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DIY Wood Pallet Entry Way Sturdy Sitting Bench From Old Crate Pallet FREE!! [Pallet Project Bench]

Pallet project bench made from a discarded pallet into an upcycled and repurposed useful bench for an entry way (shoe tying bench), porch bench or even as part of the general furniture population. The request for this came out of the need for a spot to sit down and take off your shoes when you come in the door or put on your shoes before leaving. These custom (every one is almost guaranteed to be different) are a blast to make and the supplies are as free as free gets.

I found this pallet at a farm and garden store so it had some hefty beams on it.

I harvested the pallet with my power saw and tried not to hit or damage the thicker cross members if possible. Here's a (paid) link to one if you are interested: SKILSAW SPT77W-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Aluminum Worm Drive Circular Saw:

Now it's time to knock the remnants of the slats off the larger cross members.

With the slats I would make the rectangular shaped frame of the bench as the very first starting point.

I have been into cutting 45's into the sides lately because it's got a better look to it. I toyed with the idea of just leaving square corners because it's a little bit quicker but decided to take the time to cut them.

A hammer and pry bar did the trick for removing the remnants and the nails.

This the frame of the bench fit up. I tried to make the corners as tight as possible.

I tacked the corners together using my craftsman cordless brad nailer with 18 gauge 1.25" brad nails.

Now for the seat slat installation.

I nailed the slats in from the sides for now to hold them into place. I would later run a small piece of wood along the inside that is not visible from the outside for the needed strong support

I cut each of them one by one and nailed them in there.

Heres a look from the underside of the bench with the slats all nailed in.

Here's a look at in standing up. Love the look of pallet wood projects.

Now for the legs using the larger beams of the pallet.

I decided to cut each of the four legs 18" in length using my chopsaw. Here's a paid link to one if you are interested: DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779):

Here's a look at the 18" cut legs.

This offers for surface area for the base which makes for a sturdy bench.

In addition to brad nailing this in, I nailed in some recycled and straightened nails I keep from when I pull apart pallets.

Here's the underside of the bench. I didn't get a photo of the extra piece of wood installed that runs underneath for the added strength. It's just a stip along the sides. Approximately a 1 inch strip running the length of the bench underneath to hold give the slats more topside strength.

Bench is complete. We went on to pre-stain, stain and then paint the trim or frame portion of the bench. Customer was very happy with the custom made to order bench.


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