed a few challenges and one of those was that the horns were in two pieces rather than one and there wasn't a heck of a lot of material to nail to the wooden back pieces. So to start I pulled the nails out of the oak pallet I had found and cut the cross members into three equally sized pieces for the mounting boards. It love the density of oak wood. It's so heavy too and really nice to work with. After getting the proper size I grabbed the scrap bed rail I had laying in the metal scrap pile and cut it to match the wood pieces. I took a power wire brush to the cute pieces and removed the paint followed by a coat of clear coat to the bed rails. I coated the wood with some clear varnish as well. Now I had to cut the horns to the proper angle in order to properly mount them to the wood. This took a few tries match it up so it looked both even and natural. I drilled a hole up through the horns then a hole I backboard as well once I got the horns in proper position. Then I hit it with a few brad nails and some epoxy. For the back I used an old pop can tab. Then I hung it up. Fun project made with all up cycled or reused materials.

DIY Vintage Looking Coat Rack Repurposed From Old Bed Rails [DIY COAT RACK]

This DIY Vintage Looking Coat Rack Repurposed From Old Bed Rails [DIY COAT RACK] can also easily be done using repurposed pallet wood. I couldn't see tossing perfectly good pieces of thick wood away and had a request for a long coat rack. The timing was perfect. I took the old varnish off the bed rails with a dewalt brand 4" flapper disc and it worked like a charm. Once all the old varnish was removed I cut 45 degree matching bevels in the adjacent ends of the pieces of wood so they would fit together. I then pre-stained the fresh pieces of wood and let dry for about 45 minutes. I then stained them with walnut stain. Once the walnut stain was dry I measured the length of the coat rack and spaced the hangers out accordingly. I used my stud finder to find some the studs to screw into then screwed it to the wall. The customer was very happy with the results. This was a fun little unique project. I always get satisfaction from making stuff out of material that may have otherwise been thrown away.

Here's the discs I use to quickly remove the varnish from the old boards (paid link):

DEWALT DW8310 4-1/2" x 7/8" 120 Grit Zirconia Angle Grinder Flap Disc:

Link to my wife's poshmark:

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