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DIY Custom Household Decorative Shelving Options

Updated: Jan 20

Farm House Custom Install Simple Kitchen Shelves Over Shiplap | Cheap & Easy| "How-to" Tutorial

Hello friends, this DIY Custom Install Simple Kitchen Shelves Over Shiplap | Cheap and Easy | "How-to" Tutorial video is for putting up our uh shelves here over the ship lap we just put in we're gonna do a shelving a couple shelves over here a couple over here and some in the corner first thing we did let's take measurements of course before we uh went to the hardware store we went to lowe's this is our shelving right here uh 12 12 across different lengths and then what we did here let's buy white brackets they didn't have black and then just just uh spray painted them i screwed them to the board a little bit so they didn't move and once they're dry we'll put them up they're almost dry. Our first shelf is going to go on this wall we got a couple brackets ready to go paints all dry and we're just going to go we're going to put these where the studs are i'm gonna try and hit some studs so got the stud finder here okay we held the wood shelf up in place and figured out exactly where we wanted it to go marked the wall right there and there and i went through with the stud finder right and found the studs and marked it where the studs were and so we got lucky there's one kind of here there's gonna be the end of the shelf there there's a stud here and there's a stud here so now we're centered where we wanted to be so we'll go ahead and get this first one up all right i sucked my first screw in here so since we knew where this one would get we wanted it put that in there and then we're gonna go go level from here for our next bracket which is gonna go right over here. I'll go ahead and get the rest of these screwed in here. We did the same thing we lined because we knew the first one was where we wanted it and then lined the second ones up off it but i put that one in first ran the board across put the level on the top and then that's how i determined where to put this one i held that one up and then screwed it in and then also a little trick is to also put a level that one's not totally level that example that one is put one across the top.

Closet Maid Fixed Wall Mounted Shelving System Installation Tutorial

In my "DIY Closet Maid Fixed Wall Mounted Shelving System Installation Tutorial [Closet Maid Shelf Install]" video I'm going to go ahead and put up a couple shelves here. The transcript from the video is as follows:

"The first thing i'm going to do is find if we can find the studs try to secure them to the studs if we can if not i'm going to go ahead and use the drywall screws the white drywall screws and just go going shelf that's going up it's called this uh closet made so you can kind of see it's a fixed mount shelving system so this here is what we're gonna be going into the wall with there and then here right there so that's all our clamps right there and here's the two brackets here what i'm actually going to do is i need to shorten this so i'm going to take my grinder and whack about three of these off of there just to narrow it up a little bit

just finding the stud here i'm going to mark it there we go put a mark there buy another one

there we go mark that all right so how these fasteners work these are kind of special so that this you know obviously the hook will the kate the shelf will hook on this but this thing here we're gonna put it in the wall and then put our fastener through there and that thing will expand but we need to drill a hole first i found a bit it was just a little bit smaller than the hole i need and i'll take it and just kind of do like that with it if i need to open it up but how i like to do it i get the first one where i need it then i'll hang the shelf and put my level on the shelf and then i can mark a spot for the second one so that's that's the other way to do it obviously the other way is just to get a straight edge do your measurements from the roof this is just easier if i do the first one here i'll show you

okay so i put the shelf up and then hanging it by that one using the level and then we'll able to exactly pinpoint where the where the next one hole's going to go nice and level put the next one in alright got them both up now now we're just going to put these support brackets on down below

okay there we go

i just went straight in with these drywall screws because i'm into the stud i didn't use the ones that came with the kit it's easier to hold them up go right into it too

okay real quick i did one last little thing here to the shelf uh it's probably one of the crappiest designs as far as this this thing goes i took these and bent this up back because they wouldn't they wouldn't mate up with this thing right it was kind of hitting it so i bent these tabs here back engaged the shelf and then just took and bent them back around that that bar right there with these and so you're gonna have to do that you're gonna find i mean i can't believe they'd actually make this thing that way but you know you risk uh you know you're peeling a little bit of the paint off in order to do that so but that's the only way to do that so um you can always touch it up with some white or leave it i'm leaving it there's going to be clothes and stuff up there but now now it's not going anywhere."

