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DIY Various Lowe's Door Handle Installations (Kwikset, Schlage, Reliabilt etc.)

Schlage Door Handle and Deadbolt Installation

A unique feature of this doorknob compared to many Kwikwet (and other) doorknobs I've installed is that it can remain unlocked from the inside while being locked on the outside. In my opinion this has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it is easy to install and use. You can turn it from the inside but the outside portion is locked. This leads me to the can easily lock yourself out if you are used to doorknobs that can't be turned from the inside due to being locked...If you are going out without your doorknob keys, it's really easy to lock yourself out! =). I installed this set up in conjunction with a Gatehouse Brand Gibralter Model Metal Security Door. See the step by step installation tutorial in my "Schlage Doorknob Door Handle and Deadbolt installation on Metal Gate House Security Door" video.

Here's an amazon link to one ( I get a tiny small cut of profit if you order one):

Schlage FB50NVGEO716 Georgian Entry Deadbolt Lock, Bronze:

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2):

Link to my wife's poshmark:

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Kwikset Brand Door Knob Installation on Metal Gate House Security Door

Purchased this at Lowe's. Super easy to install and I show you how in my "Kwikset Brand Door Knob Installation on Metal Gate House Security Door" video It was performed on a Gatehouse Gibralter model metal security door. Worked like a charm. See how I did it.

Kwikset Brand Door Knob and Dead Bolt Installation Instructions Purchased from Lowe's | Smart Key

I purchased this new Kwikset Brand Door handle and deadbolt kit from Lowe's for about $40 or so. Got the kit home and started unboxing it and setting my parts out prepping them for installation. I gave it a rough assemble just to see how it is all going to go together so I had an idea of what to expect once I put it in the door. To get the process started for the door handle itself, I put the latch core inside the door for a test fit. The nice thing is that almost all doors come with standard size pre-drilled and prefabricated holes to accommodate standard door handle kits. The next step was to loosely insert the inside and outside door handles for a rough fit up. Now I inserted the long set screws in through one side and threaded them into the opposite side (inner to outer). I screwed them down snug with a Phillips head screwdriver. Then I slide the decorative collar of that and it just snaps on. After that comes the handle itself. I slid the handle on and tightened it down with an Allen wrench which comes with these types of kwikset kits. I then did the same thing with the other side. For the next step I screwed in the two screws for the latch that secure it to the door. I tested for smooth operations with no binding or sticking.

Deadbolt portion:

I inserted the latch or core of the dead bolt into the door for a test fit. After knowing that it fits well it was time to place both halves of the dead bolt locking assembly into core or latch portion. The somewhat semi circular shaft fits snugly into the latch insert. Once fit up I lined up the set screw holes so they can be seen from the opposite side. Then it was time to insert the set screws and secure them tight. I ensured smooth operation with no sticking or binding. The door is now capable of being fully secured.

Kwikset Door Knob and Dead Bolt Installation Tools Needed:

Phillips head screwdriver

Allen wrench (usually provided)

Lock & pin pad

DIY Kwikset Interior Door Knob installation | Door Edge Not Chiseled | Non Routered Door

In my "DIY Kwikset Interior Door Knob installation | Door Edge Not Chiseled" Video I demonstration how to install a Kwikset Doorknob in a door that has not been chiseled or routered to facilitate a latch plate. Simply remove the plates from the latch mechanism with a flat head screwdriver and install it using the provided collar insert instead.

Kwikset 97402-895 Pismo Keyed Entry Door Knob Featuring SmartKey Security, Round, Iron Black:

DIY-Mountain Security Brand-Keyed Entry Door Knob Installation Tutorial | Interior House Door

Accompany me during this DIY-Mountain Security Brand Keyed Entry Door Knob Installation tutorial. In a somewhat organized manner I pulled the parts out of the package and layer them out. I then slid the internal latch mechanism into the door and slid the rods of the door handles through the center. After assembling the internal locking mechanism and both sides of the door handle start loosely screwing everything together. I started with the door jam side portion of the assembly by inserting and tightening the screws that lock it in. I then took the two long fine threaded screws and inserted them into the face of the collar of the door handle inserting them all the way through, pulling both sides of the door handles toward each other as you tighten. Once everything is tight, be sure to ensure the door handle opens and closes without any binding. If any binding does occur, you may want to try to back off the door handle assembly screws just a tiny bit.

