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IKEA: Featuring Top IKEA Products and How to Assemble Them

Updated: Jan 11

IKEA ALEX File Cabinet Unboxing, Assembly & Review

In step by step instructional fashion I put together this filing cabinet in my "IKEA ALEX File Cabinet Unboxing, Assembly & Review (Precaution at end of video) [IKEA ALEX Assembly]" video. This was fairly easy to assemble, however, I was highly disappointed during the assembly of the second one because one of the front pieces on the drawers was absent of the drilled faster holes. This resulted in having to call IKEAs customer service, and after waiting 20 minutes, I finally was able to talk to someone that was nearly zero help. It was quite the hassle with customer service and after about 15 minutes of trying to explain the situation and how we didn't purchase this online and ...blah blah blah.. they agreed to send us a new piece in seven to 10 days. So, while the cabinet wasn't all that bad it's good to know what you're possibly having to deal with. All of this after having to suffer the humiliating task of walking through the Ikea habit trail, picking out the item, then going and pulling it off the shelf, loading them on the cart, then wait in line to pay it, haul it to the truck, load it up, drive home, unload it, and put it together.

IKEA MILLBERGET Office Chair Assembly Step by Step Explanation Tutorial

DIY IKEA "BRYGGJA" Model Dresser Assembly-Basic Step by Step Instructions

IVAR Model Kitchen Hutch Shelving Assembly

"OMAR" Model Wire Storage Racks-Basic Assembly Directions

These wire racks from IKEA are a great purchase. They take up just as much room as they're worth making them more worthwhile. This OMAR model is so easy to assemble. It's possible to do it incorrectly by putting the plastic clamps on upside down. I've put a few of these together so thought I'd make a video on it. The OMAR model rack can be built on top of each other for one taller rack (this is what I did) or it can be used as two side by side lower level racks if you want to keep them lower.They used to have this same style of rack at Costco but with wheels. I had some and they lasted all the way until I got rid of them which is also part of the reasons for purchasing these at IKEA. You can disassemble them easy as well if you are moving or need to place them in a different or tighter place.

"BROR" Shelves Unboxing and Assembly Basic Easy "How to" Tutorial

"HUTTON" Bottle Rack Assembly DIY Instructional Tutorial

Follow along with me in my IKEA "HUTTON" Bottle Rack Assembly DIY Instructional Tutorial Video. These racks are nice for wine, vinegar, beer, etc. The HUTTON model from IKEA is really easy to assemble and you can stack them one on top of each other as high as you want. All you need is a cordless drill or screwdriver with the correct size Allen head (hex head) bit. I believe the kit comes with a little metal Allen wrench if you don't have one. This is a simple one person assembly. I recommend you get a nice flat surface to work from whether that be your kitchen table, work bench, or even sitting on the floor. Here's the link to it:

“KNAGGLIG” Assembly Tutorial-Simple IKEA Crate Box Assembly

Join me during this IKEA “KNAGGLIG” Assembly Tutorial-Simple IKEA Crate Box Assembly video. As another idea, instead of buying these from IKEA, you could make some nice crates like this out of pallets.

HEMNES Eight Dresser Drawer Step by Step Assembly Tutorial

Detailed step by step assembly instructions fro start to finish in my "IKEA's HEMNES Eight Dresser Drawer Step by Step Assembly Tutorial [IKEA HEMNES Dresser Assembly]" video.

Here's a (paid) amazon link to a white one:

Ikea 8-drawer dresser, white stain 228.52617.3834:

DIY IKEA HEMNES TV Unit Unboxing & Assembly Tutorial Demonstration

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