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How to Set Up Jobsmart Brand Air Compressor Hose & Industrial Air Accessory Kit from Tractor Supply

I had to clean out a carburetor and needed some compressed air to blow out the ports with. I also needed a quick way to pump up tractor and bike tires so I headed down to tractor supply and picked these up. It was around twenty five bucks for both items.

I picked up this used craftsman air compressor a long time ago and hung onto it. This is what my hose and fittings will be used in conjunction with. This is one loud old craftsman compressor. Loud but it works great though.

This is the quick disconnect fitting I will be installing first. First I check fit it onto the quick disconnect fitting that is attached to the air compressor.

Looks like a near perfect match. Not it's time to thread this fitting onto my new PVC hose.

I always found it useful to use thread tape on air connections such as this. This particular type of thread tape is made for gas connections and worked really well and noticeably better than standard teflon type white tape.

After making approximately two wraps with the thread tape I thread on the quick disconnect fitting.

I use two open ended wrenches to apply counter-torque. I made the connection wrench tight.

This quick disconnect fitting is being installed on the other end. This will be the end that all of the various tools will be hooked to.

I assemble the air sprayer nozzle that comes with the kit. Very easy assembly.

I use thread tape for the quick disconnect fitting and make it wrench tight.

The air nozzle side comes with two pieces that thread into the nozzle body as well as to each other.

Here it is all assembled and ready to use.

Plugging in my new hose end assembly to the craftsman air compressor. I turn on the compressor in order to test out the new set up.


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