Here the link for purchasing:

DIY How to Install a Kwikset Door Handle and Deadbolt: Gatehouse Metal Home Security Door Tutorial

The above step by step tutorial is a Kwikset Brand keyed entry door knob and deadbolt installation into a newly installed home security door. This door knob and deadbolt set was purchased at Lowe's Home Hardware Store. I have been pleased with the ease of installation of Kwikset brand door knobs and deadbolts. I've used them quite a lot over the years for various door installations.

The question many people have is "Can this kwikset door knob be used on metal security doors?" or "Can a kwikset doorknob that I purchased from Lowe's that would normally be used on a wood door be used on a Gatehouse Brand metal security door?". First of all the answer is most definitely as I have installed numerous metal security doors during work as a handyman. The gatehouse brand door is nice because it's cheap, easy to install, and effective. Kwikset door handle and deadbolt combination kits are great and can be purchased at an affordable price. In this video I cut open the packaging with some scissors and pulled out the door knob and deadbolt set I need. I was doing a couple different doors this day so the combination pack was perfect. The next thing I did was insert the latch into the door intel for a loose test fit. The nice thing about it is that the threads and holes for the assembling screws are pre-drilled and tapped to standard sizes making for an easy installation. The next part is to install the inside and outside handle portion. To do this the handles need to be in the unlocked position. The flat on the door handle matches the flat on the latch insert so it can only be installed one way but if it's locked it will cause you some grief in trying to get the thing together. Once it's loosely together it's time to install the set screws. Trying to get these to line up can be a little bit of a pain sometimes. If you have an extra set of hands it's nice if the other person can hold pressure on the other side while you try to find the hole with your set screws. Once you've found the holes snug them up a bit but don't tighten all the way just yet. Once everything turns and opens and closes with no binding and functions as it should, secure the latch mechanism with the provided screws and tighten all the way. Now tighten the door knob set screws all the way. Now it's good to go as long as there is no binding or sticking. If it binds or sticks I have had to back the set screws off a 1/4 turn or so. Repeat the steps for the deadbolt assembly. Don't forget to make sure it is the right side up=). It really won't affect the function of the deadbolt if you have it 180 degrees upside down but the writing will be upside down and the key will go in upside down. I have made this mistake more than once being in a hurry installing these.

DIY Reliabilt Brand Door Handle and Dead Bold Assembly and Installation | Model# 1658871

Buying a two door knob and two deadbolt combo pack could be intimidating once you get the packaging all open. I take you step by step through the whole unpacking and installation process in my "DIY Reliabilt Brand Door Handle and Dead Bold Assembly | Model# 1658871" video. If the door knobs are a replacement for old ones, you won't need to use all of the hardware provided. You will use most of the hardware if it's a brand new door. You can use just a standard hand held manually driven screwdriver for installing screws but I recommend you use a cordless drill. If you don't have one already I'll provide an amazon link below. If you buy one I get a small cut of the profit. I was pretty happy with these as well as how easy they were to install. If you want to provide your door lock or deadbolt extra strength you can use longer bolts in the door jam. This makes it a little harder to kick open.

Privacy Door Knobs with Lock Bathroom Door Knob Door Lockset, Door Knob Interior, Matte Black Finish, Interior Door Use, 10 Pack:

DEWALT - Brush 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 2-Tool (DCK240C2) Yellow/Black Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit:

DIY Kwikset Door Handle and Dead Bolt Installation Tutorial

In this "How To" DIY Kwikset Door Handle and Dead Bolt Installation, I take you step by step through the installation process after I replaced my front house door to an upgraded model.

This was a first of it's kind for me as the handle was a little bit different style than what I'd done before. It'd still turned out though.

The first thing you'll want to do is remove all your parts from the package then lay them out on a table or the floor next to your door.

Take the door knob insert and test fit it into it's hole in the door and make sure you know which way it's supposed to face depending on which way the door swings and closes. In this demo I did a test run on how the handle mechanism operates outside of the door prior to installing just so I understood and could see what was going on with the thing. I put the insert and the large handle portion in the door loosely. The smaller handle portion needs some assembly.

Now loosely assemble the rest of the parts in the door as shown. Tighten the smaller door handle first via the Allen head set screw. Now go ahead and tighten everything down.

Tools you'll need for this job:

Cordless driver or manual Phillips screwdriver:

Allen wrenches:


Feb 27, 2023

I followed the steps as mentioned while doing deadbolt installation and after some days i ended up facing home lockout and then a locksmith had been called for help. They managed to deliver an emergency lockout service and again reinstalled the deadbolt lock properly.


Nov 11, 2021

I consider contacting a local locksmith for door knob installation and repair, they have the skills through which they can easily repair or replace the door knobs.

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