Pallet Project-Simple Wall Mounted Pallet Paint Shelf Organizer

With some simple hand tools and a free old pallet you can make an up cycled DIY Pallet Project-Simple Wall Mounted Pallet Paint Shelf Organizer in no time flat. When choosing pallets, if I have the option, I try to pick ones that have all of the slats in good shape and also I like to pick the ones that are a little heartier. It's not always an option and often times I've had to just settle with what I can get. It is never a waste though because if a pallet just went to hell when I was taking it apart, I'd just use it for firewood to generate heat. If I didn't use it in the fireplace I could use it for outdoor burning in the firepit. Pallet wood burns quick and lights up nicely prepping a good coal bed to toss some longer burning logs on. So, in making this wall mounted pallet shelf I easily cut my pallet roughly in half, using the middle cross member as my cut line so it was nice and straight. I wanted it a little smaller so I sectioned it off once again basically making a smaller rectangle out of the bigger one. This left me with a section of pallet containing four cross members. I then took my hammer and pryer and carefully removed every other wooden slat. I used one of those wooden slats as bottom piece for this shelf. I even removed as many nails as I could and straightened the salvageable ones for reuse. No use in tossing out a perfectly good nail. I then took my cordless drill and a few drywall screws and mounted this sucker to the outside of my shed. After I mounted it I cut some bottom pieces for the leftover scraps for the bottom portion of the upper shelf on this fixture. This worked out perfectly for my storage needs.

Tools used (amazon paid links):


Cordless Drill:

IKEA IVAR Model Kitchen Hutch Shelving Assembly

Step by step detailed tutorial on putting this big monster together. Once complete and assembled it was very useful.

IKEA "BROR" Shelves Unboxing and Assembly Basic Easy "How to" Tutorial

I buy from Ikea but here's why I despise going there.....

They got me. Along with millions of others. I'm no longer unique. No longer a hold out. No longer a spectator. I'm just like the rest. I ran right off the cliff with the rest of the herd. I suppose I would call it jealously more than anything. I'm guess I'm somewhat envious of Mr. IKEA who has figured out a way to repeatedly and painfully victimize me into wasting my precious Saturday mornings and hard earned money on obtaining new items in a profound fashion.

Once being bribed and convinced of the need to uproot myself from a once pleasant weekend morning, the journey starts way too early with a couple of pushes on the i(kea)-phone in order to take a taxi (via Grab app) to the IKEA penitentiary.

Let the root canal begin.

Once arriving at the ant colony, I'm forced by the crowd down a narrow habit trail as the entrance slowly fades away behind me. This is about the time the equivalent to water boarding begins. My senses become overwhelmed at the various lights, signs, products, chatter, etc. Blood pressure increases and breathing becomes laborious as I watch my fellow prisoners, who appear to be oddly enjoying this experience, load up their wheeled loot holders. The following hour or two is just a blur and it all runs together like bad water color painting.

I now prepare myself for the displeasure of temporarily being held hostage for a few hours by mood altering display nooks littered with unavoidable reduced pricing signs that have a Pavlovian effect on a certain gender of shopper. The slow motion action of one by one removing dollar bills from my wallet starts to play over and over in my head as I start to grow weary, sauntering down the path of least resistance.

Naturally all of this activity makes you hungry. Mr. IKEA does not want hungry prisoners so he has constructed a way to extract more money from each unsuspecting inmate. After finding a temporary place to store your gatherings you must divide and conquer. One of you must go secure and eating location while the other waits in a long line for a 1/2 hour minimum to obtain the food. If you do not time this right you may find yourself with nowhere to eat as the other prisoners do not care to part with thier places at the tables. Seasoned inmates know the routine. The ratio of food sold vs. places to sit are highly offset. Mr. IKEA does not care if you have to stand and eat so as long as you get enough calories in to finish the march of shame up to the check out line.

