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DIY Vintage Looking Coat Rack Repurposed From Old Bed Rails [DIY COAT RACK]

This DIY Vintage Looking Coat Rack Repurposed From Old Bed Rails [DIY COAT RACK] can also easily be done using repurposed pallet wood. I couldn't see tossing perfectly good pieces of thick wood away and had a request for a long coat rack. The timing was perfect. I took the old varnish off the bed rails with a dewalt brand 4" flapper disc and it worked like a charm. Once all the old varnish was removed I cut 45 degree matching bevels in the adjacent ends of the pieces of wood so they would fit together. I then pre-stained the fresh pieces of wood and let dry for about 45 minutes. I then stained them with walnut stain. Once the walnut stain was dry I measured the length of the coat rack and spaced the hangers out accordingly. I used my stud finder to find some the studs to screw into then screwed it to the wall. The customer was very happy with the results. This was a fun little unique project. I always get satisfaction from making stuff out of material that may have otherwise been thrown away.

I first removed the woodscrews that secured that secured the smaller rail to the larger rail. They were square head screws and I was able to set them all aside for use for another project for another day.

I used a hammer and crow to pry off the smaller rail from the larger one.

I gently pried the smaller one off as it was wood glued on as well. I tried not to gouge the larger piece.

These smaller scraps got put to use for backyard bonfire starter kindling.

These dewalt brand flapper discs are around $8 or $9 at Lowe's. They are good for metal but also work really well for varnish removal on wood. You can get them for cheaper at this paid amazon link:

I used the wheel in conjunction with my hand held electric angle grinder.

This worked like a charm and had all the varnish off the old boards in no time. Way quicker than and electric sander.

This is what they looked like about 20 minutes after starting.

The guy at Lowe's told me about using pre-stain before staining my various wood projects and it really makes a difference.

I gave the boards one nice coat of Minwax brand pre-stain.

I let them dry for about 30-45 minutes.

This is the stain that I used on the boards. I love this Varathane Dark Walnut Wood Stain

I gave the boards a nice coat of stain.

I let them dry overnight as it was getting late anyway.

The next day I cut 45 degree cuts in the ends of the boards so they would mate up nicely with each other.

These are the hangers that I mounted to the boards.

I used these black wood screws to mount the hooks.

This was the final product. Fun project to make.


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