The post-meal second round of pain begins. I start to sweat as I'm lead back into general population. It's an apprehensive aggravation type of sweat. After all, I'm spending MY time and MY money as the painfully obvious becomes inevitable. My shopping cart is getting fuller the farther I wade into the abyss of consumables. At this point I'm seemingly unable to escape this insanity. This explains why there are no windows from which to make a freedom leap.

As I continue to serve out my sentence for hours while being inundated by "on sale" signs and dimmed lighting displays that tap into one's emotional side, I now start to sympathize with my captor. It is now that I get the pleasure of waiting in a long line to exchange my hard earned cash for items in my cart.

I take a sigh of relief as I feel like the finish line is within reach. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing larger.

In hindsight, I wish my future self could time travel back to my current self, tap me on the shoulder and say, "Go to Starbucks instead", or "say you have to work", or "pretend your wallet was stolen yesterday", then miraculously find it Monday morning, or fake an injury.

After waiting in what seems to be the 10th line of the day, an Aussie mate must have seen the steam leaving my now crimson colored face, when he taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hey mate, they serve cold beer right over there".

Pallet Key Chain Holder From Repurposed Reclaimed Pine Pallet Slats Torch Burned for Effect

This is a demonstration on a DIY Pallet Key Chain Holder From Repurposed Reclaimed Pine Pallet Slats Torch Burned for Effect. Got the pallets out of a pile that had a "free" sign on them. I do like to always ask the business owners before I make off with any pallets as some of them do have to pay for them. This pallet project was a simple yet fun one as well as practical. I needed a key rack for the wall so we could get a system down of putting the keys in the same place every time we come in the house rather than having to look for them all over before we leave. In building this I used by table saw to make my cuts, and my cordless drill for the holes and the fastener installation. I purchased some hooks from Lowe's just for this. I also used my brad nailer to secure much of it as well. I used pop can tabs for the backside for hangers. My daughter was teasing my while I was filming the final result here. This could double as either a hat rack or coat rack as well.

GREENSTELL Brand Floating Shelves Assembly & Installation Tutorial

This "GREENSTELL Brand Floating Shelves Assembly & Installation Tutorial [Greenstell Floating Shelves]" video shows how to assemble and install this these floating shelves. I show you the step by step process from unboxing all the way to installation.Inside is a set of two. I've got two brackets here so really the directions here they're really particular on which way these things go. Make sure that this this is facing out but the hole lines up right there and there so you got more space in here this side is going to go up against the wall and they've they've pre-drilled it to where you can look down that thing and see it's going to go to the wall. What we're doing here is just installing this one on the left first and then we're gonna hook with the rod to this other one. I'm gonna go ahead and i'm gonna put that rod in the middle like as shown here so this seems like the most logical place to put it go ahead and finish screwing these in these are really easy they have already pre-drilled them so slap the screw on there and screw it in. The only thing you need to put this thing together is a screwdriver. You can use a manual one if you want but yeah so i just use that for those and we'll need it for mounting it to the wall but it comes with the rest of tools actually you don't even need that look comes with that too but it makes it a lot easier using the cordless so allen head allen wrench for the allen head screws there. This packet let's string them along here okay we got those on here so it's important to note because you can put these on backwards and you'll have to flip them around depending on what you want so the hook here since this thing is upside down the hook you have to picture this flip it right side up these hooks like that towards the front that's the front that's going to be visually seen here right now the walls back there and we're upside down so anyway okay now we'll go ahead and get that one on we've got our hooks slid on there too and then this one's on we're not screwing it in quite yet i'm gonna hook this baby up this way to that before we screw it in here okay we got that piece on now now we'll go ahead and sink our screws in here. It's really that easy so now we're just going to go mount it to the wall all right we're ready to go hang this in the wall. What i did is i'm just holding it up here by hand now before I screw it in I took my sharpie and made dots right where I'm going to drill holes so now I can pull this thing away and that's where I'm going to do my holes. I've got my holes drilled on that side now we'll do these two. We'll be using anchors for all four of these and I'll be using these screws & these same anchors that came with the kit. I've got shiplap here so I've even taken the drill and routered it out a little bit like that but I keep breaking these things so i'm going to use some different ones. If you're just doing drywall these will work great but I'm trying to get past the ship lap. It's shiplap and then drywall behind it so i keep busting these things in half trying to just lightly tap them in so please some different anchors. I kind of got my misc.drywall anchors so I'm gonna try this and see if this is any better. We'll get that other one and put the other one right up above it.The second one's going right above it so what i did is i just grabbed it and i hung it up there and then we looked just to make sure that it's going to be straight you can actually um take a distance from there to the wall from the board because that one's already pre-assembled but anyway got to where we want it the bottom part of the shelf is going to actually meet up with that bottom line there so i got the holes drilled i'm going to do the same thing so get that one up there all right got all four anchors in for this one. I'm very happy with this so one other thing i'm going to do here is as you can see let me turn my light on as you can see they don't come with uh black screws to go in the wall which i'm not quite sure why but i can fix that real easy with this so i did it down below unless you want to keep those silver screws like that or you want them to look like that nice and blended i just colored them with the sharpie right and did a little dab in the middle too so just did like this and that that'll stay on there forever just did like that stick it down in the middle there so try to get any reflective surfaces that i can do the same with this up here your eyes not drawn to it. When you get back here you can't even see it but those you can they jump right out at ya so i'm not sure why they didn't go with the black screws. Here's a paid amazon link to one:

Greenstell Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,23.62 Inch Wood Corner Wall Shelves Set of 2 with Adjustable Towel Holders & 8 Hooks,Light Brown Rustic Storage Floating shelf for Bathroom,Living Room,Kitchen:

Ultimate Quickest Gaming Setup: L-Shaped Desk w/LED Lights, Storage, & Power Outlets | Assembly Demo

Detailed step by step assembly of this L Shaped Gaming Desk, Reversible Corner Computer Desk with Storage Shelves & Removable Monitor Stand, Home Office Rustic Desks Gaming Table with LED Lights & Power Outlets for Bedroom, Rustic Brown.

🎮 Welcome to our ultimate gaming setup tutorial featuring the assembly guide for an incredible L-Shaped Desk! This corner computer desk isn't just a workspace; it's a gamer's dream come true, complete with storage shelves, a removable monitor stand, LED lights, and power outlets. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience and create the ultimate gaming haven in your home!

🛠️ Assembly Guide:

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through assembling this fantastic L-shaped desk. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a work-from-home pro, or just looking to optimize your space, this desk is designed to meet your needs.

🔧 Tools and Preparation:

Before diving into assembly, ensure you have all the necessary tools handy. Typically, you'll need a screwdriver, possibly an Allen wrench (tools may vary depending on the desk model), and a clean workspace. Lay out all the parts neatly and familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

🔩 Step-by-Step Assembly:

1. Preparation: Unbox the desk components and lay them out systematically. Organize the screws, bolts, and small parts for easy access.

2. Assembling the Frame: Start by assembling the frame according to the provided instructions. Connect the designated pieces, ensuring a secure fit. Pay close attention to the orientation and alignment to avoid complications later on.

3. Attaching Shelves and Storage: Once the frame is set, attach the storage shelves. These shelves are designed not only to store your gaming gear but also to add to the desk's aesthetics. Follow the instructions for secure and proper attachment.

4. Adding the Removable Monitor Stand: Install the removable monitor stand at the designated spot on the desk. This feature allows flexibility in adjusting your gaming setup according to your preferences.

5. LED Lights and Power Outlets: Connect and set up the LED lights and power outlets provided with the desk. This step requires attention to detail to ensure proper functioning and to enhance the desk's overall ambiance.

🕹️ The Ultimate Gaming Experience:

This L-shaped desk isn’t just about functionality; it's about creating an immersive gaming environment. The LED lights add a vibrant touch, setting the mood for intense gaming sessions. With ample storage and a well-thought-out design, you can organize your gaming peripherals and accessories effortlessly.

👍 Why Choose This Desk?:

- Space Optimization: The L-shaped design maximizes your available space, providing ample room for multiple monitors, consoles, and accessories.

- Storage and Organization: Say goodbye to clutter! The built-in shelves and storage compartments keep your gaming area neat and organized.

- Enhanced Gaming Atmosphere: The LED lights create an electrifying ambiance, perfect for intense gaming sessions or even enhancing your workspace.

- Functionality: The inclusion of power outlets ensures easy access to charging your devices without cluttering your space with extension cords.

Elevate your gaming experience and transform your space with this incredible L-shaped desk. Happy gaming, and thank you for choosing to build your ultimate gaming setup with us! If you found this tutorial helpful, give it a thumbs up and share it with fellow gamers looking to level up their setup.

About this desk:

The L-shaped gaming desk features RGB LED lights with 20 Static Colors, 23 Dynamic Modes, 8 Brightness Grades, and 9 Speed Grades to create a pleasant atmosphere and outline the world a more happy. The L gaming desk included LED control was fixed and suspended from the power cord to avoid losing it.

This home office desk has four assembly options, you can choose to assemble into an L-shaped computer desk or a 94.5” long computer desk according to your own needs. The corner desk fits perfectly in the corner, making it ideal for small rooms. The 94.5 inch long computer desk allows you to share a workspace with your children, friends or colleagues, creating more opportunities for interaction.

The monitor stand on this computer desk can be moved anywhere on the edge of the desktop. It is easy to install and remove to save more space. The height of the monitor stand keeps the computer at eye level, elevating your vision and protecting your cervical spine.

The storage shelf above the computer desk can hold books, documents and other items. The underside of the desktop also features height-adjustable shelves for all heights of hosts. The L-shaped desk with shelves and hutch also has 2 headphone hooks on the side, leaving plenty of room for studying, working, playing games and other family activities.

Ultimate Storage Solution: Molyhom Garage Metal Heavy Duty Shelving Unveiled! Unboxing and Review

I am excited to introduce you to the game-changer in garage organization - the Molyhom Brand Garage Metal Heavy Duty Shelving.

If you're tired of clutter, messy tools, and struggling to find space for your belongings, this heavy-duty shelving system is the answer you've been looking for. Engineered with durability and functionality in mind, the Molyhom Brand Garage Metal Heavy Duty Shelving is designed to withstand the toughest garage environments, making it perfect for storing a wide range of items, from heavy tools to household supplies.

In this video, I walk you through the impressive features and benefits of the Molyhom Garage Metal Heavy Duty Shelving. You'll see how easy it is to assemble, with step-by-step instructions and user-friendly components. Say goodbye to wobbly shelves and flimsy constructions - Molyhom ensures stability and strength.

With its adjustable shelves, customizable configurations, and generous weight capacity, this shelving system provides the flexibility you need to optimize your garage space and keep everything neatly organized. I also highlight the high-quality materials used in crafting these shelves, ensuring longevity and a long-lasting investment for your garage organization needs.

If you're ready to transform your cluttered garage into a tidy and efficient space, don't miss out on this in-depth look at the Molyhom Brand Garage Metal Heavy Duty Shelving. Hit the play button now, and let's dive into the world of top-notch storage solutions! Don't forget to like and subscribe to stay updated on the latest garage organization tips and product reviews. Happy organizing!


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